Code Name: Commander
Title: Feel | On AO3
Universe: MCU, Ambiguous
Rating: G
Summary: “Mr. Stark is on the tenth floor,” JARVIS says.
The terse reply makes Steve more anxious, because he’s never had to drag
good news out of Tony’s AI.

Notes: For @capim-tinybang, inspired by art from @shaliara. And for STONY Bingo square ‘Major Injuries’.

Nobody expects the explosion when they hear it.

Steve bolts out of the hovering Quinjet, barely noticing the 15 foot drop, and his heart nearly stops when he sees the smoking crater blown in one of the higher floors of the building before him. It’s an office space still under construction and in any case, civilians have been cleared out of it hours ago, however…

“Iron Man, report!” Steve barks into the comms, running for the entrance without a thought for its stability. When there’s not answer, he tries again, “Tony! Where are you?”

For a hopeful moment, his comm crackles to life. Instead of Tony quick and assuring voice, it’s JARVIS who answers. “Two agents of SHIELD are located on the eighth floor and two more on the ninth floor, Captain. I have already asked for emergency evacuation.”

“Acknowledged,” Sam says grimly over the comms. Steve spots the reassuring glint of Falcon’s wings under the sunset as he enters the building from air and continues to sprint up the stairs, heart pounding.

“Tony?” he asks breathlessly.

“Mr. Stark is on the tenth floor,” JARVIS says. The terse reply makes Steve more anxious, because he’s never had to drag good news out of Tony’s AI.

“Relay status,” he commands. “The armor, injuries, anything I need to know.”

“Multiple major safety hazards on this floor,” JARVIS says. “Injuries are extensive and significant. Please hurry, Captain.”

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Imagine something futuristic, like something on the scale of an operating system or an encyclopedia, with the same degree of complexity, the number of human hours and the amount of knowledge that goes into it, and something else on that scale, like a Canary Wharf tower, and imagine it being built the way that we built Wikipedia.

I have a plot of dirt, and I’m going to invite any stranger who has structural steel, trunking, rebar, cement, gravel, diggers, architectural drawings, or ideas to come and just muck around for a while. We’ll shout at each other a lot, and we’ll have some false starts. Some bits will come down, some bits will go up, and at the end, we will have not just an office tower, but the greatest office tower ever built, and it will be infinitely reproducible at zero cost.

Imagine a space program run like that. Imagine an aviation system run like that. Imagine a state run like that. That’s a futuristic thing, right? That’s a futuristic parable that uses Wikipedia and any Linux project to think about the scale at which we can operate in the absence of hierarchy. It challenges our imaginations to think about the coordination of that much labor without hierarchy.

—  Cory Doctorow

synthwanderer  asked:

The door of Acadia opened and the tall Vault Dweller with leather armor and glasses walks in. He got a big box in his arms. This made the old synth curious, getting from his chair and greeting Vaughn. "You remember you told me where to find radchickens? Well, guess what: they had babies and I bring you some of them here!" Vaughn said, opening the box. Tiny little featherless peepers started to chant when they saw DiMA.

The corners of his eyes became soft creases as a bright smile lifted the corners of his lips upwards. Hands which were capable of bending steel rebar carefully scooped up a flapping, cheeping chick, handling them as gently as any mother had ever held their child.

The tip of one finger disappeared inside the greedy beak, making him chuckle and tut a fake admonishment.

“It seems someone is quite hungry. Apologies little one, but you will have to wait until I can make you some healthy chick feed.”

Caressing the little ball of.. skin with his thumb for a moment, he forced himself to put them down with the rest of their clutch. He took the box, put it down on the ground, then pulled Vaughn into a fierce bear hug.

“Thank you for bringing them to me Vaughn, they’re beautiful. I’ll take good care of them rest assured.”

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Safe: Chapter 1

Summary: A sharp point of pain materialized on his right shin and then expanded, driving through his leg like a railroad spike and forcing an agonized cry from his raw throat, and his vision turned black.
Media: Disney’s Big Hero 6
Verse: Safe
Rating: R
Genre: ANGST, Alternate Universe, Family
Warnings (for AU): Violence, blood, drug use, suicide attempts, amputation, foul language, severe injury
Disclaimer: …you…you guys know.

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ficlet: And The Cure Is You, Little Miracle

Inspired by this post
Cophine AU in which Cosima is a coma patient who begins to respond to the new doctor’s voice.
Word Count: 2,936

She should have known better. Pot had always been her own little miracle drug, warm and fuzzy with welcoming arms. She should have known to settle for her prescribed antibiotics when a particularly virulent chest infection had ensnared her right in the middle of winter. But Cosima did as Cosima was, the unconventional. But flu, marijuana and late night drives were in no way a healthy combination - especially when a freight truck happens to be racing down the freeway next to you. She was speeding, flying, and then.. floating. More weightless then she’d ever been under the effects of any drug, any intoxicant.

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im sooooooo sick of this racist ass “THREE CIVILIZATIONS BUILT TIERED PYRAMID STRUCTURES, WHAT COULD THIS MEAN, IT WAS ALIENS” bullshit. like, that was the ONLY way to build really big things. before support struts, rebars, and steel in general were invented, if you built anything more than 5 stories high without a massive goddamn base, it would just fall over.