steel tiger


Costume Porn + Women Warriors/Women in Armor Part 2 (x)

Tiger Tackle

Whoa, Nellie! That’s Tom Youngs Second From Left And His Fellow Tigers With Their Buns Baking In The Sun. Anyone Care To Identify The Other Tigers?

Roar, Baby!

Update: That Might Be Harry Wells The Tigers’ Lock On The Left Next To Tom Youngs. Damn…He Has One Beautiful Bubble Butt! And That’s harry Thacker On The Right End. That’s Quite A Whacker On Him!


Tuesday’s Tiger

Travis Kelce Is A God Of The Grid Iron.

Woof, Baby!

Nearly Forgot…

Today’s Leg Day, Baby! 

Thank You Alex Rance For The Reminder!

Woof, Baby!


I’ve been replaying PoR again and got up to that cutscene where Caineghis meets the other laguz kings, and couldn’t help noticing something.

Accompanying Ranulf at the back is another orange and white cat wearing a pink collar with a small pendant on it, and a steel blue tiger. Sound familiar? 

Yep, Lyre and Kyza had an early bird cameo in Fe9


Testosterone Thursday

Brandon Ellis Plays Hard To Get…

“Do You Think These Tights Make My Bum Look Big!”

No, Brandon. Your Bum Looks Just Right!

Cute Glutes, Mate!

 exnativo - You are one glorious bastard… and super hard to write for, you know? So you get disgusting, filthy fluff (it was either that or horribly inappropriate, raunchy sex).

You never fail to make me laugh, and you are a joy to talk to, and far, far too talented for your own good. I am so, so glad that you’ve come into my life. Happy Boxing Day!

- - -

Raven tapped her fingers on the counter and stared out the window, her lips tugging down into frown. Yesterday had been fun. Really, really fun… even for her. There had been lights and colors and laughter, and the warmth that had come from being part of a family… this family. This family of ragtag superheroes and their misfit friends. It had been fun opening gifts and gorging themselves on rich, sweet foods, then getting practically plastered on eggnog before retiring to their rooms for a long, much needed rest.

Yes, it had been fun.

But something still felt… sad. Well, perhaps not sad, per say, but Raven was certainly disappointed. She didn’t know why, but she had assumed (hoped, really) that Beast Boy would get her something special. It didn’t have to be expensive, and he didn’t have to do anything for her at all, but she had honestly hoped that maybe he would have gone out of his way to try and do something nice for her.

But while Starfire had opened a gift of hair ornaments from Robin, and Bumble Bee had opened season tickets to the Steel City Tigers, Raven had folded her hands in her lap and tried not to look embarrassed or lonely.

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