Why don’t we ever see Steve struggling to come to terms with his new body? (I know why but just listen ok I need this)

As someone who also had a list of problems with my body I know that physical pain and discomfort easily trigger dissociation, so I think it’s likely that Steve would already be familiar with dissociation when his body changes.

And yeah, his new body is great – no aches and pains, no labored breaths – but it is RADICALLY different than the body he’s had his entire life. I mean he’s like 4 times as massive literally. How can ANYONE go through that without feeling a massive disconnect from their body, let alone someone who already has a history of dissociation.

To top it all off, instead of having time to recover and come to terms with his new form, he goes right into the action of getting turned into an icon rather than a person, then goes to war.

All I’m saying is that Steve Rogers must still be experiencing a deep disconnect from his body, he likely still acts like a small, sickly kid, constantly forgetting that he’ll never be again what was once so familiar.

Lol what if after finding bucky, steve’s like, “but you’re keeping the arm, right?”

and they share a knowing look before bucky goes, “you know what, it’s kind of growing on me”

(and that’s when i’d basically die)

Little Toddlers [ Bucky Barnes x OC ]

Prompt : Bucky and his girlfriend were turned to toddlers and the avengers have to care for them

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x OC (Katja)

Genre : Romance/General |   Warning : None

Author’s Note : I hope you guys enjoy it. Inputs/comments are more than welcomed. You can also request a oneshot. Send me your OC’s name, prompt, character and genre of your choice :)

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“Stebee?” Steve’s eyes snapped open when he heard the voice. He turned his head to the side and met a pair of familiar blue eyes. Steve let out a weird strangled noise when he noticed the size of the eyes.

“Bucky?” he whispered. It was dark but he could still make out the little figure standing next to his bed.

“Stebee.” Bucky, now a little toddler, whimpered as he tried to climb his bed.

“Why are you little?” He frowned. He picked him up as he got up from the bed. There was a little shuffling noise right outside his room. “JARVIS, the light, please?” Steve called out. JARVIS happily turned on the lights in his quarter and Steve gave Bucky a reassuring smile.

“See? It’s not dark anymore.” He frowned when he picked up another shuffling noise. He stepped out of his bedroom to find another little female toddler sitting on the couch.

“Katja?” He softly called. The toddler was struggling with a packet of snack she took from his one of his shelves. She looked up with her huge eyes and gave him the most adorable smile.

“Bucky! Bucky!” She jumped from the couch and ran towards them.

Bucky started to wriggle out of his grasp to reach her. So Steve put him down let his best friend took his fiancé’s (that sounds wrong) hand.

“Oh god. JARVIS. Please get the team in here.”

“Yes, Captain.”

* * *

“She’s really adorable.” Clint commented. Katja was playing with Thor’s hair while Bucky sulked next to her. “Bucky is kinda scary, though.”

“I think he’s cute. Right, Bucky?” Pepper gently patted the toddler’s head.

“So what happened? Did Loki do something again?” Natasha yawned.

“It’s a mistake!” Loki mumbled.

“What are you trying to do anyway?”

“I was going to fix my broken TV.”

“With magic.”

“Yes.” He snapped at the Black Widow.

“Well, now we have two toddlers.”

“I’m going to find out how to reverse this.” He solemnly said before he left the quarter.

Katja wrapped her arm around Bucky’s metal arm and slowly dozed off. Bucky, on the other hand, looked like he was ready to kill anyone who comes near them. Clint gave the little guy an amused stare and stepped away when he heard him hissed.

“Chill, little guy. I just want to take her back to the bedroom.” He told him.

“I can take her.” Natasha got up from the couch.

“Okay.” Bucky easily agreed and let Natasha picked up Katja, ignoring Clint’s baffled expression.

“You little shit.”

“Don’t curse in front of the kids, Barton!” Steve scolded.

* * *

There are some things the avengers realized after taking care of Bucky and Katja for two weeks. Bucky loves Katja when he was a adult and when he was 5 and Katja loves him just the same. They were unsurprisingly very protective over each other. Natasha and Steve were the only people they trust. Tony was their least favorite person. He accidentally made fun of Bucky and had to listen to Katja’s rant. Clint’s rank went up soon after that and he was sure he’s in their top 3 favorites when he bought them candies and chocolate the next day.

“You cannot feed them candies, Clint.” Natasha sighed.

“Nat-nat! Look!” Katja tugged on the end of her shirt and showed her a weird piece of candy. “Spider!” She beamed.

“Yes, Katja. It’s a spider.” Natasha’s face softened as she crouched down to her level and opened up the package for her.

“Where’s Bucky, honey?” Natasha asked.

“Bucky got a ouwie. Stebe is going to fix him.” Katja answered as she put another candy on Natasha’s palm. “This is for Bucky.”

“They’re so sweet even when they’re a bunch of kids it sickens me.” Tony muttered.

“You’re just jealous they hate you.” Clint snorted.

“I don’t hate Iwon man.” Katja frowned.

“Yeah, you said so yesterday.” Clint replied. Well, he really was bad with kids. Her eyes widened at his reply and her lips started to tremble.

“I don’t hate Iwon man.” She quivered and looked at Natasha with teary eyes.

“I know you don’t, honey.” But it was too late. Katja started to cry again and had to be comforted by Natasha who gave the archer a murderous glare.

“She hates you.” Tony snickered.

“Why is Katja crying?” Bucky appeared with Steve from the bathroom. He was frowning as he stared at the adults in the room. His eyes zoned in to Clint who looked the guiltiest. “Did you make her cry, Clint?” he asked.

“He’s a meanie!” Katja cried. That was enough for Bucky to leapt over the couch and tackled the archer.

“BUCKY!” Steve tried to pry his friend off of Clint.

“Clint’s a big meanie, Stebe.”

Clint got a black eye that day. Bucky has never looked so smug in his life. Katja gave him a sloppy kiss on his cheek.

* * *

“They’re so adorable.” Pepper cooed at the sleeping toddlers on the couch. Bucky had his arm wrapped around Katja as they slept.

“They are when they’re asleep.” Tony added.

“Bucky really loves Katja.” Jane smiled. “Even when they’re turned into toddlers.”

“It’s really scary, you know. There’s nothing adorable about that.” Clint grumbled.

“Bucky gave Clint a good punch in the eye after he made Katja cry.” Jane explained to Pepper.

“Loki should be back in a week.” Thor entered the room and gave them an apologetic smile.

“That’s okay. We can handle a week of these two.” Steve grinned. He had a folder of little Bucky’s footage in his laptop for future blackmails.

Two days later, Tony and Clint got a black eye after they teased Bucky and Katja. Katja kicked Tony in the shin the next day when he said Bucky is a hobo (she didn’t know what hobo is but she didn’t like how Tony said it). Bucky gave Katja a kiss on the lips when he saw that. Natasha and Steve got some ugly drawings from the little toddlers on the sixth day (it was ripped apart when Bucky got back to his normal size and saw it).

Natasha and Tony being best Bros, tony going with that to get mani-pedies done, going cloths shopping (dragging stebe and Clint along to carry their stuff) nat and tony taking pepper out to a nice lunch and catching up, treating her to a spa day, natasha raiding tony’s closet and taking his Hoodies and maybe even unearthing one of his old MIT sweatshirt/pants and keeping them. Tony saying very calmly and seriously “Next question” when a reporter asks nat something stupid until they all know that those kind of questions are never gonna be paid attention to. Natasha sitting on the floor ready a magazine, between tony’s legs while he braids her hair becuase he’s very skilled with his hands and got the hang of it super quick. Natasha teaching tony how to pick the perfect pair of heels and how to walk in them. Natasha teaching tony other forms of fighting other than martial arts he knows and how to combine them (said fighting techniques include fighting with a knife) Tony spoiling her with Beau dresses and shoes (like he does with Pepper) which she always makes him give back because it’s not like she doesn’t like them or aren’t gorgeous, but she doesn’t want him to make it a habit and feel that it’s an appropriate way to express affection (he stops but on her birthday he goes over board) tony teach nat how to do advanced coding and hacking and teaching her how to use the suit, get him out of it and other things he’s only taught steve because he trusts her. Natasha trusting him enough to have jarvis call him out to the living room when she has a nightmare and clints out of town. Them cuddling on the couch and watching bad movies till the fall asleep. And tony doing the same when steve’s gone. And if steves gone she’ll just slide in to bed and he’ll hold her. Natasha tell tony about her past because she trusts him and he understands. Tony being the only one on the team who’s seen natasha cry from the heart and comforting her. And never bring it up. I HAVE SO MANY NATASHA AND TONY BRO FEELS RIGHT NOW I CANT EVEN SPIT THEM ALL OUT HELP!! mrsstark-rogers

but Steve trying to cook for himself tho

Steve looks around to check if the coast is clear. He starts to prepare himself a nice dinner when he turns around…

*Sam comes flying through the windows with Bucky holding on to one wing*

*Clint falls from the vents and Natasha is already sitting down *

*Tony and Bruce leaving the lab because they heard Mama Stebe is cooking*

*Thor comes back from Asgard*

*Tony invites Peter*

*The twins just came zooming in Wanda being carried by Pietro*

Steve: *sighs and serves out the food cause he knew this was going to happen*

…And then Ant-Man eating all the crumbs once everyone is finished.