steel engravings

European (Bohemian, possibly Prague) ceremonial arrowheads, 1437–39, steel, copper alloy, originally mounted on wooden shafts, extremely large, probably symbols of rank or batons of command, decorated with royal Bohemian monograms “AR” for Albert, king of Bohemia and Hungary (reigned 1437–39), and badges in addition to religious invocations in medieval Czech.

“Katharine.  Taming of the Shrew, Act 2, Sc. 1.  Designed by F. P. Stephanoff. Engraved by C. Cook” from  The Stratford Gallery; or the Shakespeare Sisterhood: Comprising Forty-Five Ideal Portraits, Described by Henrietta Lee Palmer.  Illustrated with Fine Engravings on Steel, from Designs by Eminent Hands.  New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1859.


Ok, so I went to visit one of my convention buddies in Wisconsin last week (hence why I was gone), and she had me watch RWBY for the first time.

And then this happened~~

That’s pretty much the basic formula, if you were wondering. Thing I like + Symbols or some other kind of thing I can engrave = Sweet finger swag for you! And yes, I do mean YOU! My rings come in US sizes 3-16 to accommodate fans of all sizes. Size should NEVER be a barrier to looking awesome! 💖

These rings are stainless steel and hand engraved by me with each girl’s symbol. Stainless steel is naturally silver, so the colored bands are anodized, which is an electrochemical process that changes the color of the steel. A plain engraving will be naturally silver since it scrapes off that top layer of anodization, but I can add color to that engraving by using an alcohol-based ink. Using both colored bands and different inks, I came up with some designs that reflected the characters’ color schemes. The symbols are all 100% engraved by hand, no stamping or tracing.

For Ruby, I chose a rose gold band and red ink.

For Weiss, I chose a silver band and either white pearl or a blue-grey pearl ink. It’s a little hard to see since it’s rather pale, so I can darken that up for you. I think her symbol would also look nice in red.

For Blake, I chose a black band and purple ink. Have I mentioned how much I love those gradient tights she wears? :D

For Yang, I chose a gold band and either black or orange ink. Her symbol might also look nice in brown or even red.

I’ve also included a black band option for each girl, with red ink for Ruby, white pearl ink for Weiss, and yellow ink for Yang. You can also get the rings without the ink, as shown in photo 3. Since these rings are totally custom, I can do any band color or ink color you’d like, as well as symbols for other characters or even your OC~

Yoko Ono
Crystal sphere set on engraved plexiglass pedestal with plexiglass vitrine,
58 3/8" x 10 ½" x 10" (148.3 x 26.8 x 25.4 cm).

Forget It
Stainless steel needle set on engraved plexiglass pedestal with plexiglass vitrine,
52 ½" x 11 7/8" x 11 ½" (133.2 x 30.2 x 30.5 cm).
Collection the artist.


Steel engravings of Berlin, 1850-55.

An addition to this post:

The images are not mine. All credits belong to their authors.

Die Bilder stammen nicht von mir. Alle Rechte liegen bei den jeweiligen Autoren.


Jenessa remained still where she was, her breathing slow and steady. The bridge had long since been cleared, the drake that had once guarded it having been vanquished and the patrolling hollows dispatched. Her form was motionless save for the faint movement of her shoulders, the metal clanking gently as her fingers tightened on the leather wrapped handle of her weapon.

It had been a long time in the making and she intended to see if they were ready to face him or not.

The sound of unhurried bootsteps across the stone raised her gaze, the Darkmoon Blade opening her gaze and her expression hardening at the man wrapped in silver armor standing before her. His armor was the very same she had seen in his study, steel with etched engravings upon the breastplate and greaves. The crest swept back from the forehead and two decorative fins extended out to the sides. 

Besides the sound of distant creatures, the bridge remained silent as Jenessa gazed across the bridge at the man she once called family. 

“Hello…. Father.”


Images from The Poetical Works of Lord Byron. With Explanatory Notes and a Life of the Author, By Thomas Moore. Illustrated with numerous fine steel engravings embracing the principal female characters, landscape and historical subjects. Complete in one volume with a copious general index. New York: Johnson, Fry and Company, 1867.

1. “Bridge of Sighs”

2. “Kaled”

3. “Byron’s Dream”

4. “Luleika”

5. “Witch of the Alps”

6. “Donna Julia’s Eyes”

7. “Monument to Lord Byron, Bucknall Church, Nottinghamshire”

new moon children

(sun and moon in the same sign)

aries sun&moon: a lit fuse stuck in glittering brain matter

taurus sun&moon: purple silk wrapped around elk horns

gemini sun&moon: rapid-fire parchment bullets stained with ink

cancer sun&moon: a spiny turtle shell filled with marshmallow fluff

leo sun&moon: pearly sunflowers growing in a school play yard

virgo sun&moon: brittle vines pulsing to the beat of a grandfather clock

libra sun&moon: a sleek see-saw juggling dark matter & gold nuggets

scorpio sun&moon: obsidian icepicks stuck in blood-stained ice

sagittarius sun&moon: worn steel swords engraved in dead languages

capricorn sun&moon: a mirrored world on the shoulders of atlas

aquarius sun&moon: static electricity fused in chameleons and eagles

pisces sun&moon: pawprints in the sand during a hurricane

ca. 1853 Kaiserin Elisabeth von Österreich als Braut vor Possenhofen 1853, Stahlstich von A. Fleischmann nach einem Gemälde von Carl Piloty und Franz Adam, Königlich bayrische Kunstanstalt von Piloty und Loehle München (Dorotheum)

bxtten-blue  asked:

“I’m not going to break that easy"

“Break? I don’t want you to break. I want you to die.” He stroked Dallas’s cheek with a flaming hand, humming quietly. He had her tied to a hook in the ceiling of his and his counterparts basement. He never really had a use for it before, but now he did. She was held up by steel chains, engraved with Enochian enchantments and sigil which rendered Dallas powerless, almost human.
“But not by my own hands, were would the joy be in that? Sechys upstairs, shall I give him a call? He’s not exactly, himself at the moment.”

“Cassandra.  Troilus and Cressida, Act 2, Sc. 2.  Designed by K. Meadows. Engraved by W. H. Mote” from  The Stratford Gallery; or the Shakespeare Sisterhood: Comprising Forty-Five Ideal Portraits, Described by Henrietta Lee Palmer.  Illustrated with Fine Engravings on Steel, from Designs by Eminent Hands.  New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1859.