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Crow Bone Hex

Crow Bone Hex

“A pentagram of nightshade berries, deadly as the vipers sting.
~The Visions they will conjure bring the spirits from the dark,

A saucer full of milk as pure as the moon, an unseelie offering.
~That tempts the greed of kindly ones so that they soon embark.

A dish of black ink, the abyss in night’s mournful eye,
~That seers call to wonder in the depths of wight’s fateful cry,

A length of twine to describe a circle for spirits to reside.
~That sigil traced to seal the pact of malefic alibi.

Six corvus bones set like a compass, to the four quarters called .
~The victim named, the spirit bound, the offering received at large,

Three black steel pins to bind it, ‘do your bidding after all.
~The spirit departs to deliver it’s venēficia to the stated charge.”

A raven’s feather to sign it, a pact of harm as sure as night.
The witches blood to seal the deed that burns as pure as light.

“He was my secret conduit to myself- like a catalyst that allows us to become who we are, the foreign body, the pacer, the graft, the patch that sends all the right impulses, the steel pin that keeps a soldier’s bone together, the other man’s heart that makes us more us than we were before the transplant.”

Our Sunday Gunday Featured Firearm is the Eqyptian Maadi AK47 was manufactured by the Maadi Company for Engineering Industries in Cairo, Egypt. The Maadi is one of the closest copies of the original Russian AKM because Russia helped Egypt build their small arms industry in the 1950s. These rifles generally come with laminated handguards and buttstocks reinforced with steel pins. The Maadi is a sturdy and ultra-dependable rifle, and this particular specimen currently resides in the Brownells Gun Tech Armory. Anyone else have one of these?

He was my secret conduit to myself–like a catalyst that allows us to become who we are, the foreign body, the pacer, the graft, the patch that sends all the right impulses, the steel pin that keeps a soldier’s bone together, the other man’s heart that makes us more us than we were before the transplant.
—  Call Me By Your Name, Andrè Aciman

Petah Coyne
Untitled #1243 (The Secret Life of Words), 2007
Silk flowers, curly willow branches, chicken wire fencing,
specially formulated wax, silk and rayon duchesse satin fabric,
spray paint, white pigment, pearl-headed hat pins,
fabricated steel understructure, chain, cable, cable nuts, wire,
Velcro, thread, quick-link shackles, and jaw to jaw swivel
92 x 37½ x 43 inches
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Lelong, New York

Imagine dying in the car accident that ruined Strange's hands, and him not being affected by your death until he was put as the guardian of the New York Sanctum....

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“What did they do?” He asked, his voice shaking slightly as he looked at his once beautiful hands suspended in front of him.

“They rushed you in a chopper. But it took a little while to find you. Golden hours for nerve damage went by while you were in the car. [Y/N]….Stephen, she didn’t make it.”

“What did they do?” His voice more broken then before as he drank in the sight of his hands, the scars, the cast.

“They tried everything they could, by the time they got there she…”

“What did they do to me?” tears building in his blue-green eyes as Christine exhaled slowly, still mourning the death of a friend.

“11 stainless steel pins in the bones. Multiple torn ligaments. Severe nerve damage in both hands. You were on the table for 11 hours. Look at these fixators. No one could have done better.”

“I could have.” He whispered before Christine looked down at the sheet, knowing he was completely unphased by your passing

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“But this isn’t medicine anymore. This is mania. Some things just can’t be fixed. Life without my work…” He screamed through the empty apartment as Christine stood there, not even surprised by his behavior.

“Is still life. This isn’t the end. There are other things that can give your life meaning.”

“Like what? Like you, or [Y/n].”

“Now this is where you…”

“No Christine this is where you leave.”

“How did she ever love you? You are nothing but a self-centered asshole who doesn’t even realize that you lost the biggest accomplishment in your life.”

“My hands… I already know that…”

“Do you even miss her?” She asked, yet her question was greeted by silence and after several moments of it all she could say was, “Fine.” before grabbing her purse, and starting towards the door. As she stood with it open she saw him standing in front of his window, looking at his shaking hands. Before slamming it however she called, “ Goodbye, Stephen.”

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He stood in the Sanctum, looking out over the city. The sky was a faint color of lavender, mixed with hints of pink, orange and blue. The sun hidden behind several of the skyscrapers, as the breeze carried several crisp leaves along the concrete. However as he looked his mind was wandering, particularly to a place where your memory still lived, your smile still shone, your laugh still echoed. His heart fluttered at the thought of you in shorts and his sweaters, figuring out what lesson to teach your students next, your hair hanging in a ponytail as you pouted slightly. Then he thought of how you looked that night, in your fancy, new gown he had bought you, which concealed your converses perfectly. He thought of how your skin felt beneath his hands as he peppered your shoulder with a kiss, before looking at your smile in the mirror. 

He thought of how he never said he loved you that night,

He thought of how you told him to slow down,

How you told him to ignore the call,

How the last thing he remembers hearing before blacking out was your scream,

How he would never see your shining smile again.

and he wiped a tear from his eye, as he wished for nothing more then to go back and tell you not to come with him, or that he loved you at least one more time.


Fandom: WWE

Pairing: N/A

Rating: Holy shit Violent.

AN: I don’t really know what this is. It’s not exactly my usual fare, and it’s very, very short. I was irritated with last night’s match, I feel like there was an excellent opportunity thrown away. That being said, I am not upset about the outcome of the match. Thank you for your time.

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If you’ve started hearing the spooky whispers of the night even during the day, then you must know what time of the year it is! Halloween is just around the corner and everybody is getting ready to commemorate it their own way.

Halloween may not be widely celebrated in South Korea compared to the United States, but stores all over the city are still selling costumes, decorations, and candy for Halloween, and both tricks and treats abound this October. If you’re more on the creative side (and money is tight!), you can always opt to make your own costume and sweets to celebrate. No one ever said Halloween is strictly for children, so embrace your inner child and go all out for some spooky fun!

For the most courageous of souls, you may even find it thrilling to enter a haunted house in the heart of the Gangnam district that’s set up to scare whoever tries to visit it. (But, if you’re too easily scared, make sure to bring a change of clothes or else you might fall victim to spooky wet pants!) Those who successfully come out of the haunted house alive will win a tiny ghost pin, so steel up your best courage before you try it out.

Lotte World is also going all out with their spooky celebrations, at least after 8:30pm, where the Lotte World Magic Island is overtaken by zombies and other frights. Rides also run until 5 AM! For children (and fearful adults), Lotte World’s festivities are far less sinister during the day. They include Halloween face painting, flash mobs, parades, and storytelling. The amusement park’s event runs through November 6th.  

For those who hate these spooky kinds of festivities, don’t you worry! If you’d like to spend your time complaining about the excessive pumpkin decorations instead, no one is going to stop you (in fact, some might even secretly agree with you.)

  • For +2 POINTS TO DISTRIBUTE AS YOU WISH: write a four post thread or a 250+ words solo about your character enjoying any Halloween festivities in any way. This can be about the costume-picking process, trick-or-treating, attending a Halloween party with your friends, braving the haunted house, enjoying (or despising) Halloween at Lotte World, complaining about Halloween, or anything else you can think of, so long as it covers your character’s celebration of the holiday!
  • For +3 CREATIVITY: it’s au time! Make a gifset/edit of your character’s costume, or if your character isn’t dressing up, anything to suit the Halloween theme. If you’d rather, you can write a 250+ word AU solo or four post thread to suit the theme and earn the points instead. Now’s your chance for your character to live their spooky monster or superhero dreams– you could even write up a better vampire and werewolf love story than Twilight. Feel free to use your imagination! You’re free to make as many edits and AUs as you’d like, but you can only receive the points available once.

Please tag all your posts related to the event with #rkspooky and have them up by midnight EST at the end of November 8th. There is no verification form for this event, so you may add the points to your tally sheet as soon as you have met the requirements, and link your posts as proof. Threads may be continued after the deadline, however, after November 8th points may no longer be collected for them.

Remember that even if Halloween is all in good fun, this holiday comes with many potential triggers that may affect our members negatively. Please don’t forget to use trigger warnings accordingly for both posts and pictures so everyone can have fun!


Bruce groaned as he shifted, his body aching in that familiar way that meant the Other Guy had made an unscheduled appearance.  When the transformation was deliberate, he oftentimes remained conscious afterwards.


He coughed, his nose and throat clogged with dust, which was not helping him stay calm.  Nor was the fact that one of his leg was pinned by something and he was lying on a hard, smooth surface.  What the hell had happened?


“You awake there, Big Guy?” a familiar voice spoke in his ear, and Bruce realized that the thing he was lying on was Tony, in the Iron Man armor.


“Wha-?” he started, struggling to sit up.  Something shifted with a loud clatter, sending up a plume of dust and debris.  Tony eased him back while he choked, gasping for air that wasn’t there.


“Whoa, take it easy there, Bruce,” Tony admonished softly while he caught his breath.  “Your leg’s pinned, and I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t injure yourself further.  My suit’s busted, so I can’t even tell you how bad it is.”  Tony’s voice was low with exhaustion.  Though now that he’d mentioned it…


“I can’t feel my leg,” Bruce observed, surprisingly calm about it.


There was a pause behind him.  “That’s…probably not good, huh?” Tony asked at last, sounding a bit worried.

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·         [ DAY 5 ] REGRETS / GUILT

Shit. Shitshitdammitshit.

Gabe was used to missions hitting snags, even going sideways, but it had been a long while since he’d personally had a mission go so catastrophically south that his adrenaline surged and his heart pounded in his ears like this.

The mission was supposed to be simple reconnaissance; He, Shimada, and McCree were checking out a set of warehouses used by a local gang to manufacture and store drugs. Gabe had on very good authority that a significant portion of the drug money was going into Talon funds, even though the terrorist organization wasn’t related to the gang itself. They’d split up. Three agents, three warehouses. The plan was to sneak in, gather intel, and then regroup to put together a plan for how to proceed.

The last thing Gabe expected was for the building to be rigged with explosives.

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It Comes Back to You [Bucky Barnes x Reader] One-Shot.

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Title: It Comes Back to You

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: Could you please do a Bucky X reader where it’s set after Civil War (let’s pretend Bucky doesn’t go in Cryo because that is too painful) and the reader doesn’t have a right arm and she says to Bucky something along the lines of “I’ll be your left arm if you’ll be my right” and it’s a fluffy/angsty mixture.


You didn’t remember much about the actual accident. You couldn’t recall if the beam of light that had split a building in two had belonged to Tony or Vision. In the end, it didn’t really matter. It wouldn’t change the facts.

The fight in the airport had been chaotic. In an attempt to stop Steve and Bucky from escaping, someone blew apart the control tower. You were left pinned beneath debris.

Knocked unconscious, you couldn’t call for help. From what you were told after, Bucky and Steve managed to rush onto a jet and head for Siberia. Rhodey had been hit by a stray beam and had plummeted to the ground. It was Sam who managed to find you amidst all the confusion.

Fragments of that day still haunted you. Seeing your right arm pinned under steel. When they were able to move the girder, blood began to flow everywhere. You started to lose consciousness again. Sam told you that Nat really saved you. She was able to tie off what was left of your arm near your shoulder to staunch the bleeding.

You and Rhodey left the scene via helicopter, while the rest of your team was led away in handcuffs. Your arm had been unsalvageable. Doctors amputated it at the shoulder. Rhodey had no feeling in his legs, and you had too much feeling in an arm that was no longer there.

Once you were stable, General Ross decided you were to be shipped off to the Raft to join the rest of your team.

Tony had objected at first. But he was tired and broken and gave up the fight soon enough. You weren’t surprised. There had been a time when you would have confidently said that Tony would do anything for the people he loved. But this Tony had already pushed Pepper out of his life. If he wasn’t willing to fight for her, you didn’t stand a chance. You were sent away two days later.

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these days (i can’t take too much) - part four

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader used to be a villain; a stone cold killer. But she doesn’t do that anymore. Helping the Avengers stop her old boss once and for all leads to a lot more than she bargained for, especially when it comes to Bucky Barnes.

Warnings: abuse, violence, language, torture, angst

A/N: hope you enjoy this part!! a bit of steve and some bucky feels - next part things get a little more heated ;)  let me know if you want to be tagged in future parts as well! 

part 1, part 2, part 3part 5, part 6, and part 7

The next time you’re in the gym, Barnes follows you. Other than Natasha, he’s the only one that will go near you unless strictly necessary for the upcoming mission. You understand the others. You don’t really understand him – even if he does feel some need to help you because of his own past, surely the fact that you very nearly killed his best friend would be enough to keep him away from you.

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