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boyd rarepair week//day 2: favorite lgbtq+ ship

Boyd x Danny

Boyd meets Danny in study hall and is immediately smitten. Before long, the two of them are sneaking off to make out in between classes and on lacrosse trips. Eventually, the two of them get married and adopt three children. <3

Also fills square I2 for my twrarecharbingo: boyd x danny

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I may be a little late but fuuuuuuuck this was one of the most brutal ladder matches ever. Kevin Steen and El Generico seriously put their lives on the life in this match and it was epic. Plus Excalibur and Chuck Taylor on commentary? This was just perfection.

“Only the back of his head hit the fucking ladder! Steen may be dead.” - Chuck Taylor

Do you love Teen Wolf? Do you love trans headcanons?

Trans Wolf Secret Santa is here! This is your opportunity to create and exchange gifts for each other where a trans character is included!

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Steen Wolf DVD preview

just finished watching PWG's Steen Wolf

dear lord, what a show. the final two matches were INSANE. i don’t understand how generico is still alive, he fucking destroyed his back 50 different times in that match. holy shit.

really, really, really, want to watch FEAR now, not to mention i’m so much more amped for the PWG show that i’m going to at the end of the month (AS IF I COULD BE ANY MORE EXCITED FOR THAT SHIT).

PWG is so fucking great. i know some people have a hard time getting into shows if they’re not very story oriented, but PWG is legit a show you can just kick back and enjoy. everything meshes well together, and most of the time the matches are enough for you to just get invested into.

love it love it love it