That was a long ass run...

Only 1/5th or what Rach and Runlong are doing (UH-may-zing)…but still! A small accomplishment in my book.

We started off strong in Cambridge. Like steeds! Running with the wind. At like mile 5 we started about a 2 mile long chat about farts. Fart parties, farting in cars, hiding farts, grandpa farts and everything in between. Oh the fun we can have.

We ran the river path allllll the way downtown until we found the ZIP ZINE! Mandatory stop. Daniel is so graceful.

Run thru downtown, past the crackheads and the stinky Chinatown. Over Summer St. bridge and into Southie. As we were running down 1st St. I spotted a picture, upside down. I had o pick it up. This is like a gem in my collection!

Ok…so now we ran around Castle Island…it was so windy we cried. Both of us. We contemplated taking a cab home. A bunch of times. The next 3 miles sucked ass. It was windy and cold. I was still crying. We stopped at South Station to get some water and split a muffin, genius!

Started moving again until we go to the Common and then I needed a bathroom. Found one. The last 4 miles I think we were both delusional. Singing songs from childhood. This seems to happen at the end of all of our long runs…at least that’s consistent!

Obligatory Burrito Time!

So there ya go. 20 miles in the books. It was quite an eventful adventure today!! Now I’m just waiting for the inevitable Smits.