The Evolution of Robots in Film ***NOTE that is does NOT say the “Complete” Evolution of Robots in film.  I did not create the graphic, I just posted it because I *thought* it was fun.  I do not know why some things were omitted completely OR why some things were included while others were not.  You may want to direct those questions to the people who created the image at: they’re in the UK… so you can also ask ‘em about the “U.S. focus” of the piece.

So,  apparently the Pokémon company is making propositions to big hollywood film companies to make a big budget, live action Pokémon movie

Apparently, it is Legendary Entertainment that is closest to making a deal to produce this movie. Whilst we should probably brace ourselves for another shoddy westernised piece of crap, remeniscent of Dragonball Evolution, or The Last Airbender, remember that Legendary has produced such films as Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Godzilla, Interstellar, and Jurassic World.

What I’m really hoping for, if and when this film comes to fruitation, would not be the jarringly cartoonish graphics we’ve seen from the Pokémon Go ads, but rather proper, realistic, CGI MONSTERS (and cute fluffy ones too lol)  to truly bring this franchise to the real world. We have the technology


Hey guys, so I’ve decided that I’m going to have a giveaway of the ULTRA-VIOLET DIGITAL COPIES of the movies in these photos. I don’t redeem them and I’d rather not have them go to waste, so why not share them?

You don’t need to follow me to win one, although obviously feel free to check out my blog, which is mainly a movie/tv blog.


I’m going to pick one person at a time and I will message them asking to pick whichever movie they’d like, and if a certain movie is picked you will be able to receive ANOTHER movie.

Again, this is for the ULTRA-VIOLET DIGITAL COPY. I will count likes and reblogs, even though I’m not expecting very many.

So let’s get it started !

The Secret History: Characters [Henry Winter]

“Two of the boys wore glasses, curiously enough the same kind: tiny, old fashioned, with round steel rims. The larger of the two - and he was quite large, well over six feet - was dark-haired, with a square jaw and coarse, pale skin. He might have been handsome had his features been less set, or his eyes, behind the glasses, less expressionless and blank. He wore dark English suits and carried an umbrella (a bizarre sight in Hampden) and he walked stiffly through the throngs of hippies an beatniks and preppies and punks with the self-conscious formality of an old ballerina, surprising in one so large as he. “Henry Winter,” said my friends when I pointed him out, at a distance, making a wide circle to avoid a group of bongo players on the lawn.” 

Extraordinary Machine- a mix for Hermann Gottlieb

“Mathematical reasoning may be regarded rather schematically as the exercise of a combination of two facilities, which we may call intuition and ingenuity." 
-Alan Turing

01. Hand Covers Bruise - Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross 02. Shooting the Moon - OK Go / 03. Extraordinary Machine - Ben Sollee / 04. Skin and Bones - The Avett Brothers / 05. Mistaken for Strangers - The National / 06. Colorblind - Natalie Walker / 07. You were a Boxer - Pacific Ocean Fire / 08. Off I Go - Greg Laswell / 09One More Time with Feeling - Regina Spektor / 10. The Fear - Ben Howard / 11. Sleeping Lessons - The Shins / 12. I Wish I was the Moon - Neko Case / 13. My Body is a Cage - Sara Lov / 14. Blue Spotted Tail - Fleet Foxes / 15. Gun-Shy - Grizzly Bear / 16. Maybe Sprout Wings - The Mountain Goats / 17. Spaceship Earth - Windmill / 18. Drift - Daughter