When u sure u gon die but u gotta keep goin

For context: Sparta doesn’t walk into shops because she doesn’t like the metal grate. Sparta isn’t fond of heights. Sparta doesn’t want to step on unfamiliar surfaces. Here, Sparta crosses a steel grate bridge over a 10ft drop into a fast-flowing river. Last time, she crawled behind me with her chest touching the ground.


The Vance Creek Bridge, Washington

Taken on Nikon. 

Sunrise on the frosted Vance Creek Bridge in the Olympic National Forest. At 348 feet high it is the second largest arch train-bridge ever constructed in the United States. Its neighbor the High Steel Bridge is the tallest at 427 feet and is now a one-lane vehicle bridge.

Alpha’s Mate

Owen Grady x reader

Reader meets the raptors for the first time.

For a long time you had been working with the trainers that worked with the raptors - Barry had been the first one that had showed you around. As Owen had been busy at that moment, but as the months passed - you found yourself getting more attached to Owen.

Whenever you went, he would follow - not that you minded, but with that few months you had found yourself falling for him. But as Owen spend time with his raptors, you would always stand on the sideline. 

Owen was already done with his training and you stepped onto the steel bridge, not seeing that one of the raptors had not run off with her sisters. “You’re getting better,” you said and tilted your head to the side, Owen turned his green eyes towards you - a small smile pulled his lips upwards. “Well - you only saw the best part.” With that you raised an eyebrow and leaned onto the railing.

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Back From The Dead

Was it requested: YASS! Find it here! 

Fandom: Marvel/MCU

Pairing: Tony Stark/reader

Rating: Please, be very careful with your gran, I don’t wanna be responsible for any incidents. 

Warnings: Injuries, swearing, slight angst, anxiety, etc. 

Summary: [the request itself]  Hey, could you do a Tony Stark x Reader where they’re on a mission and she gets hurt really badly and then stops breathing but gets brought back? And then Tony admits his feelings and it’s all very fluffy and happy? Love your work so much xx😁sorry if it’s too much to ask

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Mercury Part 8

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You have been homeschooled by your uncle Tony Stark for years, suddenly you’ve decided to attend public school, more specifically Midtown High. At this public school you acquaint yourself with a cute brown haired Spider-boy and his ragtag team of friends. You must find a way to juggle your school life and your hero life!

Warnings: Fluff, cursing  

A/N: Hey everyone! I hope you will enjoy the new part coming on now! I’m pretty proud of this one too. Don’t forget the tags are open and requests are open as well! Thanks for reading this part!

It was Saturday morning, and here you are walking in the streets of Manhattan trying to find a coffee shop. You walk with your purse in hand, minding your own business until someone runs and snatches your purse.

“Hey! Get back here!” You shout as you chase after the thief. You chase him into an alley, and corner him.

“Give me back my purse you dick!” You demand.

“Princess afraid of losing a couple of bucks?” The robber growled.

“I have important stuff in there! Just give it back.”

“Why don’t you take it from me?” The thief smirks, opening his switch blade and dropping the purse.

“Dont mind if I do.” You then crack your knuckles and your neck. You proceed to the thief in fighters stance. He jabs his knife towards you, but you easily block his attack. He looks at you scared. You smile and punch him square in the face. Then you flip him over, the sound of crashing hitting the pavement. He gets up with a groan and limps away, leaving your purse.

“Thats what you get… bitch.” Then you make an explosion with your hands.

“Wow that was amazing!” A voice comments while plopping down on the pavement. You turn around and see Spider-Man.

“Thanks.” You shrug.

“I didn’t know you were such a good fighter Y/N!”

“How do you know my name. I’ve never met you before.” You raise your eyebrow at him.

“Well I mean, I’ve worked with Tony, and he’s shown me a picture of you because you’re his niece and he told me your na-”

“You know you sound very familiar. Like I’ve heard you speak to me before.”

“I have a voice that is very familiar to other teenage boys. Which I am.” He winks at you.

“I don’t know, it’s kinda bugging me how familiar you sound. Haha, you get it bugging, cause spiders are bugs. Anyways, what are you doing here?”

“Well whenever I see a beautiful girl in trouble, I have the need to help.”

“But I was the one to fight him off. So essentially you did nothing.”

“Can I say that I wanted to see a pretty girl?”

“Sorry, I’m in a relationship right now. Well I mean we’re in that ‘dating phase’, but I hope we can become girlfriend and boyfriend. Now I just sound cheesy. Why am I telling you this? You tried to hit on me 10 seconds ago. Now I just keep talking, so I’m going to stop.”

“Okay wow that was a lot to process. So what you’re saying is that there’s this dude that you like and you hope to be his girlfriend?”

“Well I mean…” You start to blush and pick up your purse.

“Tell me about this boy you like.” Peter inquires resting his arm against a trash bin.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“I would.”

“Well I’ll only say his first name, Peter. We went on our first date yesterday if you could even call it a date. It was amazing though, even if we slept for 85% of it.” You giggle, with dreamy eyes.

“You’re so cute.” You glare at him.

“But I’m not a home wrecker so I won’t pursue anything.” He adds.

“Okay thanks. Well I’m going to go now, I’ve haven’t gotten my coffee yet and this girl’s cranky without some caffeine. So, see ya around Spidey.” You say as you walk out of the alley.

Peter rests his head against the brick wall, looking up to the sky intently. She’s the girl of my dreams, he thought.

You walk back to the tower with the coffee mug in your hand. You take a sip and your phone buzzes.

PeteyBoy❤️: Heya beautiful, do you wanna hang out today?

Your heart flutters as you read the text, smirking you shake your head.

Y/N: You missed me already? 😝

PeteyBoy❤️: If I say yes do I get a kiss?

Y/N: You’re smooth Parker, real smooth.

PeteyBoy❤️: I know, I know. But I’m serious though, I want to see you again.

Y/N: Me too, but where would we go?

PeteyBoy❤️: Your place?

Y/N: Hell no, if my uncle sees you and me together, say goodbye to everything you love. And I’d like to keep you in my life for now.

PeteyBoy❤️: For now!?! it doesn’t matter I thought of the most perfect place.

Y/N: Well what is it?

PeteyBoy❤️: I can’t tell you yet, I’ll send you the address, and we’ll meet there.

Y/N: I hope you aren’t a serial killer and you’re luring me into your death chamber!

PeteyBoy❤️: You wish.

Y/N: Maybe. 😜

PeteyBoy❤️: Well that’s good to know for our future endeavors. 😉😏

Y/N: You perv. When do you want to meet up?

PeteyBoy❤️: In two hours and don’t go on google maps to look at the place!

Y/N: Damn it Parker why do you have to be so smart?!

PeteyBoy❤️: Genetics?

Y/N: You’re adorable, I’m almost at the tower so I’ll get ready and be there soon.

PeteyBoy❤️: Bye gorgeous.

Y/N: Bye pretty boy.

You then turn off your phone, practically skipping to the tower. 

“You think this’ll look nice?” You ask holding a dress up to F.R.I.D.A.Y. The dress was a short navy blue halter dress with a v-neckline.

“I can not see so my decision would be completely insignificant.”

“I forgot. Does that mean I have to ask someone else?”

“I can only assume.”

“Thanks for the help, F.R.I.D.A.Y.” You mutter walking out of the bedroom, holding the dress. You tiptoe around the tower, attempting to not gain any attention from Tony, Sam or Steve.

 You finally reach Natasha’s room. Lightly knocking on the door, Natasha then peeks out and sees you. You put your finger to your lips, signifying to not make any noise. She opens the door then you walk inside the room. Wanda casually sits at the end of Natasha’s bed, looking down at a magazine. She then looks up at you and smiles.

“What’s up Y/N?” Natasha asks after closing the door.

“Well I might have a date with Peter tonight and I need to know if this dress is cute?”

“You’re having a date with Peter! That’s fantastic! What does Tony and the rest of the guys think?” Wanda questions.

“I haven’t told them… yet! I’m just testing the waters with Pete, and if they seem clear, I’ll tell them. That was a fantastic analogy, wow, I’m good,” You say derailing from the main discussion, “Sorry for going off topic, that was just a damn good analogy. Anyways, can you please not tell them yet.”

“Of course, Y/N. But when the time comes you need to tell them. Now let’s see that dress!” Natasha exclaims.

You then go to the bathroom, put on the dress and walk outside.

“Geez another fitting what am I on? Americas Next Top Model?” You sarcastically ask, folding your arms.

“Oh hush up, you look amazing, yet again.” Natasha confesses.

“Yeah Y/N, you look so beautiful.” Wanda agrees nodding her head.

“Well lucky for me I don’t need the validation of others.”

“Then why’d you come to us for help?” Wanda points out.

“Because!… because! I got nothing. I don’t know this is my real first date with Peter or anyone for that matter, I just don’t want to mess it up.”

“You’ll be perfectly fine, now come on Wand and I are going to do your hair and makeup.”

You smirk and walk towards Natasha’s vanity, “Fine.”

“Thanks Happy for driving me. Remember keep this under the radar for now. I want to be the one to tell the guys. Okay?”

“Sure thing kid. So you really like this… Peter? I’ve meet him before, bright kid, but really really annoying. He can’t stop texting me.”

“Why is he texting you?”

“You know what, forget I said anything, and I’ll forget you were ever in this car.”

“You’re blackmailing me huh? Low blow Happy, low blow.” You whistle, shaking your head.

You say goodbye to Happy and get out of the car, which drove away after. You were at the surprise destination. It was the Hudson River. Rocks lined the cliff, and just one trip, you could be swimming with the fishes, metaphorically that is because it’s a river. Then to your left was the George Washington Bridge, steel blue glistens in the sun. Cars zoom back and forth, in an never ending, infinite loop, that could make someone go crazy. You walk forward towards the cliff and stare at the river. Waves pulling back and forth, almost creating a spell, luring someone to enter it’s dangerous depths.

“Pretty beautiful, right?” Someone asks behind you. You turn around and see that Peter was the one behind you. You smile and he smiles back walking to stand right next to you.

“Yeah the river, although murky and dirty, can be beautiful.” Peter turns to you, shaking his head.

“The river wasn’t what I was talking about.” You got the hint and you blushed.

“So what are you doing out here anyways? Shouldn’t there be some girl you’re meeting?” You joke.

“Yeah, she’s pretty amazing. She makes me laugh and my heart speeds up whenever I think about her. But it looks like she isn’t here so I’m just going to leave.” Peter jests back at you.

“Okay, okay you got me there. Why the river?”

“I love to take pictures around here and I love to sit on a bench and watch the sunset. Everything is so natural, and seems so balanced. Like the sunset has a purpose and so does the river, and I get to watch their purpose.” You look at Peter in awe, your eyes shone. He grabs your shoulder and walks you away from the river.

“Let’s get eating now, I have something you might just like.”

“Pete this is the most delicious thing in the world!” You gush stuffing your face in vegetarian “lobster” bisque.

“Geez there Y/N. Didn’t know you could, or anyone for that matter, can eat like that?” You look up, with bisque on your lips and smile.

“I should stop, shouldn’t I?”

“Go ahead, who am I to tell you how to eat.”

“Now this, this is why I like you Parker.” You commented pointing at him.

After you both finished your main course you both look at each other for awhile, studying each other’s faces. All the freckles, all the beauty marks, all the scars, everything. Peter takes your hand into his and kisses the back of it.

“Classy Pete.”

“I never told you how incredible you look today in your dress.”

“Well I mean you’ve told me that I looked beautiful, so I think that’s fine.”

“I just, I think I need to tell you that everyday so I know you’re real and not a figment of my imagination.”

“Now you’re just being cheesy…” You blush.

“I’m being serious Y/N. I will tell you everyday until there are no more everyday’s.” Peter claims.

“Thanks Pete, I don’t know what to say. You look really handsome in your suit. I’m sorry, I’ve never done this dating thing before.”

“It’s fine, neither have I! Why don’t we tell each other one thing no one knows? To cover up the fact that we are amateurs in the dating department.”

“Okay, I like this idea. Well one thing no one knows about me is that, I have a ragging obsession with John Hughes movies. To be honest I just love all types of 80s teen films. Like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Goonies, and Back to the Future! I just sit in my room somedays and binge all of the movies from that time. What about you? What’s one thing no one knows.”

“Well when I was younger, Aunt May made me dress in this C-3PO costume for Halloween. I loved it so much that I wouldn’t take it off… even to go pee. So everyday for about a week I’d just walk in my pee.” Peter laughs and you laugh with him.

“That’s the funniest, yet most gross thing anyone has ever told me before. I have a question? If you don’t mind me asking, Where’s your uncle? I mean if you have one, because if you do, you never speak about him.”

“It’s fine to ask. Um, when my parents died, I had to stay with Aunt May and Uncle Ben. One day I did something really idiotic, I ran away over some stupid argument between Ben and I. My uncle, he chased after me and in doing so, he tried to stop a smuggler but was shot. So I think that if I didn’t ran away that day, maybe he would be here right now.” Peter looks down at both of your hands, rubbing your knuckles. You tilt his head forward, making him look at you.

“I’m sorry Pete. But, who knows if he was going to die or not, if he wasn’t shot. We can’t know, and we’ll probably never get to know. You have to stop believing that your uncle’s death was done by your hand because it wasn’t your fault and won’t be able to move on if you think you killed him. Believe me.” You say rubbing his cheek.

“Can you tell me about your parents?”

“Well there’s nothing to really say I guess. Tony says my parents died in some boating accident when I was 1. Then my father had put Tony down as the god father, and the rest is history.”

“So, are you biologically related to Tony?”

“Nah, but I’ve known him for so long that he’s like my biological father and uncle.”

“So I guess lying to him must be hard?”

“You mean about this? Us? Kinda, but if he knew we’re going out, he’d give you a wedgie at the top of the Empire State Building, no lie.”

“I guess, you’ll tell him later on then?”

“Yeah but for now, this is the present and we need to get our check.” Then you signal to the waiter for the check. He brings it to you and places it down the table.

“So who is going to pay?” You challenge, glaring at Peter.

“I will!” Peter exclaims taking the check.

“Nope!” You remark, snatching it out of his hand.

“Aw come one Y/N!”

“Fine, let’s do splitzies.”

“Now that sounds better.”

After you and Peter finish with the check, you both walk down the river, where the restaurant was located. Peter weaves his hand into yours, interlocking them. The sun was beginning to set west and it’s quite a beauty. You both don’t talk to each other but relax in the comfortable silence, listing to the waves crash against the rocks. You let go of Peter’s hand when you decided to sit on the rock and face the sun. Your chin is high and your eyes closed, taking in the suns rays. You then hear a click! Turning, you see Peter bending to his knees, just finished taking a picture of you.

“Now, just what do you think you’re doing?” You inquire, standing up.

“I want to remember this moment forever. You being free, and serene. I could watch you here forever.” You walk closer to him, so close your nose’s are touching. You wrap your arms around Peter’s and he wraps his arms around your waist, squeezing them tightly. You close your eyes and lean in, slowly. Peter does the same, a little hitch in his breath, then both of you kiss. You felt fireworks in your heart, in your mind, and in your stomach too! Peter then deepens the kiss, pulling you closer to him than humanly possible. You wrap your arms tighter and you guys stay there for a good minute. Never wanting to leave each other’s presence again. Both of you pull away from and Peter touches your forehead with his, both of you smiling. You let go and continue to walk with Peter down the river.

You start to walk into the tower. Happy just dropped you off after an interrogation from him. In which you only answer “uh huh.” and stared at the window dreamily. After you and Peter had to face the most difficult thing this night, leaving. He said he’d call you, and you both kissed one more time. Bolts of electricity sparking out of your lips.

You then walk into the living room and see Tony, Steve and Sam stand in living room, facing you arms crossed.

“You’ve got some explaining to do missy.” Tony demands.


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