• Leia:How's Ahsoka to work with?
  • Ezra:What have you heard? That bad guys would rather confess than be interrogated by her? That her steely gaze can cool a room by five degrees? That she can only be killed with a silver bullet, like a werewolf? They're all true, except for the silver bullet part. It might give her indigestion or heartburn, but I don't think it'd kill her.

You know, within the clexa fandom, most tumblr posts are about how much Lexa loves Clarke. Just generally how deeply Lexa feels for Clarke, listens to Clarke, sacrificed for Clarke, looks at Clarke, needs Clarke….

I’m not mad about that at all. With Lexa betraying Clarke and also with how steely she is when it comes to her emotions, I understand the focus on her.

But I was waiting for an episode like 3x04 (post mt weather) because no one can deny their feelings are still mutual. They care for each other just as deeply. They love each other. They want each other. Clarke was desperate to get Lexa out of that fight, AFTER reassurance that her people will be safe if Lexa died. She literally said “this isn’t JUST about my people” and said she wasn’t gonna watch Lexa die. And during that fight she was terrified and those were genuine emotional reactions, her people were far from her mind during the fight.

Good steps toward Clarke forgiving and maybe even trusting Lexa again. Just seeing that emotionally she’s in the same place as Lexa was amazing and so satisfying. I was waiting for that. It raises the stakes for them again. In the middle of another war, among everything else, they again have each other to lose. I just really needed that episode.

In a Different World

Chapter 13:

Rick finally got Andre into his clean clothes but when he tried to pick the small child up, Andre kicked his feet making that action virtually impossible unless Rick wanted to sport a small bruise the next day.

“Are you going to keep acting like this?” Rick asked, his patience wearing thin.  He locked his steely gaze with the kid’s and raised his eyebrows.  “Hm?  I know you don’t like me but you gotta deal with me.  Matthew’s not here right now.”

Andre’s features were drawn into a tight frown.  He didn’t like what he was hearing.  “Where’s Matt'ew?” he asked.

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Plava - becoming The Benevolent | Drabble

He was a short sort of guy, even for a Bosmer, but he had the unbridled urge to fight which never went out, it was like a fire that stoked itself and grew bigger until it burned like wildfire. She hated death matches, because it meant someone had to die, and considering she was still kicking, it was always her opponent. It was so much harder to switch off when the faces were human again, and not an animal – not a steely eyed wolf. Even the meanest, baddest, most merciless of orcs still had the expression of expiring life strike across their faces like a bolt of lightning from the heavens. Edorfin was a small wood elf, who had gotten himself into the fighting pits and by law of averages, managed to climb up despite losses until such a point of facing Plava herself. She could hear the pit fans rhythmically beating their feet against the stone grounds of the audience rows.  What Edorfin lacked in strength, he had in tenacity by the bucketloads, but tenacity is not enough to win, only survive – and even that—

The blood was running from both nostrils and down his lips to his angular chin, almost like warpaint, and the hands had gone up to his head as he keeled at the ground, protecting himself from anymore blows.

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