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Happy 20th birthday, Fallout! I’ve handmade 14 total Fallout costumes since I started cosplaying nearly two years ago, and my favorite is still the one where I’m wearing each Fallout protagonist’s designated Vault suit number over my butt.











when you can do things like…








AND THIS!!!!!!!


ring-a-ding baby.

Abandoned railroad hike in an Oregon forest

Source: bake-kujira (reddit)


I hit up Oregon’s Wolf Creek Trestle Hike a couple days ago. 5 miles out and 5 miles back of abandoned railroad. There were washed out sections of track, landslides, waterfalls (in album) that spilled over onto the tracks turning it into a stream, wooden trestles, steel trestles, 2 creepy tunnels that you HAVE to walk through, and amazing views of the Oregon coastal range forests and mountains. Would recommend.

More photos here

Alex’s Goat entries


Home: Carbon, Texas

Title: junior paladin zero

Affiliation: brotherhood of steel

Career: paladin

Weapons(s): power armor fist

Companion(s): three other unnamed squadron

Specific traits: power armor, large eyebags, right ear gone scar goes to eye tip

Extra notes: do not contact, we can get in trouble :/


Home: new vegas, novac, current location unknown

Title: courier six

Affiliation: none

Career: mailman, mechanic

Weapons(s): sledgehammer, explosives

Companion(s): rex, ED-E, lily

Specific traits: scarring over right side of face, visible stitches that haven’t healed, keeps ripping then open, lazy right eye, very tall, no eyebrows

extra notes: tracking was going well, currently has gone missing


Home: Washington D.C., megaton, current location unknown

Title: lone wanderer

Affiliation: brotherhood of steel, waters of life, tunnel snakes, little lamplight, megaton

Career: adventurer

Weapons(s): deathclaw gauntlet

Companion(s): butch deloria, dogmeat, fawkes

Specific traits: x shaped scar over right eye, right eye going blind (don’t think he relizes yet),  leather jacket with snake, dosent color eyebrows

Extra notes: vault 101


Home: Alamo

Title: the remembered

Affilation: local cattle group

Career: cattle hearder

Weapons(s): rope, knuckles

Companion(s): uncle (yoai guai), Sam Wilmer

Specific traits: large bite scars on right side of face, half shaved head, caravan symbol painted under right eye


Home: sanctuary

Title: the sole survivor

Affiliation: minutemen

Career: minute men general, carpenter

Weapons(s): baseball bat

Companion(s): preston garvey, dogmeet

Specific traits: vitiligo on right side of face, heterochromia left black right green, freckles, underbite

Extra notes: vault 111


Home: new jersey

Title: bahamet

Affiliation: raiders

Career: raider

Weapons(s): explosives, fire

Companion(s): fellow raiders

Specific traits: terrible burn marks on right side of face, covered in poorly treated burn marks, undercut

Extra notes: dont call this one :(


Home: North Hempstead

Title: the scientist

Affiliation: brotherhood of steel, local science group

Career: scientist

Weapons(s): bow and arrow

Companion(s): doctor minnows

Specific traits: missing right eye, eye patch, very smart, long straight hair



Home: southern california

Title: the vault dweller

Affiliation: unknown

Career: unknown

Weapons(s):   unknown

Companion(s): dogmeet

Specific traits: bite mark on face, rather plain, old!

Extra notes: vault 13


Home: california

Title: the chosen one

Affiliation: unknown

Career: unknown

Weapons(s): unknown

Companion(s): unknown

Specific traits: lazy right eye, scar across face (he covers it with paint) 

Extra notes:   Deceased

Home: Seattle 

Title: radiation storm 

Affiliation: unknown

Career: prostitute, mercenary 

Weapons(s): machete, grappling hook, poison 


Specific traits: hook stuck in right side of face

Extra notes: Deceased, grandson of 7

Entry One: one year in seven goats have been found and recorded through pipboy signals and files that have made there way to my station.

Entry Two: a new goat has been discovered on channel 56!! their location is from Seattle. they seem to be currently taking on a lot of jobs, which is a good sign that their falling into their role of a ‘Goat’.

Entry Three: subject 2 has gone missing, last occasion is unknown, traveling from Novac to New vegas for a delivery and has not been heard from in two weeks. channel is just static 

Entry Four: subject zero has given their final warning tell me to no longer contact this channel as they will send the brotherhood to my station.

Entry Five: new information on The vault dweller and his grandson have come in upon request! theres still so much information that we dont have on them but these new papers I got in might prove my theory that they are the first generation of Goats starting to appear after the bombs dropped.

Entry Five: subject six appeared before me today, he found a way into my station on his own and warned me not to contact them anymore… says my signals are ruining their work or something. that Goat is smart, the smartest of the Goats iv seen. he found out about other Goats existence, my work and home, before any of the other goats. keep a eye on him from a distance, dont get too close for now.

Entry Six: Subject Two has disappeared, Subject One still has not shown up. once again their missing without a trace or last known location. Subject Twos companion Butch says they were checking out a radio signal not far out there but that the sight where they sent is vacant. its extremely mysterious and needs to be looked into. Radio channel is just static

Entry Seven: Subject Six contacted me again, they know iv been trying to watch them from under the radar. says they will give the ‘bad goats’ my location. i suggest to myself that i take a break from researching the current subjects and try to find new ones. thought, the fact that they seem to know multiple ‘bad’ goats peaks my interest in their knowledge on goats

Entry Eight: A new goat has appeared on my radar, subject four. they showed up out of no where and seem to immediately cling to the minutemen. 

Entry Nine: Subject Four has been said to own a dog, from what i can tell out of pictures and rumors the dog is Dogmeet, the same one owned by previous Goats. continues to question how the dog hasn’t aged 

Entry Ten: i have a new contact said to be able to provide me with new information on older goat generations 


all marked 7/8", but they vary a little bit just due to being from different manufacturers and being worn etc! id say they vary from 21mm-23mm. top left- stainless steel single flare tunnels. underneath that- black acrylic double flare plugs. below that- spotted wooden plugs. about 21mm. unsure on the exact wood. below that- rose quartz double flare plugs. about 21mm. top right- wooden double flare plugs with design on front. unsure on wood. probably about 22mm. below that- red stone plugs. double flare. 21.5 ish mm. below that- red tigers eye double flare plugs. about 22mm. below that- black wood double flare tunnels. MESSAGE FOR INDIVIDUAL PRICES!! message to buy, PAYPAL ONLY!!

$45 including US shipping for all 8 pairs!!