OOC: More Blogs for you to check out!


Just a quick OOC post to advertise a few blogs!

First of all, our Irene has decided to start up her own independent Sherlock Holmes blog, so be sure to check it out and bother the poor consulting detective with some questions!

Also, I run a couple other blogs with my Sherlock here. 

Ask Holmes and Watson is a tumblr where you can ask or submit your questions to our Sherlock and John, and they’ll answer them together!

Steamy Sherlock Smut is exactly what the title entails: a tumblr devoted to Sherlock fanart that falls into the NSFW, porn, or smut categories. There is some fluff, but if slashy, NSFW art bothers you, then just stay away!

Sherlock Family Fun is the OOC Tumblr of our Sherlock Family. You can ask us, the people behind the characters, questions, or check out the silliness we sometimes post, all related to Sherlock in some way!