steel wagon

  • Dean Ambrose: puts crowbar in the wagon
  • Dean Ambrose: puts steel pipes in the wagon
  • Dean Ambrose: puts barbed wire baseball bat in the wagon
  • Dean Ambrose: puts chainsaw in the wagon
  • Dean Ambrose: puts Paul Heyman in the wagon
  • Dean Ambrose: puts Brock Lesnar in the wagon
  • Dean Ambrose: puts himself in the wagon
  • Dean Ambrose: sets the wagon on fire
  • Dean Ambrose: rolls away into the sunset, laughing demonically
Jealous - A Min Yoongi (BTS) Scenario

REQUEST: Yoongi (BTS) - Where you’re best friends with Jimin but have a crush on Yoongi and he (Yoongi) gets mad/jealous of you and Jimin (thinking you two are a thing) and accidentally confesses.

Word count: 1566

Genre: Fluffy; Romance; Jealousy

Hey Guys! It’s Pandacchi ADM here! This is the first scenario we’re posting since we opened our Scenerio Requests! I’m soo glad! I really hope you all like it! 


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The naiad has him by the ankle. Her smile still seems sweet when she tugs, reaches one hand firmly around Sam’s knee just above the knee cap, the other’s sickly pale fingers never leaving the ankle at all. She holds so hard - the surface seems to float further away from Sam, and even though he’s holding his breath as hard as he can, a flow of bubbles still charges out of his nostrils. It’s too dark and the pond is too deep. Dean was running when he last heard anything through the wall of the water (anything that wasn’t his brother yelling for him: he can still hear it, even though it’s fading softly like everything else seems to be), just crossing the dark dense wall of trees hanging heavy above the black, silent pool of water.

Mine now, beautiful one. Mine forever.

Sam kicks down. It’s a mistake; the naiad’s now giggling warmly, and he’s letting out more air. He follows the bubbles feeling the pressure inside his head grow firmer. It’s not the only thing; his chest is constricting, twitching, bending down enough to hurt his ribs and his sternum. He can’t draw in the water, because if he does, it’s over for him. His body is burning with the need and his eyes seem to bulge and his lips press together so hard the inner sides are going numb, but it’s all translating to him through a thick veil like fog. Inside his head, it’s oddly clear and calm - there aren’t many potential outcomes here, just enough to make it interesting. Either he holds his breath long enough for Dean to grab a hold of him and Dean swims fast enough to make it before the naiad’s hidden him with the rest of the bodies, or… one of them fails, maybe both. He remembers this clarity from before. He’s been through so many near-death situations that this one just feels familiar. Like maybe it’s his time now, finally, to die. He’s almost alright with it. The surface is gone and everything he sees now is just flashing lights and stars raining through his vision and cracks in the fireworks where he can just make apart the dark particles floating in the murky water. The panic is there, but it’s not his panic. Not yet.

It’ll come, too.

His lips part and he gags. Some water flows in and then, suddenly, the panic floods over him. His lungs contract, and he knows it before it happens, feels like it all moves in slow motion: the naiad holds his leg. He’s breathing in the water. It spirals down his throat like it never touched his tongue and his heart is racing so hard it’s about to break out, his eyes fly wide open again but he’s not seeing anything, just black with the slightest glimmer of light like the memory of it only upon the form of a bubble falling behind him, above him. Without it, he wouldn’t know where the surface is.

It’s over.

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Heat amongst the snowstorm. (Closed RP)

( @tsukisdarkerside )

The horse clattered through the snowstorm, paying no heed to how powerful it is. This was done by the Winter King himself, causing a silent chuckle. He made it back to his castle, where a few of his monstrous chancellors and advisers. “Ah, what news did you brought?” He asked him, getting off his horse and handing the rins over to some minions. 
The adviser bowed and told them they captured a girl who was steeling from the supply wagon. 
“A Girl, huh? Show her to me.” He commanded, Heading into his own castle with the Adviser leading him to the prisoner.
He walked over to a few of his guards holding the girl down with various chains and cuffs. His helmeted glare examining over her. 


A Day In The Life - 21st August 1966: The Beatles perform in two cities - Cincinnati and St. Louis - due to a cancellation the previous day.

After performing their postponed concert in Cincinnati at midday, The Beatles fly 341 miles to St Louis, Missouri, where they perform another show at 8:30pm. The concert takes place at the Busch Stadium and is seen by 23,000 people.

The show takes place in heavy rain, with a makeshift shelter over the stage to protect the musicians, although water still drips onto the amplifiers. It is this incident which finally convinces Paul McCartney that The Beatles should cease touring.

“After the gig I remember us getting in a big, empty steel-lined wagon, like a removal van. There was no furniture in there - nothing. We were sliding around trying to old on to something, and at that moment everyone said, ‘Oh, this bloody touring lark - I’ve had it up to here, man.’

I finally agreed. I’d been trying to say, 'Ah, touring’s good and it keeps us sharp. We need touring, and musicians need to play. Keep music live.’ I had held on that attitude when there were doubts, but finally I agreed with them.” - Paul McCartney, Anthology