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idk if this is too much to ask but can you give me a run down on troye's family, like maybe a little on each person? I feel like a bad fan for not knowing much about them :/

Okay so first there’s Shaun Mellet, the dad. He’s South African and works in real estate, you can find him under shaunsivan on Twitter and Instagram (Sivan isn’t his middle name, he did it to match Troye). He tweets pretty funny stuff and then likes his own tweets which is cute. His wife Laurelle, maiden name Haverly, is also South African and she chose to stay at home to raise the kids instead of working, you can find her under mamamellet on Twitter and laurellemellet on Instagram. She retweets lots of cute things about her kids and sometimes Connor and she’s so lovely and kind. They’re also both Jewish, although Laurelle converted, and they raised their kids with Jewish traditions but they aren’t very religious.

The first of the Mellet kids is Steele. His middle name is unknown, he’s 22, and you can find him under steelemellet on Twitter and Instagram. He lives in Melbourne and plans on being a lawyer. He has a girlfriend named Liav, they’ve been dating for at least three years and she’s actually in Perth with him for Rosh Hashanah right now. Two years after Steele they had Troye, and then a couple of years after that they moved from South Africa to Perth because South Africa was getting really unsafe, and then a few months after that they had Sage. Her middle name is Erin, she goes to a Jewish school in Perth, and she happens to be turning 18 in exactly one month. You can find her under sageybabey on Instagram and Snapchat and under sageymellet on Twitter. Her best friend Jessica and her boyfriend Zac appear on her Snapchat a lot in case you’re ever confused as to whom those people are. Then there’s Tyde Levi, he’s 15 and has a YouTube channel of his own. You can find him under tydelevi on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, and under m.tyde on Snapchat. He’s homeschooled and also does DJing, it’s usually what he’ll do on stage for YouTube events. They also have a dog named Jagga, she’s old and wheezing but very very sweet.