Time to learn Korean:

떄린다: To hit/smack. (The word JB used)

패다: To beat up, usually the word 두들겨 is in front of it (NOT THE WORD JB USED)

Also, if you actually watch the show instead of just the gif sets, you’ll see that JB says something in the lines of “Don’t say comments like that”, which is more in the lines of “OH GOD YOU’RE CHEESY AF” than “I hate gaying it up”.

I’m a Korean multi-fandom person. I’m an an iGOT7 and a BABY, but I’ve more feelings to BAP than GOT7. I’m also very Pansexual. So if this was actually true, I would’ve been pissed. But, no, you people are just judging this all by a mistranslation. Please stop.