UFO no more!!

The pieces of this sweater languished on my sewing table. First time was because I was terrified of steeking it. Then once, I got over that fear, there was the whole “oh great. Now I have to stitch black on black”. Excuses! Excuses!

Without a MN Fashion Week to prep for and some time on my hands I decided it was time for me to have one of my knits. I think it turned out pretty darn well. I had to completely redo the neck edge because the directions were awful (and badly designed), but now it fits like a dream.


I am participating in a Craft Olympics with some colleagues. The idea is to challenge yourself to complete a craft project in the time frame of the Olympics. We are not competing against each other, we are competing against ourselves.

So I picked a somewhat unreasonable project that is out of my reach and not terribly well planned-for and dove on in. I suspect I will lose in this competition with myself.

We have a group blog, but I think I have more to say than is appropriate to put in the group blog. I don’t want to monopolize the group blog, you know? I remember Stevie Nicks talking about being in Fleetwood Mac and having all these songs and only getting like, one, on each album. I’m not staying I’m Stevie Nicks, but in this instance maybe I am saying I’m Stevie Nicks.

In any case, my project is a zipped toddler sweater. The challenge: it will be steeked! Meaning it’s knit in the round and then you just cut that shit open and sew a zipper in. I really hate purling.

I was not totally satisfied with the patterns I found, so I’m heavily adapting one, and I decided to make up my own color pattern at the yoke because I thought the other one was fussy.

What you’re looking at above is the coffee cup coozie sample I made. It did not make me feel a lot more confident about the project.

Current challenges:

1. I do not know how to crochet, and I think I will want to do a crochet edge to further secure and finish the steeked edges.

2. I have not started knitting my actual project and the Olympics ends on the 23rd.

3. I am not very good at colorwork and my sweater design involves a two-color pattern around the yoke.

anonymous asked:

*ZAP!* You have all switched bodies, and here's who's whom. (Left side=original bodies Right=minds in bodies and they are joined by a dash) Sonic - Sticks / Tails - Sonic / Knuckles - Tails / Amy - Knuckles / Sticks - Eggman / Eggman - Amy

((Eggman isn’t a muse I’m doing atm, but I’d gladly replace Eggman with Shadow! :-)))



"This is crazy! Why am I in Tails’ body?! I can’t even kiss my boyfriend! What the fuck!”

“Its seems as if our very minds had collaborated with the wrong bodies!”


“Oh god, I can feel my mortality…my powers, my good looks, my boyfriend, or…is it girlfriend now?”

“Everyone, please stay calm! I’m sure this won’t last very long so we should all just calm down and talk about our feelings.”


How to Prepare & Cut a Steek

Classes in August!

Interested in learning new knitting skills? I have a few classes on at Ginger Twist Studio in August.

All the details can be found here (including booking information) on the GTS website.

On August 7th, 2014 is Steeking, An Intro to Crocheted Steeks

If the thought of taking a pair of scissors to your knitting fills you with dread? This one-off sessions will seek to calm your fears. During the…

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hehehe, enjoying being in Sticks body, Shadow? XDD ((that sure is one of the most hilarious things that happened on your blog XD))

“It’s fucking peachy. Can’t you see the utter joy in my eyes of how I’d rather be in this predicament than doing something much more productive?”

In short, Shadow wasn’t enjoying this at all.

I cut the steeks on my Coda last night at S&B… Oh man, how I wish I could share video on IG! The gasps that happened when I made the first snip (and all the way through) were hilarious! I am totally searching for a beautiful fair isle pattern to knit/steek next! Cutting your knitting is soooooo liberating. Highly recommended! #knitnight #knitporn #sweaterknitting #steeks #woolpeoplecoda #woolpeople

Knuckles, Tails and Amy are now unavailable for questions! Here's Sticks!

“Okay, Sticks we’re going to look for our friends and while we’re out I need you to watch the house to make sure no one tries to get in. Got it?”

“Sure sure, but what if the incorrigible octopus king rises from the sea and eats our cheese? He’d be unstoppable!”

“What was that?”

“Oh, don’t mind that she’s just a little creative! We ready? Okay! Bye, Sticks! Make sure to feed Knuckles’ fish!”

“Amy get back here! Who did we just leave in charge of the house?!”

((Sticks the Badger is open for questions!!))


Attn: garbagefingers – thanks for your encouraging words about my sweatet!

Here is the finished sweater, right down to the gory steek facing. The steek finishing is a little *cough* rustic, but no one can see that from the outside, so it’s a-OK by me. Perhaps I’ll just tell people that’s the traditional, artisanal way of finishing steeks in my imaginary nation. In the future, I think I’ll avoid steeking superwash wool, but overall this was a good experience. I made the buttons, too (from polymer clay). 

P.S. I’m also reading Hoosh and enjoying it greatly – bouncing back & forth between that & Big Dead Place.

Er ligt glas op de grond, dat weet ik uit ondervinding. Ik zie het niet, want het is donker en ik mis de glazen voor m’n ogen, maar er ligt ook bloed op de grond. De scherven hebben mijn lijf gezoend, er zit dus vast ook bloed op alles wat ik aanraak. Wat maakt het ook uit. Tranen. Tranen liggen ook op de grond, ongetwijfeld, tussen de scherven en vermengd met het bloed. Er zat nog verf op m’n handen, besef ik. Die loopt vast uit nu. Wordt een zootje. Net als mijn leven. Wat maakt het ook uit. Ik steek m’n hoofd in het water, twee minuten lang. Adem pas terug als mijn hoofd aan niks anders dan ademtekort kan denken. Droog m’n kop niet af en kruip zo in bed. Rode lakens zijn vreemd comfortabel.