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Oh my God, I can’t stop watching this.

@missharleenfquinzel @atomic-poison-ivy @supervillainesses @amanda-jp I feel like this is something you all could appreciate.

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there were few things worse than being ordinary, in evie’s opinion. ordinary was for suckers.

I had a dream that I was going to see Great Comet and I couldn’t find the stage door but I found Lucas Steele somehow so instead of helping me to find the stage door he brought me to meet the entire cast and I don’t know Lucas but I feel like that’s something he would do

i just saw Newsies and like. with all my previous experience of musicals, by the end of intermission I was steeling myself to watch all hell break loose. I could almost see Jack holding Crutchie’s broken body. I was envisioning at least three deaths and several missing limbs i was getting myself ready to bawl my eyes out

in light of the ending may i just say
I’m so glad Disney was in charge of this

Last night i dreamed that Scott Cawthon had his own skyscraper HQ and he updated the website on his tv walls to show a hot release of his new game

Microbe minions - a fnaf world style game where various cute but horrible microbes are used to take over people’s online “bodies” and wreck cute havoc on them in a defense tower or tetris style game.

Special guests were a 3D rendered purple guy and 3D rendered Eggs Benedict - MY Eggs design???? there were crowds of cheering and screaming fangirls worshipping the screens and i was sprinting through the street screaming:


Buy I do not know the fate of the Cawthon skyscraper HQ because I woke up fml

Oh and people were complaining fnaf 6 wasnt out yet but it was ok because he made purple guy renders.

I would like to offer my support in planning a future Cawthon skyscraper HQ…..

the glow of the sky after
thunder has passed, and
you, under this storm, with
hands stained and cheeks
thin with cold.
you are caught between
the rice paper of reality
(so transparent, so easy
to tear) and the steel
of your dreams. there
are shades of ocean that
make it easy to slip
fingers sketched out in
frostbite and winter
air. your breath
this is how it feels
to drown.
—  under the weather (inkstay prompt: describe the color blue without using any colors)

For some it hurt less and for some it hurt more, but nothing hurts as much as the coming of war. Our boots shook the earth and the bombs slowly fell while the angel of death welcomed us into hell. Bullets came down like rain drops in a storm until the breath of hot steel was all that kept us warm. It’s different sometimes but it will never be painless…because war. War never changes.