steel battleaxe

Get to know me #7: Okay, this is a bit more ‘showing off’, but all this shit is in my room. It says a lot about me. I’ll get to the non-LARP stuff eventually. So this is the Skyrim Steel Battleaxe. Quite large, comes up to my chest, might actually get around to measure it one day. Had a lot of fun making this, gotten a lot of compliments on it and this is the one thing I’m most proud of making. It has Fus Ro Dah written on the side, as well as the firebreath shout on the other side. Sometimes when I’m brushing my teeth I just stand in the doorway to stare at this thing for three minutes. Everything just turned out the way I wanted it, for once in my crafting career. Also, it’s lighter than it looks.

Oh, and that’s the Green Lantern on my dusty old tv. It’s awesome.