steel wagon

Heat amongst the snowstorm. (Closed RP)

( @tsukisdarkerside )

The horse clattered through the snowstorm, paying no heed to how powerful it is. This was done by the Winter King himself, causing a silent chuckle. He made it back to his castle, where a few of his monstrous chancellors and advisers. “Ah, what news did you brought?” He asked him, getting off his horse and handing the rins over to some minions. 
The adviser bowed and told them they captured a girl who was steeling from the supply wagon. 
“A Girl, huh? Show her to me.” He commanded, Heading into his own castle with the Adviser leading him to the prisoner.
He walked over to a few of his guards holding the girl down with various chains and cuffs. His helmeted glare examining over her.