steen can draw

Inktober day 31; friend & free draw

To be the steward of Huginn and Muninn isn’t a glamorous job for your average witch, but getting all the news direct from the raven’s mouth does satisfy one’s need for gossip.  (Posting early for self portrait day as well).

Inktober day 27; creepy & cook/baker witch

When she decided to use her Nana’s old oven, she never thought that the sludge spirit who lived, mostly dormant, at the bottom of the oven would say hello.  Turns out, its been lonely since Nana, a devoted kitchen witch, passed away.

Inktober day 4; hungry & garden witch

Moira used to hate that her mother made her live by the old ways.  Practically nobody wore those hats anymore and there were definitely more efficient ways gardening (hydroponics anybody?).  But having breakfast among the plants and breathing in the mountain air is somehow irreplaceable.  Just now is Moira understanding why her mother raised her the way she did.

Inktober day 12; worried & candy witch

On Kupala Night the rest of the girls are content to leap over fires and float wreaths of flowers onto the lake to seek fortune in love.  But for Yana, the confectioner’s apprentice, to look after the halvah and make sure it sets smooth in the bowls is task enough.  Little does the town confectioner know that she uses magic to make her job less worrisome.

Inktober day 10; jump & wicked witch

The dream was to be the best lightning witch this side of the Atlantic, but the first time she heard the screams in the night from the element she controlled, she didn’t feel that her dream had much validity anymore.  However, a calling is a calling, no matter how evil.  Wickedness is, after all, relative.

Inktober day 2; noisy & urban witch

Looked at lots of pictures of beautiful people at Afropunk festivals for inspiration.  Perhaps her headphones are enchanted so she only hears what she wants from the cacophony of city life.  Unfortunately, my paper and ink didn’t get along this morning so I feel like it’s better to just leave it as it is.