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Wait so anyone who shows you appreciation is a lovely then does that mean Anti is a lovely too? Does that make you a raisin? (I'm only half joking Dark, please don't be upet with me)

“I highly doubt we appreciate each other.”

He responded in an indubious manner. His eyes remained fixated upon them, like a challenger facing their opponent, daring them to look away from the steely grip of his stare.

“If anything, we are tolerant of the other’s existence. The only reason Anti is not dead is because I cannot kill him. The only reason I am not dead is because Anti is weak with emotions he doesn’t deserve to have. So no, I am far from being his raisin, and I would not even dream of allowing Anti to be a lovely of mine. Be clear to remember that.”

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*slams hand down on table* hey I like ur voltron head canons can u plz post some more thank u

ur welc

  • [anyone does anything] “nice power rangers reference”
  • lance is actually a really good listener
    • he doesn’t really look like it?? but even when he seems like he’s zoning out, he’s at least half-listening
    • and since he’s surrounded by geniuses who usually talk through complicated problems out loud, he sometimes picks up bits and pieces that come in handy
    • so sometimes someone’ll be complaining to lance about a problem and he’ll be like “well have you tried (x)?” and it’s like. what. how did you know how to do that
    • *lance voice* “i have an approximate knowledge of many things”
  • hunk is a steely-eyed missile man
  • several weeks into her altean education pidge can identify a bunch of obscure (and terrifying) altean animals but still doesn’t know how to say “hello my name is pidge”
  • shiro doesn’t care or anything but lowkey whenever coran calls him “number one” he’s like- he’s not smug about it but–
  • keith tries to figure out how to bond with red by watching hunk with yellow
    • rumor has it that if you wander the castle at 3am you’ll hear keith going “uh… who’s a good kitty?? you are!!… am i doing this right are we bonding red”
    • but that’s just a rumor of course shut up lance you have no proof
  • someone: [wiggles their ears] allura: “……what the fresh hell”

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What people think Lena Luthor is like: *Icy. Unemotional. Always has a steely gaze in her eyes. Goes to bed every night and wakes up every morning with perfect hair and make-up. Owns nothing but black pant suits. Has never cried, ever. Will destroy you. Speaks in chess metaphors. Never smiles*

What Lena Luthor is actually like: *Has cried thirty-seven times today. Adopts stray animals so often that no one asks questions when They see strange new ones in her apartment. Gets emotional at videos of dogs being reunited with Their owners. Loves hugging and cuddling. Always wants to be the little spoon. Her bed is covered in stuffed animals. If you were nice to her once seventeen years ago, she probably still loves you for it. Will physically fight you if you disrespect Kara. Pets every dog she comes across and usually has to be pulled away by someone. Will cry if you raise your voice at her.*

OtaYuri fic recs #10

Recollect Me, Darling by harlequindreaming (armydoctor), explicit, 2.8

To Otabek Altin, Yuri Plisetsky is many things – strong, beautiful, steely. Dangerous. When Yuri performs his exhibition skate after the Grand Prix, however, Otabek finds he’s underestimated Yuri. This boy is a force in himself, and Otabek’s pretty far gone.

Skipped Stitch by mousapelli, teen, 3.9k

Renting an apartment together in St. Petersburg for the summer means that Yuri gets to learn all of Otabek’s quirks. The knitting is a surprise.

Untitled by daddybek, explicit, 1k

Yuri’s always had a certain amount of self-control, despite his ill temper and impulse-buying tendencies. He sure as hell didn’t become a three time gold medalist without it.

But here, face down on the mattress with his ass shamelessly in the air and Otabek Altin fucking him open with his tongue, Yuri has totally forgotten the meaning of the word self-control.

And, apparently, the word ‘quiet.’

It’s taking all I’ve got by StrikerEureka, explicit, 5.4k, Otabek/JJ/Yuri threesome

JJ has spent the past four years watching and wanting Otabek and Yuri’s open, domestic bliss. They’ve noticed him watching; they want, too.

Yuri doesn’t get off of him, doesn’t even let go of his neck, when they both look up at Otabek standing over them, a beer bottle now being balanced on JJ’s shoulder. He tries to say something, anything to keep from getting his teeth knocked in, but Yuri cups his jaw and starts biting and mouthing at his neck.

Otabek holds his gaze and JJ swallows painfully against the dryness in his throat. He reaches up with a shaky hand to take the bottle Otabek is still offering him as Yuri sucks at his pulse. He has no idea what’s happening.

They Done Made a Porno by chwangdol, explicit, 4.8k, voyeurism, implied Otabek/JJ/Yuri threesome

JJ’s just supposed to be sending the photos of his and Otabek’s night out to himself, but he finds something else a little more interesting.

Thematically Cohesive by Marks, teen, 1.2k

“Being friends with you means I’m automatically good at makeup?”

“Of course it does. I’m not friends with idiots, and this is easy.”

And All He Has Given Me He Takes Back by verity, explicit, 2.2k, warning: Dom/sub

That’s the point of the instructions: Yuri doesn’t have to obey any of them.

Divine by peachys, explicit, 4.5k

Take me to Divine’s
Some time in the 90’s.

Be a Tough Act To Follow by ratherunnecessary, explicit, 3.7k

Yuri thinks, Go big or go home, with a bit of delirious determination, and catches Otabek by the wrist. Otabek goes willingly when Yuri pulls him in close, a questioning look on his face.

“Nail this quad sal,” Yuri whispers in his ear, “and you can eat me out in the shower.”

Welcome to the Badness by llyn-on-ice, PG-13, 0.5k

“You’re a little wild thing, aren’t you, Yura?” he asks, eyes dancing in the flashes.

Yuri feels a new wave of heat hit his cheeks, and breaks his stare to look, shy, toward the ice, but then he looks back–he can’t help himself. Since Otabek appeared like some god in the alley he can’t stop looking back at him–stomach flipping at the sight. “Yeah,” he says. “I’m wild.”