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What do you call a martian anthropologist with lung problems?

Character Bios

we added a page to our blog!

this is especially for those who constantly ask about their backstories, and it includes a bit more information on them then what was provided when this blog started up~

Texting with Steve Rogers
  • You: you're so damn handsome, pretty face, nice body and a gorgeous ass.
  • Ass of steel: Doll, are you already drunk?
  • You: Nope, I'm completely fine.
  • You: Everything's under control.
  • Ass of steel: Natasha sent me a video of you singing Nicki Minaj. Are you sure you're not drunk?
  • You: what should I answer to make you come and kiss me?
  • Ass of steel: Don't drink too much, I'm waiting for you.
  • You: waiting to see if I'm alive and fine?
  • Yoou: or waiting for me so we can have some fun?
  • You: I think I'm kinda horny.
  • Ass of steel: damn it, doll. I'm on my way.
  • You: for what?
  • Ass of steel: I'm gonna take you home.
  • You: aye, captain!
  • You: bring that gorgeous ass to me.
  • Ass of steel: Jesus, what did Natasha give to you? You've been there just 1 hour.
  • You: shut up or I won't kiss you.
  • Ass of steel: yeah right. I'm gonna get you with my bike.
  • You: shit, your ass look so nice on that bike.
  • Ass of steel: you're definitely drunk.
  • You: shhhhh.


Jesus Hitler (Live)

Jesus Hitler
Adolf Christ
Is this the Second Coming
or the Fourth Reich?

His mother a nun raped by a Nazi near the end of the Second Great War
Gave birth to a son who would change the future
For better or worse he’s not sure
I am what should never have been
The ultimate abomination
Have I returned to save the Jews or to destroy them?

Hear me my fellow Nazolics
Come join the Neotheofacists
Keep der race pure practice eugenics
And swear to the holy swazafix

I have returned
Reich und Roll!

Hess on my left and Peter on right
Will it be war or peace?
Totalitarian on his throne of blood
Commands both man and beast
A pair of souls trapped in the body of one
Both prisoners of reincarnation
Torn between good and evil