WHOLE COMIC. The base story that I sketched out originally, surprisingly remained in tact even after Mod’s part. Even as everyone else’s interpretations of them popped up. Though I ended up tweaking two minor things. One of which, ended up being the watercolor portion (that wasn’t part of my original vision), and the other part, was that the dialogue was tweaked slightly in light of new information. 

Hope you guys enjoy! I took some risks. If not, you may proceed to throw me into the dumpster, (especially you Mod.)

;( this is, 1/2th of the (fan)comic I’ve apparently come up with. This is the worst objecthead interaction in the universe. I mean, come on, light emitting entity, interacts with light refractive entity, COME ON.

Don’t mind me. I’ll update this post later when i finish the rest of it maybe next week, (also don’t expect too much for the rest of this) I need to, do other things, like finals, [scrambles likes eggs]

Here is my witchsona, he is a modern wizard analyst that tells you objective perspective about your present situation and guides you towards discovering and achieving self-actualization status. He especially digs fucking around with optics and liquid properties to create illusions. 

Thanks Terry for inviting me to do this, this was really fun to do!

Yay , finally some character development for Magnus ;( aka my witchsona (which he sort of branched off and became his own character, I think). I’ve been meaning to draw him more.

I see him more as a foil character than anything - even though he’s capable of producing his own stunning shows/tricks, his role is more or less, to bring out the best in other people and gives them advice tailored to their specific situation, and helps them seek their true selves out.

He is optimistic, level-headed, eloquent, and patient, keeping a strict balance between extroverted/introverted (can be loud/quiet when appropriate). The transparency and temperature of his prism head is an indicator of his present demeanor. 

What truly can be defined as reality as we know it? 

Perceptions are different, from person to person, from species to species, from entity to entity, experienced so differently, so intricately, that it can never be replicated.

“I have to seek the truth.”


SORRY FOR THE HAPHAZARD IMAGE MOSAIC but I’m having a sort of funky transitory period in my life and need extra funding to support myself properly…! 

I do have a more “definite”/concrete list that shows things in a more categorized manner. I would have organized it in that fashion, but my images and styles and such are all over the place. I am willing to draw basically anything, capable of anything, and I have nearly no restrictions on subject matter (even going into nsfw territory). You can ask for a quote on a commission (be detailed when describing it) and I can give you a price.

There are additional things I can do like comics, pixel art, or animated things as well, but I have a limit on quantity as I don’t have too much time atm.

Thanks for reading!

propertyofspec asked:

negative magnus or has this been done before

A  W  A  K  E  N 

Instead of refracting light, he absorbs it in this form, as his glass faces are blackened.  

(It has not been done before, nor has it ever occurred to me before.)

I actually don’t know the nature of why Negative RGB exists, (split personality, a different mode, “true self”, etc?) and whether this same “condition” can apply to other characters that reside in the environment that TPoH takes place in.

So… yeah. In my perspective, the Negative form is an RGB exclusive thing. (Though that’s something Mod would have to confirm) Don’t want to steal his thunder after all.


Well, the thing is, his movements are fairly stationary/calculated when he performs, so he just focuses on his hands and what’s close because he doesn’t want to be distracted by outside elements.

He has a good idea just based on the volume/shape of light, of where things are. He does switch when he needs to.

(yes, he’s wearing a cloak over a long coat, because he gets cold easily)

Happy Belated Holidays :^)

Finally picking up this comic again after some hectic days ;[ It sucks compared to Mod’s comic, and I fear it may end fairly anticlimactically by comparison to what else has been going on out there. Others have done some creative cool stuff with the Light Entertainment pairing. Here’s to hoping people will dig it once I finish these next batch of pages.

fear3loathing asked:

I formally request a Chromat family picture (in sketch personifications, obviously) when the timing is appropriate.

Haha sure thing Fear! ;D I just finished doing something big so I doodled this up:

I guess since you asked for a drawing of me and the family, I can say a few things about them.

My mom and dad are very stereotypically feminine and masculine (in that order), and are polar opposites in personality. They both have short fuses. Dad is a venture capitalist and is often away from home, gone overseas for several months at a time, and mom is a school teacher.

My (younger) brother is talkative and is socially faster than I am, and loves watching anime. I think he likes cute little girls or something. He’s in college studying Interactive Media.

Then there’s me. [squart noises]