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Love between Clark and Diana has always been tender, a little complicated but bonded by friendship, and trust. It humanizes them because they both feel as vulnerable or as excited as any other couple learning to compromise and grow together. Be it the unresolved sexual tension when they were besties or as canonical  lovers, their relationship was and is the best for me in all of DC comics.  And nothing anyone can say will change that in my mind. 

Superman x Wonder Woman

A Dream of Steel and Flame

The Inn was dark, it’s patrons having turned in for the night. Frederick himself laid upon his bed, bare of clothing and drifting steadily off to the dreamscape.

He found himself falling through shadows, before landing on his back on a floating platform, flat on his back. “Fuckin’ hell…” He rubbed his back, looking around the eerily familiar scenery. He looked down at himself, and found he was wearing his old gear. Even his sword was shiny and new. He grimaced, before narrowing his eyes and drawing his blade, striking behind him at a presence he felt!

The blade was blocked by another, matching sword. The man holding the blade wore similar garb to his own, save for his covered face. “It’s been some time since you came to the Pinnacle, Frederick.”

Pulling back his sword, Frederick sneered, “Moriarty. Why have you summoned me here? I’m not with the Order anymore.” The man snickered at that, “The council believes otherwise. You left your position without proper recourse, Frederick. That’s a punishable offense. But, if you’re willing to come back to us, the council will overlook this spat.”

Frederick pointed his sword at Moriarty, “And if I don’t?” The man shrugged, “You’ll be brought to bare, and made to serve once more. You still carry the Mark.” He laid a hand on his chest, and Frederick would feel a burning on his own. The familiar heat in his flesh returning and he grit his teeth.

“You can’t pretend to be something you’re not, Frederick. You’re one of the Order’s children. Not some homely man who plays friends with nobles. You’re a slayer of fiends. Or need I remind you?” The scenery changed, Frederick, a younger man, now standing in his former home in Gilneas. At his feet laid three dead Worgen, one female, and two males. Growling, Frederick shook his head, “Enough! You leave me the hell alone, Moriarty! That’s not my life anymore!”

The masked man’s voice chuckled in his head, “Oh Frederick. This will always be your life.” The words echoed through his head, and everything faded to black. Waking with a start, he felt the burning on his chest, and removed the blanket upon him to state at the Mark of the Order, glowing red hot, as if freshly branded.

Standing from the bed, he quickly got dressed and headed out. He needed an ally in this, and a strong one. Following the road through Arathi, he came upon a crossroads. On one indicated direction, was a Castle Greystone, with a note tacked onto it. How curious.

Taking the letter, he read over it and smiled widely. It seemed fate was in his favor once again. It was time to visit an old friend.

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Jason Todd, the Red Hood- Quite honestly he hadn’t expected to even see the young lad and especially given how it was? Well it was in good timing. The explosion had been something that his powers had mainly contained, the cinders of flame and steel colliding against the new framework of glowing emerald was slipping through the small holes of it- Falling down to the people below.

With a quick thought a green hand extended and reached to grab the falling debree- Watching as the Crimson helmed vigilante scooped up the young girl who was in the way of it all. It wasn’t a bad call given how the entire building was being held to get everyone out- But it was something that caught Alan’s eye non the less. Settling down and letting the building safely cave in once everyone ran out, the older hero flew over to inform the arriving paramedics of the situation to have any and all looked at for injuries.

Having done this task, Alan searched for him and found him escaping through a fire escape in another building near the accident. Appearing next to him was easy enough, though a conversation seemed less likely- Perhaps a social cue of the infamous Batman?

Red Hood I presume? I wanted to thank you- You charged right in and saved that little girl.

▶ 4. and you as well must die [ m ]

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▶   Genre: Smut. (Murderer!Namjoon)
▶   Description: After an accidental run in with an old high school boor turned famous designer, asking you to work as an “off the radar assistant” can’t be a bad, thing right?
▶   Word count: 11,474.
▶   Warning: As perusal with murderer AU’s, please remember whats ahead is graphic // gory.
▶   Anything else: One of my favorite fics I’ve ever read has to be L’Appel Du Vide by @infireation.. So deriving some inspiration from that wonderful work of art, I gave you this semi-satisfactory piece! (This took me like 3 weeks to write send help)

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