LOLspeak is sometimes found to follow internal grammatical rules, for instance in regard to orthography and syntax. Examples include th, which is sometimes spelt with an f and assumed to be pronounced as such (u fink I eated ur foodz?), and the lack of agreement between pronouns and auxiliary verbs (oh hai! I iz steelin ur hart).

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Image: I iz serius admnim thiz iz serius biznis lolcat by by pfctdayelise (Source image is Angry Tiger by gumuz via Flickr). CC-BY-2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

it is microwaved lasagne again.

It is microwaved lasagne

The wisp of smoke withers
in thick, palpable tension

A coliseum death match, almost.
The surface, the crust
untouched, ready to leap
at a bow’s twinge

A ringless finger twitches
running across
cold steel
in heat

Sweat drips onto
a water-stained apron
(it was just the onions)

and eyes are locked
through the mist

“Can I leave the table?”
“You sit the fuck down.”


Nothing but lap steelin all weekend.

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