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My Tumblr list of must-see movies

A list of 15 movies you must see before you die:

1. Notting Hill (1999) - Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant

2. Sleepless in Seattle (1993) - Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks

3. Sabrina (1995) - Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond, & Greg Kinnear

4. The Way Way Back (2013) - Steve Carell, Toni Colette, & Liam James

5. You’ve Got Mail (1998) - Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks

6. A Walk to Remember (2002) - Mandy Moore & Shane West

7. Kings of Summer (2013) - Nick Robinson, Moises Arias, & Gabriel Basso

8. Dead Poets Society (1989) - Robin Williams & Robert Sean Leonard

9. Breakfast Club (1985) - Molly Ringwald & Judd Nelson

10. Forrest Gump (1994) - Tom Hanks & Robin Wright

11. When Harry met Sally (1989) - Meg Ryan & Billy Crystal

12. The Blind Side (2009) - Sandra Bullock & Quinton Aaron

13. Pretty in Pink (1986) - Molly Ringwald & Jon Cryer

14. Steel Magnolias (1989) - Julia Roberts & Sally Field

15. Serendipity (2001) - John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale


Vektor RK4

South African licensed variant of the Israeli Galil, the RK4 is chambered in 5.56x45mm. It can be difficult to differentiate the RK4 from the Galil because the changes to the design are very subtle. The biggest tell tale sign would be the stock; the RK4 uses a polymer instead steel side folding stock, with a longer length of pull. There have been a few RK4 parts kits brought into the U.S, which can be assembled on a Galil receiver. (GRH)


Indian Tulwar, 18th century

A koftgari hilted steel sword (tulwar)
India, 18th Century

The single-edged steel blade of curved form, slightly flaring before tapering to its point, with indistinct makers stamp to one side, the steel hilt pierced and profusely decorated in gold overlay with scrolling vines and floral motifs, the quillons in the form of flowerheads, the top of the pommel moulded and decorated with foliate and circle motifs, the wood scabbard clad in leather with steel mount to end decorated in gold overlay with scrolling vegetal interlace.

Ok, but what if...

Before (or shortly after) Shaun was born, Nate and Nora had divorced. They had joint custody of Shaun and Nate was at Nora’s dropping Shaun off when the bombs started falling and so they made it to the vault together.

Kellogg still kidnapped Shaun, but both Nate and Nora survived the ordeal and woke up, unbeknownst to them, 60-some years after.

At first, they stick together trying to survive the wasteland. But, as you can imagine, an inhospitable environment coupled with the stress of your son being taken would quickly cause two people who already had a tendency to be at each other’s throats, to part ways before they ended up literally actually killing each other (because murder is kind of an acceptable thing now).

When they separate, they only agree on one thing: the Institute needs to burn. They end up on two opposite ends of the spectrum to meet that same end.

Nora finds Maxson.

Nate finds Glory.

Do Nate and Nora’s respective lovers fan the flames of their hatred for each other and their subsequent factions? Or do Maxson and Glory make them indifferent to their ex-spouse?

Do they end up banding together to take down the Institute? Or does the fight with the Institute take the back-burner while the ex-lovers hash out their own differences?

Which companions prefer Nate? Which prefer Nora?

Does only one of them help the Minutemen? Or do they work together to stabilize civilian life in the Commonwealth?

Once the Institute is dealt with, does it give way to a bigger war between the Brotherhood and the Railroad? Or do they manage to initiate a truce between the two groups?

Who takes synth!Shaun? Or does he even survive?


Some detailed photos of the Maus’s tracks and roadwheels.

The tools that they had to use to do track maintenance were monster in size!

Captions on the photos.

Ran out of characters on the last caption.

Work on the Maus’s tracks had to be done under the massive steel side skirts, which could not be removed. Must have made life really hard for the engineers working on the prototypes.