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Let’s see what Barry Allen’s plans for the Timeline are, when the ‘Justice League’ trailer hits, this Saturday!

Does anyone remember…a long time ago now, it seems…back in the summer of 2008 when a major MCU AND DC movie was released? I remember…it was the very first Iron Man movie and the now legendary Dark Knight. You know what I don’t remember? I don’t remember the anxiousness of critics and journalists to pit the two against each other. I don’t remember people going into one already ready to hate it because it didn’t have the same tone as the other. Now, I’m sure there were crazy fans who did this amongst themselves. I’m sure there were small isolated incidents at cons between fans, but we didn’t hear about them, because they were small and it didn’t represent the majority of fans of either franchise. I remember a time when fans could like both and maybe one a little more than the other, and that would be okay.

Do you guys remember when two Hulk movies failed, but they were allowed to fail quietly? No one put down Marvel in favor of DC? They just failed and that was it?

Do you guys remember a couple years after Iron Man and The Dark Knight came out, we were given another MCU and DC movie? The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises? Man, Marvel was more popular than ever before, it seemed, because of this big MCU release. The Dark Knight Rises was good, but just okay in comparison to The Dark Knight. That was fine, though, it didn’t really feel like a competition, and even some DC fans could happily admit that they enjoyed The Avengers more.

Do you guys remember when Man of Steel came out? Everyone was kind of cautiously optimistic since Superman Returns wasn’t well received. Man, I remember that despite positive reviews, some people seemed to be downright disgusted by it…but that disgust was tolerable for the most part…but then it was announced that Man of Steel would be the first of an extended film universe, and then suddenly, something magical happened. For some people…some rational people even…some smart people….it became impossible to like both the MCU and anything the DCEU made. These people had the incredible ability to hate something before it even existed. For some inexpiable reason, these people were able to tap into a secret…if you like something or are willing to give it fair criticism even if you don’t like it, the MCU will be no more. In order to keep our darling MCU alive, we must kill the DCEU….that means we must knit-pick the enemy. We must find every single thing wrong physically and morally with all that participate in the DCEU while ignoring the flaws of those in the MCU. We must watch all the DCEU trailers and complain how “dark” and “gritty” they look and complain louder when they appear less so while allowing the MCU to be whatever it wants. We must throw stones when a trailer even seems slightly similar to that of the MCU and claim that the DCEU is doomed and must resort to copying what makes the MCU successful. We must ignore the treatment of women and POC in the MCU and make up said problems for the DCEU. It is only the loudest most obnoxious critics who get this, the rest of us who happily enjoy what the DCEU has given us are the enemy and must be punished.

I just miss the old days when we could like one or the other with no consequence.

'Dark Knight' Director Christopher Nolan: I Loved 'Wonder Woman'
Kevin Polowy, Senior Editor. July 14, 2017.

“I did and I loved it,” the filmmaker told Yahoo Movies at the Los Angeles press day for his new Warners-released WWII thriller, Dunkirk.

“I mean, I watch the films,” he continued. “I enjoy films very much as a moviegoer these days. I spent 10 years of my life dealing with one of the greatest characters in popular fiction. It was a great honor and a privilege to work with that, but there’s a time to pass it on to new people.”

This is the sweet sweet face of victory.
After a week of hardcore roleplay diplomacy, guarding our camp against seige and an EPIC final battle, my faction (one of five) reigned victorious!

I’m dirty and exhausted, but bubbling with stories from quest and ideas for the next. I want to tell you everything!