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Since you are into marvel now. do you know other great artists?

Ohhhh you have come to the right place! I’m into marvel since i’m a little kid and even my sideblog is only for marvel. but yeah i need to draw them more. :)

Here are my favourite artists! 

Draws in such a cute style that i could cry at her sweet little tony. Also pokemon au’s and i love them! and look at the icons for every MCU character.

Really i squeal everytime i see new art from cherryteddy. My favourite are the tsum tsum drawings and also lots of stony. so perfect.

Draws really soft tonys that i would really like to hug! Also lots of Stony, too. And look at tiny fae tonee or tony in dresses! damn yes.

What i can i say? Their art is perfect! For real i laugh so hard at their rhodey/tony comics who were part of the expressions challenge. Also the Clint and Natasha drawing about friendship. It’s love.

Such a cute cute cute chibi style. i want to kiss the little tony. but im sure the little steve will do that for me. really makes me smile!

Many comics. And i love every single one of them. Again Stony (im a sucker for that, sue me) and spideypool. also the superfamily comics are breaking my heart. in the best way.

Caz draws so perfect. For real you wont believe it. My fave is the one with the steve bobblehead. Draws so many marvel characters and i’m sure you will love every single one!

Draws Tony a lot. And i love every single piece. Because for real this style looks so much like one of the best comic books i’ve ever read and is still so much kay that i would recognize it everywhere! King Tony and Knight Steve is my fave drawing in the world.

☀  @jian-lengyi
Okay. The little merman Tony is the cutest merman you will ever see. I mean seriously the drawings are so wonderful and awww. I need so much more!

Just one word. perfect. the chibi style is so sweet and adorable. also lots of stony and even better avenger academy stony and with such cute ideas, that it makes me happy on a bad day!

blog from @ericamchan and @superjustice (you should check out both!) the comics are everything. sometimes i laugh myself to tears (the checklist comic with phil) and sometimes they’ll break my heart. worth it!

Always makes me laugh with the avenger academy drawings. lots of tony and loki which is wonderful because they both are trying to be so cool (i mean they are) and so many jokes! Lovely!

again wonderful cute drawings. superfamily and let me tell you the little peter is the cutest you’ll ever see! also a bit of angst and so much love in the drawings. i can’t!

Not sure how someone can draw so perfectly. but if you like bucky and tony you need to follow! seriously the drawings bring so much joy and giggles with them!

Draw also avenger academy and lots of stony which is just wonderful. also very funny and has so many cute ideas. also check out the charms, they are wonderful!

wonderful art with incredible backgrounds. the flower shop au with steve and tony still kills me. i don’t think art can get any better than that!

my favourite chibi drawings to be honest. i just can’t because the tony is so cute that i want to steal him. but since the steve is cute as well, tony can be with his stebe. also CORGI TONY.

Such a cute chibi style. Draws traditional with pencils and i’m a goner for that. the chibis are really sweet and my favourite is sam to be honest. aw. also lots of cute au’s with tony in adorable outfits.

Draws a really soft Tony that you will love! seriously. also the infinity war gauntlet comic follows me in my dreams. can break my heart in like two seconds with the wonderful comics.

one of my absolutely faves. because the style is so unique. i can recognize it everywhere and its one of my fave tonys. also have you seen his eyelashes. amazing. AND when tony wears ginas clothes. best thing ever.

Just amazing. I love the way tony and steve seem always to blush (makes me blush, too!) also amazing drawings gifs and tony is just soo so soft. i’m in love with the art.

So that’s it. Now i just realized i don’t follow them from this blog and i need to change that! But for real they are all amazing! :)
Also if some pronouns are wrong, let me know. then i’m really sorry! love you all.

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Hello! Thoughts of Stebe and Borky popped into my head today, and it made me wonder how two of our favorite doggo besties are doing? P.S. Hope you are doing well, too! :-)

Hello, nonny! I’m good, thank you! The doggies thank you for asking as well because they’re polite dogs and didn’t grow up in a barn (“I wish I’d grown up in a barn! Hazing chickens all day long, can you imagine…” “Borky, those are bird friends!” “Your point?”). They’re doing quite well, see? (And they’re as adventurous as ever.)

  • For the record, Sam just wanted to make a fucking sandwich from the leftover roastbeef.
    “We can explain!” Stebe barks hastily when Sam opens the fridge. And burps.
    “We like cold,” Borky boofs in Russian, carefully but unsuccessfully hiding the sad remains of the roastbeef with his tail.
    Stebe looks at him like Borky is the crazy one in their relationship. “What? And what’s with the accent?”
    “I panicked!”
    “I’m not dealing with this,” Sam says. “Nat!”

  • Stebe defiantly stares just past the lamp shining into his face.
    “I know you have them,” Natasha growls, frustration barely reigned in, and adjusts the light.
    Stebe says nothing.
    “Where are they, Stebe.”
    Stebe is a Wall of Silence.
    “I have my methods to get you to talk, Steben. You know I do.”
    Stebe follows her with his eyes as she paces in front of him. He’s Unbreakable. The last dozen times don’t count.
    Natasha studies him for a moment before pulling out a shiny tin can from behind her back. Stebe almost yips in excitement because Magic Tricks! Natasha is the awesomest! But Countenance, Impenetrable Fortress of Composure And Stuff– wait, is that..?
    “I have here,” she starts, grin stretching her mouth in victory, “the premium luxury dog food.” Stebe gulps. “With Beef. I know you like the beef.” For some reason she starts to snicker at that. Humans. “This can be yours,” she sings, “you only gotta show me where you buried my Louboutins.”

  • “I need your help, Buck.” Steve’s voice quivers, and he visibly tries to fight the pain, wincing and swallowing past the agony. His eyes plead with Bucky. “I need you more than I’ve ever– I–”
    Bucky slowly blinks at him and goes back to his book, left hand scratching between Stebe’s ears. “Stop being a dramatic shit.”
    Borky sniffles, wriggles around, and settles again with a happy sleepy sigh and a plop on Steve’s full to bursting bladder. Steve grits his teeth.
    “Just help me get him off me,” he whisper-shouts. “I really need to go!”
    Bucky licks his thumb and turns the page. “Nope.”
    Steve is gonna die and it’ll be so embarrassing.

  • “Ma'am, I am incredibly sorry but dogs are not allowed in this establishment.” There’s a bit of sweat on the waiter’s upper lip; Jean, according to his nameplate. He’s also this close to wringing his hands. He obviously knows who she is; time to capitalize on that. Nothing stands between her and the oysters they serve here.
    “You don’t recognize him at all, do you?” Nat asks and he’s clearly thrown off by her question. She gently tugs at the leash and Stebe tilts his head at the waiter. “The golden hair, the blue eyes, the very patriotic name tag.” She drifts off when his eyes widen.
    “Is that,” Jean starts incredulously but quickly lowers his voice at the look in her eyes, “Captain America?”
    Nat just continues to look at him and that’s all the confirmation he needs.
    “B-but how?”
    Her smile turns flat and cold, and Jean’s mouth snaps shut, hands shaking around the menu.
    “We’d appreciate discretion.”
    “Of course, of course, Ma'am! It’s an honor! Please, follow me.”
    She smirks and Stebe holds up a paw for the high five command she whispers. Nothing will come between her and the oysters. New York’s restaurants could also stand to be more pet friendly.

  • Steve leans back against her couch, cup of coffee in his hands.
    “You know,” Steve says, all conversational but Nat can detect some honest bafflement, “the strangest thing happened when Bucky and I went to that restaurant you recommended.”
    “Yeah, the waiter asked me if I got rid of that furry problem. Then he went all pale and brought me a bloody steak on the house saying, I quote, I remembered your order, please don’t kill me I have a family.”
    “Nat, what did you do.”

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Why don’t we ever see Steve struggling to come to terms with his new body? (I know why but just listen ok I need this)

As someone who also had a list of problems with my body I know that physical pain and discomfort easily trigger dissociation, so I think it’s likely that Steve would already be familiar with dissociation when his body changes.

And yeah, his new body is great – no aches and pains, no labored breaths – but it is RADICALLY different than the body he’s had his entire life. I mean he’s like 4 times as massive literally. How can ANYONE go through that without feeling a massive disconnect from their body, let alone someone who already has a history of dissociation.

To top it all off, instead of having time to recover and come to terms with his new form, he goes right into the action of getting turned into an icon rather than a person, then goes to war.

All I’m saying is that Steve Rogers must still be experiencing a deep disconnect from his body, he likely still acts like a small, sickly kid, constantly forgetting that he’ll never be again what was once so familiar.

but Steve trying to cook for himself tho

Steve looks around to check if the coast is clear. He starts to prepare himself a nice dinner when he turns around…

*Sam comes flying through the windows with Bucky holding on to one wing*

*Clint falls from the vents and Natasha is already sitting down *

*Tony and Bruce leaving the lab because they heard Mama Stebe is cooking*

*Thor comes back from Asgard*

*Tony invites Peter*

*The twins just came zooming in Wanda being carried by Pietro*

Steve: *sighs and serves out the food cause he knew this was going to happen*

…And then Ant-Man eating all the crumbs once everyone is finished.

Natasha and Tony being best Bros, tony going with that to get mani-pedies done, going cloths shopping (dragging stebe and Clint along to carry their stuff) nat and tony taking pepper out to a nice lunch and catching up, treating her to a spa day, natasha raiding tony’s closet and taking his Hoodies and maybe even unearthing one of his old MIT sweatshirt/pants and keeping them. Tony saying very calmly and seriously “Next question” when a reporter asks nat something stupid until they all know that those kind of questions are never gonna be paid attention to. Natasha sitting on the floor ready a magazine, between tony’s legs while he braids her hair becuase he’s very skilled with his hands and got the hang of it super quick. Natasha teaching tony how to pick the perfect pair of heels and how to walk in them. Natasha teaching tony other forms of fighting other than martial arts he knows and how to combine them (said fighting techniques include fighting with a knife) Tony spoiling her with Beau dresses and shoes (like he does with Pepper) which she always makes him give back because it’s not like she doesn’t like them or aren’t gorgeous, but she doesn’t want him to make it a habit and feel that it’s an appropriate way to express affection (he stops but on her birthday he goes over board) tony teach nat how to do advanced coding and hacking and teaching her how to use the suit, get him out of it and other things he’s only taught steve because he trusts her. Natasha trusting him enough to have jarvis call him out to the living room when she has a nightmare and clints out of town. Them cuddling on the couch and watching bad movies till the fall asleep. And tony doing the same when steve’s gone. And if steves gone she’ll just slide in to bed and he’ll hold her. Natasha tell tony about her past because she trusts him and he understands. Tony being the only one on the team who’s seen natasha cry from the heart and comforting her. And never bring it up. I HAVE SO MANY NATASHA AND TONY BRO FEELS RIGHT NOW I CANT EVEN SPIT THEM ALL OUT HELP!! mrsstark-rogers

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From the drabble list: child with Stebe or Bucky because I'm trash as hell and your writing always makes me happy 💕💕

Child + Bucky

He looked absolutely handsome

As Bucky had gone out with Sam for the day, it didn’t exactly surprised you when he showed up with a clean shaven baby face and a neatly cut short hair, ridiculously resembling his old army days from the 40s. 

It was rare the days he’d go out with Sam and come back home without something different to show or tell you. His new look was the loveliest surprise you had so far, though you kinda enjoyed his old caveman alike type. 

It was just a pity that you couldn’t say the same about your two year-old daughter. 

Having seen her father with long hair and grown beard through practically her entire life, Sarah looked absolutely terrified once she laid her baby blue eyes on Bucky once he arrived, taking in his new appearance in the hardest way the both of you could’ve imagined. 

“Hey, what’s wrong?” You asked apprehensively as she seemed to cuddle closer to your body, gripping your t-shirt impressively tight for a two year-old as she glanced attentively at Bucky. “Wanna go with daddy?”

Sarah immediately perked up her head from your shoulder at the mention of her father, a tiny gasp leaving her lips as Bucky smirked smugly and Sam groaned with his friend’s attitude. 

“I don’t know how she doesn’t grow tired of you, honestly.” Sam bursted out with a huff and raised his eyebrows in amusement when Bucky glanced pointedly at him. “Just sayin’, man. I know I would be.”

“That’s because she’s my daughter.” Bucky huffed out in mocked annoyance and started walking over to you, reaching out his arms to Sarah as he playfully cooed her. “Come on baby girl, show Uncle Sam what he’s missing.”

When Sarah really looked up to her father’s voice direction, spotting him standing just a few steps away, her face immediately closed and she frowned in fear, sucking her bottom lip into her mouth as she sank into your hold.

“Oooh, I guess someone finally got tired of you.” Sam joked with a laugh that you followed, though with a small frown as you watched Bucky’s face fall completely when Sarah buried her chubby face into your neck. 

“What happened?” Bucky asked worriedly as he sat down next to you on the couch, his serious expression turning into a sad frown when Sarah flinched from his touch. “Did I do something?”

“I don’t know?” You looked helplessly from Sarah, to Bucky and to Sam, who finally shrugged with a real concerned expression taking his features as the scene unfolded. “She was fine until you guys arrived.”

Sam looked back and forth between Sarah and Bucky for a moment until he suddenly let out an amused huff, shaking his head curtly. 

“I think I know what this is about.” Sam replied and rolled his eyes when Bucky glanced inquiringly at him, silently demanding further explanation. “It’s your hair, Barnes.”

“My hair?” Bucky parroted confusingly and you immediately let out a gasp, looking down at Sarah’s pouty face as she still stared fearfully at her father, curled on your lap like a small ball. 

“She’s never seen you with short hair!” You explained a little too joyful for Bucky’s liking. “She’s not recognizing you, Bucky.”

Bucky’s face fell as if you’d just told him that Sarah wasn’t his daughter, a deep frown forming between his eyebrows as he opened and closed his mouth for a few times, seeming completely speechless for a moment. 

It was from there that you and Sam started your mission of trying to make Sarah comfortable around Bucky again, both of you failing miserably everytime she turned her face around and avoided Bucky’s gaze at all costs, squirming relentlessly on your lap to ignore the man. 

You could almost hear Bucky’s heart breaking as the little girl barely looked at his face, no matter how many times he tried to talk to her. 

He basically did all the things she was used to – sang, pulled funny faces, called her by all the sweet names he could muster – but Sarah was firm on her ground, whining everytime he got too close. 

“Come on, Sar.” Bucky pleaded sadly as he kneeled down on your feet, his helpless expression making your heart skip a beat. “You’re breaking your old man’s heart. Don’t do this to me, baby girl.”

Sarah kept on fully ignoring him and Bucky got up on his feet with a jump, running his hands over his face stressedly as a bitter laugh left his lips. 

“My daughter hates me.” He chuckled miserably, shrugging off his leather jacket as you glanced apologetically at him. “My own daughter hates me–”

Bucky’s speech was suddenly cut short by a squeak and a giggle, the three of you nearly paralyzing as Sarah sat up excitedly and reached out her arms to Bucky, staring at his metal arm in glee as she started to bounce on your lap. 

“Do you wanna go with daddy? Do you?” You asked excitedly as you bounced her on your leg, trying to make her as joyful as you could. “Say hi to daddy, Sarah! Come on!”

As you continued talking, Sarah just grew anxious, babbling nonstop at every mention of her father with Bucky’s face lighting up at every try. 

When you helped her get up, Sarah reached out her arms to Bucky again and let out the most excited ‘tati!’, succeeding for the first time in her many attempts of saying 'daddy’ in romanian and making Bucky nearly crawl off his skin with joy.

You couldn’t help but feel your chest warm up when Bucky scooped her up in his arms again, peppering her small face with smooches as she giggled, her tiny fingers running through her father’s newly soft skin. 

You couldn’t help but feel your chest warm up and laugh when Bucky finally spoke up again. 

“I’m never cutting my hair again.”

Simple Things

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Pairing: Bucky X reader, Kate Bishop & Reader

Rated: T

Genre: Family/Humor/ hints of romance

Summary: Reader gives up being an Avenger to take care of an orphan!Kate Bishop and Bucky barges into the middle of it.


“Katherine Elizabeth Bishop, born August 12, 2012, to Marie and Edmund Bishop,” Tony said, his eyes glued to the hologram profile he was reading.   

“Does it say anything about why her family was targeted?” Steve asked, standing beside him, watching the sleeping girl in your lap.   

It was supposed to have been a standard recon mission. You, Natasha, and Clint were infiltrating a Hydra base to find intel on the Winter Soldier. Instead, you found hundreds of cells with rotting corpses. 

And a little girl huddled between her two dead parents, her brown eyes shining against the dark. 

“No, nothing,” Tony growled, flickering the hologram away and replacing it with a new one.   

“That’s suspicious.” Natasha noted.   

“And no one noticed Bishop missing?” Clint appeared at the doorway of the living room, Wanda and Vision following behind. “A man like that cannot go unnoticed.“ 

“I know,” Tony said. 

“Does she have any family left?” Wanda asked, peering over your shoulder at the little girl. Tony shook his head. 

A heavy silence fell in the room. They all knew intimately that particular pain.

You brushed her silky dark hair away from her face, a small pang hitting your heart. She was too young for this. 

“She should stay with us,” you blurted out. 

 Everyone turned to look at you, but you ignored them in favor of looking at Steve. His eyebrows furrowed, but said nothing.   

“We don’t know what Hydra has done to her,” you said slowly, trying to keep the feeling of desperation and anger from showing on your face. “If they had experimented on her the same way they did to Wanda and Pietro, no one is more qualified to take care of her than us." 

“She is right,” Wanda said quietly. Vision took her hand. 

“A kid is a huge responsibility,” Bruce warned. You nodded. 

“They are, which is why I’m the one that’s going to take care of her,” you said firmly. Steve raised an eyebrow at that.   

“You’ll be able to juggle your Avenger duties and be a mom?” Steve asked. You felt yourself jolt at the word. You, a mom. 

You would have never considered that four years ago. 

You looked at Katherine. The little girl sighed in her sleep, pulling herself closer to you. You knew what you had to do. 

“I’m resigning from the Avengers,” you finally said, looking up to meet your Captain’s gaze.   

You knew that if Katherine weren’t in the room, the team would have react much louder than they did. As it was, they stifled their reactions, though the shock was apparent in their faces. 

“What?” Tony hissed, turning to look at you properly. He looked distraught.   

“But you love being an Avenger,” Clint said, placing a hand on your shoulder. “You sure you want to do this?" 

“I’m just a healer,” you said, shrugging at him with a sheepish smile. “Most of you don’t even need it and you have Dr. Cho and Bruce here to fix you right up. You don’t need me." 

“We’ll always need you, [Y/N],” Steve said softly, gazing at you sadly.   

“And I’ll be happy to help if you truly do,” you reassured, “but right now, I think she needs me more than all of you." 

You felt a hand on your head and you looked up. It was Natasha, a small, but proud smile on her face. “Good luck." 

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