Grandiloquent Word of the Day: Callipygian
-Pertaining to or having finely developed buttocks
-Having a highly desirable derriere.

From Ancient Greek καλλίπυγος (kallípugos - used to describe a famous statue of Venus), from καλλι- (kalli-, “beautiful”) + πυγή (pugḗ, “buttocks”). Late 18th century.

Used in a sentence:
“She is a rather stygian callipygian Cantabrigian.”

Comparative: more callipygian
Superlative: most callipygian

Variant: Callipygous

See also Steatopygous and Bathykolpian

The Middle Finger

Request: 20 zelo and youngjae

20)  “You made that word up.” “No I didn’t, it’s in the dictionary.” “Prove it!” Language barriers with your bias.

Member: BAP’s Zelo x Youngjae x Y/N

Type: Fluff

Youngjae shuffled over and collapsed on the couch beside me. He draped an arm lazily behind my shoulders and shot an easy smile. 

“Long time no see beautiful,” he cooed, poking playfully at my nose. 

“Well hello to you too!” I smiled, bringing my knees up to my chest. 

“Noona!” Zelo called, running into the room like a torpedo. He plopped face-first onto the couch, pushing my knees back down, spinning so he could rest his head on my lap. 

“Junhong,” I laughed, pushing a hand through his bangs. “What have I told you about calling me noona?” 

“Not to?” he asked with a wince. 

“That is the correct answer,” I nodded, pushing his head playfully. He rolled over, wrapping an arm around my legs and hiding his face. “How was practice?”

“It was okay,” Youngjae nodded. “I think we did well with the new choreography.”

“Of course you did,” I chuckled, rolling my eyes. “But who got hurt?”

“Youngjae hyung,” Zelo grinned mischievously. 

“Oh? Is that right?” I asked, lifting my eyebrows. Usually it was Himchan getting bruised up. 

“I may have hurt my finger,” he sighed, lifting his hand that was behind me on the couch out and around me. I quickly grabbed his hand into mine and winced at the lack of skin on his finger tip. 

“Yah!” I hissed. “Your poor dactylion! You know if you didn’t bite your nails so often, you may have protected that, how did that even happen?”

“Well Yongguk slipped where my hand was and his sneaker-” Youngjae began before he stopped, his face twisting with confusion. “Wait…dactylion?”

“Yeah?” I asked, tilting my head, not understanding the issue. 

“Like…a pterodactyl?” Zelo chuckled. 

“No, a dactylion, like the tip of the middle finger,” I nodded. 

“You made that word up!” Youngjae gasped, yanking his red finger away from my hands. 

“No, I didn’t! It’s in the dictionary!” I grumbled. 

Zelo shot up, grabbing his laptop from the coffee table. “Prove it!” 

“Ugh,” I groaned, pulling it onto my lap and searching into google. 

“Dactylion,” I repeated, pulling up the Webster dictionary. “Literally meaning the tip of the middle finger.”

Youngjae and Zelo looked to each other with wide eyes, refusing to believe me. 

“How did you know that noon-” Zelo began, but caught himself. “Y/N.”

“I mean, I knew you were smart…but come on,” Youngjae shrugged. 

“I was a language major,” I chuckled. “I’m good with vocabulary.”

“So like…you have an arsenal of other weird words?” Youngjae said with a side eye. 

“Well…if that’s the way you want to put it,” I laughed nervously. Zelo and Youngjae both looked at me as if I was a science experiment. 

“So like…” Youngjae began again. 

“What’s another word?” Zelo asked. 

“I can’t just pull them up out of the blue!” I gasped. 

“Fine, say a word in relation to Himchan!” Youngjae said, poor Himchan opening the door to the living room. 

“Do I want to know?” he grumbled. 

“Probably not,” I sighed, shaking my head. “Himchan oppa? Callipygian? Steatopygic?”

“Meaning?” Himchan asked, his face deadpanned. 

“You got a nice butt,” Yongguk said, walking in behind him. 

“Hm,” Himchan hummed in approval as he and Yongguk continued to the back of the dorm. 

“Thanks Yongguk oppa!” I called. 

Yongguk smiled, giving a peace sign and continued to the back. 

“You guys are such a pain,” Zelo laughed, laying back down on my lap. “For such small heads, you have such massive brains.”

“Is that..a compliment?” I questioned. Zelo’s face blushed a light pink. Youngjae smiled, wrapping his arm around the back of me again. 

“Just let it be,” he chuckled.

“Zelo darling,” I sighed, “Grab me the first aid kit for Youngjae’s finger? Before it actually falls off.”

“What? You don’t have a fancy term for that?” Youngjae teased with a wink. 

“Oh, I have several fancy words for you sir, but I’m much too much of a lady to say them.”

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