steel cubes

i hate when you take too long starting to eat your dinner so you have to put an ice cube in your drink and a molten steel cube in your soup to cool/heat them back up to eat temperature

Tuesday’s Mystery Bum!

The Therapist Goes In For The Thrill On Our Pink-Slipped Legend Of The Game! 

Our Mystery Rucker Was One Of The Tallest To Ever Grace The Pitch!

Bodaciously Beautiful Bum, Baby!


Sun’s Out, Buns Out!

If The Sun Is Shining, Let Your Moon Shine!

Smuggle On, Dudes!

“I just picked up the phone and ordered it.” To make Die (1962), a 6-foot steel cube, Tony Smith gave his specifications to fabricators at a welding company. Unlike younger Minimalist artists, however, Smith didn’t reject his work’s allusive references—the title and dimensions suggest a pun related to the chance roll of the dice, but also to death. Smith was born on this day in 1912.

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