Wow.  This is old.  From….I believe 2004, when I was a frequent poster on some Transformers forums. 

Somehow….through ways I’m unable and unwilling to admit to….this idea was brought up.  And it demanded to be drawn. 

The little character next to the Monstrosity in Ruffles is a fancharacter of Wayward’s, an old friend from said forums. 

I just wanted someone wearing a sombraro.  It seemed appropriate.

We live in an age where we’re all defined by “things.” This isn’t necessarily new, as we’ve had social and economic class systems since the dawn of human existence. We’ve always been defined my something: religion, income, hair color, dietary choices, etc. These days, however, we’re more defined by our online activity than by our morals or the company we keep.

Anonymity vs. Oversharing in Social Media

Jordan Kasteler and I started our first company, Search & Social, three years ago. Looking back, we didn’t necessarily begin the company out of an urge to be entrepreneurs. It was a matter of practicality that we began the business because we knew we could never make as much working for someone as we could on our own as consultants.

Announcing SteelCast

Cant believe its almost 3 whole months since the 1st day I meet you. Had no idea what I was getting myself into! “Can you start now?” I must say these 3 months have been a blessing and just amazing! I've have learned sooo much in just this little time frame and cant wait to grow more with this company. You have made this place a second home to many of us and we are more then grateful. Your character and drive is truly an inspiration! Thank you for such a great opportunity to be a part of all this. HAPPY BOSS DAY :) 

- Melissa

As I mentioned in my first post, part of my job here at SteelCast is to read through the daily highlights of startup, tech and online marketing-related websites and interpret the ‘big ideas’ in my own way. Normally, I see things about what Apple* is doing, or the changes Twitter or Google is making, or how a certain CEO did something really awesome or really terrible. And all those things are great. But if you’ve read more than one of my posts at this point, you’ll know that I’m more of a fan of keepin’ it real.

9 Resources for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Stick it to The Man

*RIP Steve Jobs


What is SteelCast? - A Video Infographic

Most brands have some sort of social media presence. Content promotion and engagement are obviously determined by product or service offered (and its accompanying strategy), but it’s strange to see even a local business without some sort of social profile. Some brands are notoriously great in the social sphere, others’ efforts fall short. The following are three examples of how brands are using social media; let’s see if you can pick out the #fail.

Brands and Social Media: 2 Wins, 1 #Fail

There’s a lot going on with Netflix right now.

Yesterday, the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, announced that Netflix will be separating its mail-order DVD service from its streaming video service. The rebranded DVD service – christened Qwikster – will take on its own financial planning and marketing structure that is completely separate from Netflix.

Everybody’s Talking: Netflix, Qwikster and High Elmo

When it comes to ­­­internet marketing, everyone in the industry tends to fancy his or herself an expert. I can’t say that I totally agree with this sentiment. Sure, one may have specialties that he or she excels at, but there’s absolutely no way to master the ins and outs of marketing to the entire internet. The internet is growing by the second, and this ever-evolving nature brings about changes faster than you can say, “Yes, I know the Kindle Fire is the hot news right now, but I decided to go in a different direction, okay?!”

Top 5 Most Unoriginal Internet Marketing Trends