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My crack theory, VLD writers wants Steven Yeun to do more guest appearances for them and hope to bait him by adding multiple arcs to Keith to get him to come out and talk about them. But oh yeah, Keith is definitely the fandom and the show's favorite. The amount of Keith centric gen fics are astronomical (and lengthy) compared to the paltry handful for the others. Lance fans are much more exuberant in their regards, but the effect is not as strong as Keith's hold on fandom.


VLD writers: Steeeeven, we know youre one of the more famous celebrities on our crew. Pleaaase talk about our show more? Look we gave your character lots of arcs and you’ll have plenty to talk about! It’ll be fun!

Steven, looking out dramatically to the horizon from the balcony window of his luxurious home: No.

VLD writers: Steven, please… You’re one of the main characters in the show. You need to talk about it. Follow our twitter. Anything, please.

Steven, turning dramatically, the sun shining down on him and casting a dramatic shadow over his face, the sheer curtains dancing next to him: No.


Steven Adler imagine (requested)

“Wait for me! Steeeeven!”
You tried to catch up to your best friend who had just left the bar you two have been spending the last few hours at. It was obvious that you’ve been drinking and you staggered, almost falling down, as you tried to run in your highheels. Steven didn’t slow down until he had reached the end of the street. He leant against the wall that circled the garden of an already closed restaurant and gave you a winning smile when he saw you stumbling towards him.
“You’re a loser, (Y/N)!” he yelled, loud enough to wake up the whole town. “Shhh no one can know” you hissed before you shouted: “You’re an asshole, Steven!” “Hey it’s not my fault that you can’t run in those shoes!” “You couldn’t take one fucking step in those highheels” you claimed and gave him a challenging look. “Ohhh, you haven’t seen me!” he protested with a confident smile on his face. You started to take off one shoe whilst leaning against the wall. “Okay, let’s change that. I wanna see Mister Popcorn strut with some highheels on!” “Watch me, sweetheart!” Steven took off his shoes as well and took yours to try them on. “Fuck, they’re too small” he muttered. “You mean your feet are too big!” “You have the feet of a dwarf, (Y/N).” “Gimme back my shoes! I don’t wanna stand on the street with naked feet any longer!” “You could take off your clothes to match your feet” Steven suggested with a smirk on his face which made both of you burst into laughter as you put your shoes back on, trying to support yourself on each others shoulder.

“Woah, I’m falling!” you exclaimed and gripped Steven’s arm. Since he was in no way prepared for you losing your balance he stumbled and both of you landed on the ground. Whilst you rubbed the back of your head with a pained expression on your face, Steven couldn’t stop laughing anymore.

“That fucking hurt!” you whined, Steven didn’t even bother about getting up from the street again, he had tears in his eyes. “Why are you yelling at me? You couldn’t keep your balance after all” he said, barely able to speak properly. “You could’ve prevented it!” “No, this is way more fun” he said with a huge grin on his face. “You’re an idiot.” “Yeah, that’s why you love me” he purred. You rolled your eyes with a chuckle and tried to act relaxed like his words would not affect you at all. Actually he was absolutely right - you did love him. You loved every second you spent together with him and every night you went out you were scared he might find some girl to be with. And every night you told yourself to finally show him what you felt for him but in the end you never did and wished for some miracle instead that would somehow make him love you as much as you loved him.

Eventually he picked himself up and placed his hands gently on your shoulders as he eyed you. “Are you alright?” he asked with a warm smile on his lips. You averted your gaze, you couldn’t look him in the eyes when he gave you that caring look. It would only make you blush, no matter if you’ve had a few or not. “I’m fine” you said and gave him a small smile. “Look at me and say that again” he demanded. You sighed and glanced at him. “I. Am. Fine.” He nodded, pleased with your answer. He pointed at the restaurant in front of you. “I’m hungry.” “Me too” you admitted “But it’s closed.” “Oh, that’s what they’re trying to tell us but they’re open 24 hours a day.” “No, they’re not” you protested. “It’s easy, we just need to get inside somehow” Steven claimed and walked towards the wall around the garden. “I think we could climb inside.” “And I think you have a nut loose.” You crossed your arms and watched Steven as he jumped up and down in front of the wall until he finally grabbed hold of the edge and tried to pull himself up. When he kept sliding off the wall with his feet you couldn’t help but laugh at him.

“Steven, you look ridiculous!”

“I don’t care, I’m hungry!” he whined but only after a short while he stopped trying and couldn’t contain his own laughter anymore. You walked towards him, took his wrist and dragged him with you. Steven simply let you take control and followed you so you let go of him again but he took your hand immediately when you had dropped yours. You glanced at him in surprise, he only gave you a sweet smile and shrugged. “It just feels right. Where are we going, by the way?” “We could just go and eat a burger right around the corner here.” “Oh… right. I totally forgot about that” he mumbled. “You’re probably too drunk to remember anything at all” you assumed and chuckled. Steven shook his head. “No way! It’s been much worse, tonight I’m just having fun. We are having fun.” “And something to eat soon, hopefully” you added. Steven squeezed your hand lightly. “If we don’t… I’ll find a way to get something to eat for you.” You had almost forgotten that you were holding hands cause it felt so natural to you and the fact that he acted all sweet and caring made it hard not to imagine that you were his girlfriend.

Fortunately the diner was open and you searched for a table to sit at whilst Steven got burgers for the two of you. You watched him as he ordered something, not being able to stand still or not to grin from ear to ear the whole time. He always got bubbly when he was drunk, even more than he already was when he was sober and you enjoyed his company more than anything - being around Steven always cheered you up, no matter what.

While he waited for his order he turned his head to look at you and gave you a sweet smile that made you feel giddy before he paid for everything. Your cheeks turned pink instantly when he sat down across from you.

“Fooood!” you cheered and took a bite from your burger. “Thank you, Stevie.” “I’d do everything for you, no need to thank me, (Y/N)” he said and you both chewed your burgers in silence.

“Why are we only friends, by the way?”

You would have almost choked on your last bite and took a sip from your coke to avoid a coughing attack.

“What?” you asked taken aback. Steven shrugged and stared at his hands. “I don’t know, I didn’t think before I said that out loud.” “I don’t know, I guess… I wasn’t sure if I should say something” you mumbled. Steven slowly averted his gaze from his hands and his eyes met yours. “You thought about the two of us?” “Did you?” “Well… did you?” “I don’t know but you just asked me why we’re only friends so I assume you thought about us.” “Kinda, yeah. But you did too, didn’t you?” You scratched the back of your neck with a nervous chuckle. “I guess? Maybe we’re too drunk for a conversation like this.” “I could never be drunk enough to joke about this, to be honest” Steven admitted. There fell an awkward silence. You took another sip from your coke, Steven bit his bottom lip. Eventually he got up. “Let’s go” he said. You nodded and followed him outside in the cool air of the night.

“So, what are we going to do about this?” you asked with a racing heartbeat. Steven gave you a cheeky grin. “Oh, I know what to do, don’t worry.” He closed up on you and lifted your chin up with one finger to make you look at him. “There’s no one like you on this planet, (Y/N). You’re so much fun and it never ever gets boring… we just chime together.” With that he placed his lips on yours softly, you kissed him back immediately and put your arms around his neck. You couldn’t be happier at this very moment. All the time he’s only been having eyes for you - and he had finally decided to show you.