So many faces. Faces of those he has not seen before. He was unsure how to feel nor did he feel like approaching them. But they seemed lost and he could not have them walking around helpless. Spirits know how many Bluecoats were around.

Kwe, onhka ni:se?” The Mohawk asked as he narrowed his eyes and slightly raised his head. Only allowing his gaze to slightly meet their own.

From a Wolf to a Kitten || Open M!A (Connor is a kitten for 5 hrs)

Well…Connor knew this day would come.  He had witnessed many friends and acquaintances fall victim to various anon magics.  People were turned into animals, the opposite gender, sexually insatiable for no reason, and the really weird occurance where a woman took her shoe off whenever someone said the word “potato.”  And now this grayface sorcery had afflicted him.  He was transformed into a tiny kitten.  "How embarrassing,“ he thought to himself as his big muscular 6'2 frame, was now reduced to a fuzzy and tiny animal.   And he couldn’t even communicate, as all he could manage were little meows.  But the worst part…he was sure that ANYONE that came across him would try and touch him.  He hoped that someone he trusted would come across him.  He would feel better being petted by a friend rather than a complete stranger.Hopefully a trusted friend would come for him soon.  And luckily, he would be the first to spot said friend.  It turned out the vision of a feline was similar to Eagle Vision….he couldn’t detect life signatures in his kitten form, but his sight was still enhanced.   He climbed up to the window sill within the homestead and peered outside, waiting.


My Sons a threat. || Steel-talon

After Haytham’s visit to Leo’s workshop, he did not say he was off to find his son. He didn’t plan to in the beginning, but this had to be settled. Where would he be? He thought to himself. Knowing that it was getting late probably off at a tavern resting from work. Haytham made his way over there as his best bet. 

Once he arrived to the closest tavern he looked around. A servant came up to offer him something, but he shooed her away once he caught sight of Connor at the corner of the room. He walked by to him and invited himself to sit across from Connor. He eyed him and watched how his expression changed before speaking.