Rhodes Scholar - NFL player Neurosurgeon

Myron Rolle was drafted by the Titans in 2010 and though he never played in a regular season game, he was on the practice squad for both the Titans and later the Steelers.

Rolle retired in 2013 to attend the Florida State University College of Medicine where he is a member of the class of 2017.

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STEELERS 2017 Draft Needs:
~~Cornerback depth
~~Running Back depth

**2016 record: 11-5**
**1st Rd Draft Pos.: 30**

2016 Stats: (avg per game)
Tot. Offense: 372.6 (7th)
Rushing: 110.0 (14th)
Passing: 262.6 (T-5th)

Tot. Defense: 342.6 (12th)
Rushing: 100.0 (13th)
Passing: 242.6 (16th)

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One man among boys. Alejandro Villanueva  is truly a man of honor, a man of courage and a man of valor. The rest of the cowardly Steelers hid in the locker room like the little man/boys they are. Over paid, pampered millionaires that can’t even honor the nation that provided them the opportunity to become the 1%. Over paid children running into each other is no longer something I will ever watch or participate. The nursery at church is more interesting than full grown men acting like spoiled brats. The NFL has lost me for life. No more Sunday trips to the stadium, no more sweaters, no more Super Bowl parties, no more Sunday afternoons glancing at scores or players. I am done.

The NFL was never really patriotic anyway. I can’t believe I fell for the red,white and blue being used purely as a way to squeeze a few bucks out of the ordinary patriotic citizen, but I did. Fool me once shame on you. I will never fall for it again. The NFL is a lie and a farce.    

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