This is for my dear follower @codenightbreak ! :D Thanks for letting me know you would like to see the bearded! Cap ;D Hope you like this a bit annoying-talking-too-much but still very cute bearded! Stebe inspired by the leaked trailer for Avengers 3! ✨ ✨

The idea comes from my wrong memory of Tony telling Happy that he needs to keep the beard because Happy is at Tony’s team (sorry my memory is really poor) at the NBA final promotion earlier and the last scene of Spiderman:Homecoming ;D I think Stebe is too excited to be back home so he somehow heard all the things wrong lol


I’ve seen heaven with my own two eyes

You know what my all time fave thing in the world is when the Antis jump on something to hate way too soon and then when it’s revealed that ACTUALLY they got it completely wrong they just pretend nothing happened because they’re all fucking idiots

Picky Princess *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

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Summary: Yourself and Bucky have a daughter. He spends a whole two days, alone, with her; much needed dad time. He figures out how picky of an eater she is, so he takes upon himself to have her taste all the foods he loves, - Prompt inspired by a video my uncle sent his brother, my dad. If you use this, tag for credit. 
Warnings: Bucky being a really sweet dad
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers
A/N: if use this prompt, please tag me, mostly for the fact I love this and would see other people take on this type of thing.- Ro

“Okay, the number for the doctor is on the refrigerator and if you need help, her usual babysitter, Daisy, the number is on-” You’re cut off by a pair of soft lips pressing against yours, you exhaled through your nose and kissed back. A little hand tapped against your cheek causing you to break away from your husband, smiling at the small girl in his arms. “You gonna be good whilst I’m gone?”

Becky nodded her head with a little pout. She didn’t like when either of you left, instead, she grabbed your hand and with her little strength pulled you to her and Bucky; a silent demand for you to stay. You let out a gentle sigh, looking from your daughter to your husband, who wore the same pout; proving to you that she is her father’s mini me. You kissed her cheek lightly, squeezing her hand before letting go and she let out a little whimper, you looked at Bucky who started to bounce the girl lightly and kissed your cheek.

“I’ve got everything under control, Y/N, we’re gonna be fine.” Bucky attempted at lessening your worries but truth is, this was the first time since Becky being born that Bucy would look after her alone. Completely alone. No, Steve or you, not even Nat. It was needed, he wanted to bond with Rebecca, although Bucky is single handily her favourite person, ever. He felt like he needed more… her and him time. 

And you were more than happy to accept a mission, having not been on the actual field in a while.

“Be good,” Bucky rolled his eyes as you walked to the front door, “I’m talking to you Mr Barnes, look after our daughter and the house.” He nodded, stealing one more kiss from you before you let out a little sad sigh and leaving out the door and softly shutting it.

Bucky strode to the window that looked out to the porch, pointing with his metal hand out of the window. Your daughter perked up, watching as you placed the duffel in uncle Steve’s car that would be driving you to the base for the mission you were going on. Steve from the driver’s seat was pulling funny faces at Rebecca, she giggled and waved, poking her tongue out but her happiness was short-lived when you waved and got into the car: driving down the dirt road of the driveway and out of sight.

“Just you and me now, doll.” Bucky sighed and placed Rebecca on the floor, she made a huffing sound before marching away and going straight to the front door, he chuckled and followed her, “where are you going?”

“With mummy,” she stated like it was obvious.

He crossed his arms as he watched his little human try to reach for the door handle leading outside. “C’mon, don’t you want to spend time with your old man?” He asked, pouting a little at the determination his daughter had for wanting to leave and not spend time with him.

It was the first time, in a long time, that he was able to spend time with just her. He had been the one to go off on missions, leaving you to care for Becky, and he tried to be around as much as possible but being an Avenger was… almost, equally, as difficult. He watched as Becky turned around, setting her little hands on her hips; something you do when Bucky says something stupid.

“I think, my little Binky, has forgotten how I’m the fun parent.” He grinned as she dead-panned stared back at him, slowly blinking in response. He’d seen that look before, on himself, when he was the Winter Soldier. “Fine, I’ll eat the ice cream on my own.” He dramatically sighed and strolled off to the kitchen.

The little patter of feet following behind made Bucky chuckle. He opened the freezer and pulled out the tub of chocolate ice cream, grabbing two spoons but only showing one, he swiftly turned around and noted his daughter watching him from the kitchen door. He sat on a stool, opening the lid and dipping the spoon in, sighing softly.

“Now, if only there was a girl to share all this ice cream with,” he said loudly, “I, possibly, cannot eat all this ice cream alone. But alas, I have no one, thus this spoon will be useless and unused.” He held the other spoon and placed it on the counter beside him, looking out of the corner of his eye to see his daughter no longer by the door, he frowned gently.

He felt a tug at his jeans, looking down he watched as his daughter, tried to climb into his lap. Huffing, she looked up and made grabby hands for him. He picked her up and settled her on his lap, watching as her small arms pulled the cold tub closer to the edge and using his spoon to eat ice cream. He wrapped his human arm around her middle, pulling her to his chest and resting his chin on her head. Becky would lift the spoon, offering a mouthful to Bucky, which he graciously accepted.

After the lunchtime ice cream, Bucky let Becky go off and play in her room, occasionally peeking in to see her having a tea party. He was sat watching tv when he heard his name being called from upstairs, he frowned and went to his daughter’s room, where she sat at her little Disney table. She nodded to the seat opposite her, sipping the imaginary tea from her little plastic tea cup. Bucky raised an eyebrow but pulled the chair out, questioning how he’d fit and sit on the chair, he did it anyway. His knees up against his chest, looking at his daughter with curiousness and confusion.

“It’s almost dinner,” Becky simply states and he nods once. “I don’t like vegetables or beans, I don’t like ketchup and I hate peas!”

Bucky eyebrows furrowed, “Sweetie, peas are a vegetable.”

“I’m not done talking,” Becky sighed lightly. “I just want nuggets, exactly six with some curly potato things!” She smiled happily, a little dimple forming on her left cheek as she grins at her dad. How could he resist that smile, it’s how he fell for you, and now he gets it double from her too.

Bucky knew she was a picky eater, picky princess, is her nickname from Steve and Tony. Bucky couldn’t blame her, she just likes things a certain way. What he hadn’t noted that in the five years she had grown progressively worse with food.

“Who are these guys?” Bucky asked looking at the stuffed bears and Barbies all in their own chairs. “Wait, I remember this guy. Dum Dum, good to see you, again.” He shook the short, light brown teddies paw, bowler hat settled on its head.

Becky giggled, “This is Barbie,” she nods to the blonde doll beside her. “That’s Stebe,” she pats the head of the build-a-bear Captain America, “and this is Mr Piggles, he’s very sensitive about his looks.” It was a tattered looking pig teddy, one eye missing and two legs were gone. Bucky nodded, smiling as he had conversations with Becky’s toys.

When dinner came around, Becky watched him like a hawk; making sure he didn’t pull any of mummy’s funny business. He had to sort this out, fast. She had to experience food, good food, and he’d be the one to do it.

“Hey, tomorrow wanna come with me to the store?” Bucky asked as they sat at the dining table, she had Bucky cut up her nuggets for her, well he insisted.

“Okie dokie!” Becky nodded with a smile, he grinned as she ate her dinner whilst telling him about school, her teachers and classmates. How she did a painting of a butterfly that’s hung up at the front of the class, telling him that her friend, Jess, has a treehouse and all the kids go over there to see it. She made a face when he agreed to make one with Sam and Steve.

After dinner and a quick tidy up around the house, Bucky and Becky sat down to watch tv in your bedroom. It was some a Disney movie, a classic that Becky, insisted her dad watched. Big Hero 6, Becky hugged her dad through his tears of utter sadness and astonishment the entire movie. After the movie, it was time for her bedtime, it was her bedtime an hour ago but the movie was too intense to just stop and carry on tomorrow.

“Night night, princess.” Bucky kissed his daughter after tucking her in.

He laid in his own bed, halfway between sleep and awake. He never slept that well when you were apart, he always felt safer and relaxed beside you. He heard the small steps outside the door, it being pushed open and the hallway light shining through into the room, he watched as Becky walked around to his side and pinched his human arm to wake him up.

“I thought you were sleeping?” He asked as he sat up, turning the bedside lamp on.

“I was but,” Becky sighed. “Hydra are in my room!” Bucky’s heart drops and starts beating faster, he quickly gets up, reaching under his side of the bed for the gun and he knelt beside her.

He held her face gently, “I want you to stay right here. Got it? Don’t come outta this room till you hear me!” Becky frowned and nodded, watching as he dad got up and stalked out of the room to her own. He was shaking with adrenaline, the thought of Hydra being so close to his daughter. Possibly waking her up and forcing her to go to her dad, as some messenger. 

He pushed the door open, the pink and yellow room illuminated by her nightlight, no sign of Hydra henchmen. He checked behind the door but nothing, his eyes flickering everywhere, maybe they want to another room to ambush him from behind. He turned fast, only Becky stood in the doorway.

“What’s going on Rebecca?” He asked voice a little rough and stern, something he didn’t want to be with her.

He watched as she fiddled with her night shirt, Iron Man pj set. “Hydra are under the bed,” she pointed to her low framed bed and Bucky frowned. “Mum, says Hydra are monsters and are the ones who hurt you. I don’t want them hurting me too,” He sighed as it clicked. “Mum usually takes care of them, even when you’re home, said that the monsters really hurt you; so she deals with them for us.”

In her little mind, Hydra is just monsters. Things that hide under her bed, lurk in the dark and something mummy has to ‘fight’ every night to leave her room. He nods for her to go back to his bedroom, she nods once and looking over her shoulder as Bucky, turns around and fake telling off ‘Hydra’. After a few minutes he walked back into his bedroom, seeing Becky laying on his side, he doesn’t question her picky behaviour as he shuffles into your side of the bed. Turning to lay on his side and look at his daughter, who did the same.

“I like your side of the bed because it’s further away from the door,” Becky mumbles, holding her teddy pig close to herself.

“I’m not gonna let any monster, including Hydra, hurt you.” He whispered to her and she nodded sleepily, he pulled her little body to him and kissed her head, letting her drift to sleep peacefully as he held her till morning.

*Next day- Shopping*

“Can we get cookies?” Becky asked holding her dad’s hand already steering him in the direction of the cookie aisle. He allowed her to lead him to the aisle she loved, pointing to her favourite in a very, cute demanding way. After getting her the cookies, he led her to her most hated aisle. Fruit and vegetables.

Becky had a disgusted face at every food Bucky picked up. Plums, peaches, strawberries and even bananas, and she told Bucky of her displeasure at being in the aisle. Even promptly tried to walk away.

“Why did you buy so much fruit?” Becky asked, “And broccoli?”

Bucky chuckled, causing his little girl to frown even more, not liking his smile as he checked out and carried her plus the bags to the car. “Carrots are a vegetable, not a fruit.”

Back at home, Bucky sat Becky on a stool, a massive grin on his face as he looks at his daughter who was already looking through the grocery bags for her cookies. The bag was taken away, Bucky giving her a stern look.

“I got all this food, my favourite food because Rebecca, today you aren’t going to be a picky princess.” He tells her and she crosses her arms, pouting in response. “Any time you try a piece of new food, you get a cookie!” That perked her interest.

Thus started Bucky to cook some broccoli, carrot and various other vegetables. Becky sat on her stool with her face scrunched, not liking the smell of the veggies cooking on the stove. She stuck out her bottom lip when Bucky brought out plums, grabbing one for himself he held one out for her, biting into his favourite fruit.

She held the purple fruit in her tiny hand, letting out a nervous breath she took a small bite and chewed slowly. Bucky was already halfway done when Becky made a disgusted face. It was too bitter and sweet, at the same time, for her to enjoy it. She placed the plum down.

“No, thank you.” She pushed the plums away, Bucky sighed and gave her a cookie for trying, eating the rest of her plum.

“Okay, we’ll give plums another go in five years,” Bucky sighed as Becky frowned. “Our taste buds change throughout our lives, Becky, today you may like chocolate but at my age, you may hate it.”

“I hope I die before I hate chocolate.” She told him seriously.

It was a long, aggravating journey of trying foods. So, far, she hated every orange food; carrots, oranges and sweet potatoes. Hated bananas, although, she liked grapes and broccoli. She refused to eat sprouts, simply just from the smell alone, he didn’t force her because he hates them too. A lot of cooked meats, shaped as various animals; turkey dinosaurs becoming her favourite.

“Just try one, one more,” Bucky pleaded as Becky shakes her head, keeping her mouth closed. “Steve likes them,” he grins and she shakes her head, he sighed holding the strawberry. “People usually have these dipped in chocolate,” he offered and Becky shrugged. Watching as he dad got the chocolate sauce, covering the strawberry and handing it to his daughter.

When you arrive back home, Sam and Steve in tow, insisting they wanted to see Becky before heading back to their own homes. You opened the door, not expecting to see Becky and Bucky in the kitchen, both eating strawberries and vanilla ice cream; various other foods, all foods in which Becky hates, well used to are around the counters.

“Mummy,” she yelled and ran over to you, you giggled and got down bringing her into a hug. Sam and Steve walked over to Bucky, congratulating him on keeping both him and his daughter alive whilst you were gone. “You’re early!” You chuckled at your five-year-old.

“What’s with all the fruit and veggies?” You asked, allowing her two uncles to give her attention.

“I decided to solve her picky eating problem,” Bucky shrugs and sets about cleaning, you raised your eyebrows. “I mean, she doesn’t like all vegetables but broccoli is now on her list, so is a lot of fruit.”

You chuckled a little, “I knew you’d be fine but I didn’t expect that.” You grinned, walking over to him and wrapping your arms around his neck, kissing him lightly and Bucky smiled and kissed back. A little cough made him pull back, Sam and Steve giving disgust faces, your daughter sat on the floor grinning as she told Steve about her day; she was completely infatuated with him, it was adorable.

After the guys saying their last goodbyes to Becky, you and Bucky, you turned and listened to Becky tell you how much fun she had. How Bucky played tea parties with her, watched movies and fought Hydra for her, you smiled as she told you that he brought her cookies and she ate everything but didn’t like a lot of it. You sat on the end of her bed, listening to talk and talk. She eventually talked herself into tiredness, falling asleep mid sentence.

“I think, I want to stay home a lot more,” Bucky announced as you both got into bed, you looked over at him with slightly wide eyes. “Just…I feel like I miss out on so much of her life, you know? And I want to make a treehouse,” you frowned again.

“A treehouse?”

“That’s not the point,” he sighed, “Just-I don’t know, I love what I-we-do and I could fight alongside Steve till the day I die but… these two days, I realised, I kinda just want to fight imaginary monsters for her and deal with a picky princess than a nit-picky Captain America.” His confession made you silent but you nodded with a little smile. “Is that mad?”

“No, it’s called being a dad.” You tell him, “and she get’s her picky tendencies from you, you’re as stubborn as mule.” He laughed silently and nodded in agreement.

You both fell into comfortable silence, softly breathing and not talking, you’d have to talk to Steve about what Bucky said in the morning. Arrange for someone to take over his missions, you wouldn’t mind going out and being on the field more: you missed fighting alongside Natasha.

In the morning, you look over as Bucky makes pancakes, Becky not even awake yet. You sipped your morning tea, going over what he had said last night. Steve was already round, Sam with him, both stopping by for breakfast after their morning jogging session.

“You sure about this Buck?” Steve asked sipping his coffee, looking at the back of his best friends head.

Bucky chuckled, “Yeah. Completely sure,” he looked over his shoulder with a little shrug.

“Wait, you’d rather do school drop offs and play dates than kick ass with me?” Sam asked in mock offence making you all laugh. “Two days alone and she got ya hooked,” Sam chided.

Becky stumbled into the kitchen, rubbing her tired eyes and yawning, still in her Avengers pj’s. Her tiredness easily going when she see’s both Steve and Sam, running up and hugging both of them a morning.

“Rebecca, dad is gonna be dropping and picking you up from school,” you inform Becky as she is settled on a stool beside Steve. “He’s gonna be staying at home a lot more, as I go to work with aunty Natasha.” Everyone watches as Becky lets this news settle in.

Becky grins, turning to look at Bucky who smiles back. “Really?” He nods, she giggles with excitement, “I can’t wait to show you around my school!” You glance as Bucky grins, almost as excited as she is over that.

You sit down as Bucky plates up everyone’s pancakes, holding out whip cream and strawberries, plus other berries for everyone. He sits on the stool beside Becky, grabbing the can of whip cream and aiming it at her pancakes, she shields her golden circles with her hands. A deep frown on her face, almost angry.

“I don’t like whip cream.” Pulling her plate more towards Steve direction, making sure her pancakes are safe from any more food she hates. “Or blueberries, no more fruit.”

(So, I kinda went off track. It’s been a while since I’ve written for Marvel, sorry if this all just dribble. Let me know what you think. Also, may have used my nickname for my cousin Becky, I call her Binky sometimes. - Rosalee)

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In the edit thread on /mlp/, someone requested an edit of this image, so I edited in Stebe, my Equestria Girls OC. Stebe doesn’t go to this school. Unlike many kids, Stebe doesn’t think his parents can’t understand him, but he is concerned that he doesn’t understand his parents. Sure, dad throws the ball with him sometimes, and mom read him bedtime stories, but what’s the real meaning in that, you know? Is it really connecting with him, or is it only going through the motions of what a parent does?

“Take off the hotdog suit, Stebe”, they’re always saying. “No baseball bats at the table.”

Stebe’s adolescence has been an existential chasm both deep and wide.

Also I have no idea what the context of the original image is, but if those girls aren’t excited about the free Chuck E Cheese tokens for good grades, then this is probably the nerdiest thing I have ever seen, and almost all of my friends have exclusively been huge nerds. It’s really hard to get excited about knowing that if you keep getting good grades like that four four years in a row, you’ll have a shot at going to another school where four to eight years later, all of it might pay off in the form of a good career with high median income. It’s important, but how would you maintain the excitement for it every time for eight to twelve years?

I always personally found a good grade to be more of a relief from the fear of failure than a form of positive reinforcement.

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Since you are into marvel now. do you know other great artists?

Ohhhh you have come to the right place! I’m into marvel since i’m a little kid and even my sideblog is only for marvel. but yeah i need to draw them more. :)

Here are my favourite artists! 

Draws in such a cute style that i could cry at her sweet little tony. Also pokemon au’s and i love them! and look at the icons for every MCU character.

Really i squeal everytime i see new art from cherryteddy. My favourite are the tsum tsum drawings and also lots of stony. so perfect.

Draws really soft tonys that i would really like to hug! Also lots of Stony, too. And look at tiny fae tonee or tony in dresses! damn yes.

What i can i say? Their art is perfect! For real i laugh so hard at their rhodey/tony comics who were part of the expressions challenge. Also the Clint and Natasha drawing about friendship. It’s love.

Such a cute cute cute chibi style. i want to kiss the little tony. but im sure the little steve will do that for me. really makes me smile!

Many comics. And i love every single one of them. Again Stony (im a sucker for that, sue me) and spideypool. also the superfamily comics are breaking my heart. in the best way.

Caz draws so perfect. For real you wont believe it. My fave is the one with the steve bobblehead. Draws so many marvel characters and i’m sure you will love every single one!

Draws Tony a lot. And i love every single piece. Because for real this style looks so much like one of the best comic books i’ve ever read and is still so much kay that i would recognize it everywhere! King Tony and Knight Steve is my fave drawing in the world.

☀  @jian-lengyi
Okay. The little merman Tony is the cutest merman you will ever see. I mean seriously the drawings are so wonderful and awww. I need so much more!

Just one word. perfect. the chibi style is so sweet and adorable. also lots of stony and even better avenger academy stony and with such cute ideas, that it makes me happy on a bad day!

blog from @ericamchan and @superjustice (you should check out both!) the comics are everything. sometimes i laugh myself to tears (the checklist comic with phil) and sometimes they’ll break my heart. worth it!

Always makes me laugh with the avenger academy drawings. lots of tony and loki which is wonderful because they both are trying to be so cool (i mean they are) and so many jokes! Lovely!

again wonderful cute drawings. superfamily and let me tell you the little peter is the cutest you’ll ever see! also a bit of angst and so much love in the drawings. i can’t!

Not sure how someone can draw so perfectly. but if you like bucky and tony you need to follow! seriously the drawings bring so much joy and giggles with them!

Draw also avenger academy and lots of stony which is just wonderful. also very funny and has so many cute ideas. also check out the charms, they are wonderful!

wonderful art with incredible backgrounds. the flower shop au with steve and tony still kills me. i don’t think art can get any better than that!

my favourite chibi drawings to be honest. i just can’t because the tony is so cute that i want to steal him. but since the steve is cute as well, tony can be with his stebe. also CORGI TONY.

Such a cute chibi style. Draws traditional with pencils and i’m a goner for that. the chibis are really sweet and my favourite is sam to be honest. aw. also lots of cute au’s with tony in adorable outfits.

Draws a really soft Tony that you will love! seriously. also the infinity war gauntlet comic follows me in my dreams. can break my heart in like two seconds with the wonderful comics.

one of my absolutely faves. because the style is so unique. i can recognize it everywhere and its one of my fave tonys. also have you seen his eyelashes. amazing. AND when tony wears ginas clothes. best thing ever.

Just amazing. I love the way tony and steve seem always to blush (makes me blush, too!) also amazing drawings gifs and tony is just soo so soft. i’m in love with the art.

So that’s it. Now i just realized i don’t follow them from this blog and i need to change that! But for real they are all amazing! :)
Also if some pronouns are wrong, let me know. then i’m really sorry! love you all.

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Hello! Thoughts of Stebe and Borky popped into my head today, and it made me wonder how two of our favorite doggo besties are doing? P.S. Hope you are doing well, too! :-)

Hello, nonny! I’m good, thank you! The doggies thank you for asking as well because they’re polite dogs and didn’t grow up in a barn (“I wish I’d grown up in a barn! Hazing chickens all day long, can you imagine…” “Borky, those are bird friends!” “Your point?”). They’re doing quite well, see? (And they’re as adventurous as ever.)

  • For the record, Sam just wanted to make a fucking sandwich from the leftover roastbeef.
    “We can explain!” Stebe barks hastily when Sam opens the fridge. And burps.
    “We like cold,” Borky boofs in Russian, carefully but unsuccessfully hiding the sad remains of the roastbeef with his tail.
    Stebe looks at him like Borky is the crazy one in their relationship. “What? And what’s with the accent?”
    “I panicked!”
    “I’m not dealing with this,” Sam says. “Nat!”

  • Stebe defiantly stares just past the lamp shining into his face.
    “I know you have them,” Natasha growls, frustration barely reigned in, and adjusts the light.
    Stebe says nothing.
    “Where are they, Stebe.”
    Stebe is a Wall of Silence.
    “I have my methods to get you to talk, Steben. You know I do.”
    Stebe follows her with his eyes as she paces in front of him. He’s Unbreakable. The last dozen times don’t count.
    Natasha studies him for a moment before pulling out a shiny tin can from behind her back. Stebe almost yips in excitement because Magic Tricks! Natasha is the awesomest! But Countenance, Impenetrable Fortress of Composure And Stuff– wait, is that..?
    “I have here,” she starts, grin stretching her mouth in victory, “the premium luxury dog food.” Stebe gulps. “With Beef. I know you like the beef.” For some reason she starts to snicker at that. Humans. “This can be yours,” she sings, “you only gotta show me where you buried my Louboutins.”

  • “I need your help, Buck.” Steve’s voice quivers, and he visibly tries to fight the pain, wincing and swallowing past the agony. His eyes plead with Bucky. “I need you more than I’ve ever– I–”
    Bucky slowly blinks at him and goes back to his book, left hand scratching between Stebe’s ears. “Stop being a dramatic shit.”
    Borky sniffles, wriggles around, and settles again with a happy sleepy sigh and a plop on Steve’s full to bursting bladder. Steve grits his teeth.
    “Just help me get him off me,” he whisper-shouts. “I really need to go!”
    Bucky licks his thumb and turns the page. “Nope.”
    Steve is gonna die and it’ll be so embarrassing.

  • “Ma'am, I am incredibly sorry but dogs are not allowed in this establishment.” There’s a bit of sweat on the waiter’s upper lip; Jean, according to his nameplate. He’s also this close to wringing his hands. He obviously knows who she is; time to capitalize on that. Nothing stands between her and the oysters they serve here.
    “You don’t recognize him at all, do you?” Nat asks and he’s clearly thrown off by her question. She gently tugs at the leash and Stebe tilts his head at the waiter. “The golden hair, the blue eyes, the very patriotic name tag.” She drifts off when his eyes widen.
    “Is that,” Jean starts incredulously but quickly lowers his voice at the look in her eyes, “Captain America?”
    Nat just continues to look at him and that’s all the confirmation he needs.
    “B-but how?”
    Her smile turns flat and cold, and Jean’s mouth snaps shut, hands shaking around the menu.
    “We’d appreciate discretion.”
    “Of course, of course, Ma'am! It’s an honor! Please, follow me.”
    She smirks and Stebe holds up a paw for the high five command she whispers. Nothing will come between her and the oysters. New York’s restaurants could also stand to be more pet friendly.

  • Steve leans back against her couch, cup of coffee in his hands.
    “You know,” Steve says, all conversational but Nat can detect some honest bafflement, “the strangest thing happened when Bucky and I went to that restaurant you recommended.”
    “Yeah, the waiter asked me if I got rid of that furry problem. Then he went all pale and brought me a bloody steak on the house saying, I quote, I remembered your order, please don’t kill me I have a family.”
    “Nat, what did you do.”

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