but Steve trying to cook for himself tho

Steve looks around to check if the coast is clear. He starts to prepare himself a nice dinner when he turns around…

*Sam comes flying through the windows with Bucky holding on to one wing*

*Clint falls from the vents and Natasha is already sitting down *

*Tony and Bruce leaving the lab because they heard Mama Stebe is cooking*

*Thor comes back from Asgard*

*Tony invites Peter*

*The twins just came zooming in Wanda being carried by Pietro*

Steve: *sighs and serves out the food cause he knew this was going to happen*

…And then Ant-Man eating all the crumbs once everyone is finished.

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Dude Tony could be like a grumpy old fisherman whose been trying to catch the beautiful merpeople and falls out with Steve when he finds out Steve can see and talk to them. Civil War 2: Fishing for trouble

Old man Stark is trying to capture the merpeople so Stebe Peggo and Sammy have to protect them I like this

Tagged by @dorothyoz39 and @valkarian-chronicler (who was tagged by @clockwork-silence who didn’t tag me… uhhhh… DUDE (just jokes lol)) to name 10 characters I would kiss. In no particular order…

1. Major Evan Lorne (duh)
2. Bronn 
3. Jaylah
4. Isabelle Lightwood
5. Furiosa
6. Tauriel
7. John Reese 
8. Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce
9. Stebe Rodgers
10. Frank Castle

Don’t judge me for my old dudes. Do judge my EXCELLENT taste in beautiful women. Also, make sure you add to this list “every character by Karl Urban” cuz YEP.

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your fav is problematic: sparklesandstress
  • is katherine waterston’s wife
  • queen of gifs. all of them. 
  • high priestess of steve jobs (2015) fandom dir. by danny boyle. party of one.
  • wants to put lisa’s paper/essay up stebe’s butt
  • stays up late talking online because i make her do so with my ramblings
  • still needs to make A Serious Man gifsets