steamy tea

Dandelion (Taraxacum)

These little gems are the source for so much love from a lot of my family members. This including myself for my personal craft. 

I actually have it in 3 different forms. Each of which hold their own magikal properties. 

The Flower: Development of psychic powers and WISHINGGG! 

The Leaf: Purification, Banishing Negativity, Healing and Summoning Spirits…and WISHINGGGG!!

The Root: Protection while you sleep, Calling Spirits, Divination …and did I mention WISHINGGGG!!! Also, Dandelion root tea can help promote your psychic powers. Likewise, left to your bed this steamy cup of tea can call spirits your direction. 


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featuring: winter earl seasonal tea with cloves + vanilla by newmoonteaco






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You sat squashed on the floor of the living room on a pile of knit blankets. Emma, Mary, David, Killian, & Henry sat around the room holding steamy mugs of hot tea. You sipped your chamomile drink, vaguely listening to their conversation. The bottom line of it was: Emma was going to help Hades go after Pan and Rumple. After finding a dead end when searching for Peter, you knew he had gone with his son to get up to no good, and stealing Zelena was in fact, no good at all. Your eyes glued to a patch on the floor as the rest of the group discussed the outcomes of the next day, which was your biggest worry. Emma was going after Peter, so he might get hurt. But if Peter knew about the plan then he may hurt Emma. And Emma being hurt meant Zelena could get hurt. And Zelena getting hurt meant Regina and Hades getting hurt. And so the chain continued, making it clear that if anyone was at fault here, it was the person you just so happened to be in love with. Suddenly aware that someone was staring, you glanced up, catching Henry’s gaze. He spoke silently to you through his thoughts; he was worried for you, he knew what you were thinking. You just sighed, mouthing, ‘I’ll be fine.”

“Well, I’m exhausted, let’s head off then?” Emma said, rising from the couch and taking a hold of Killians hook as he and she left the room.

“You go to bed,” Mary Margret said sternly to you and Henry. The she smiled, giving you both pecks on the cheek before heading out with David.

Now it was just the two of you.

“(Y/N),-” Henry started.

“Shh. Don’t worry about me.”


“Henry,” you breathed, your hands massaging your forehead, “please, just…worry about yourself, I’ll handle this, okay?”

Henry opened his mouth and then shut it.

“Goodnight,” he said softly. He stared at your hands, gently taking your empty mug, and in the second where your eyes met and your hands touched, you sensed something in his eyes.

“Goodnight, Henry.”

Then he was gone. 

You sat on the quilts for a minute before rising and walking to the window. You pressed your nose against the glass, looking at the underworld stars and dreaming of neverland, and in this sleepy haze you could almost see Peter. But then, that wasn’t it, you could see Peter, for he stood outside, eyes right to the window where you stood. A tilt of his head was all it took for you to know.


“It’s c-colder than I t-thought,” you chattered once outside.

You stood around the edge of the apartments beside Peter, the wind snapping at your exposed skin. Peter tilted his head and smiled, using his arm to roll you under the side of his toasty coat.

“Mmm..” you muttered sleepily against his shoulder.

Peter held you tight, his eyes to the sky, yours closed.

“I miss the stars,” he said out of nowhere.

“Me too, and I saw them more recently than you.”

Peter grimaced, “Neverland seems like a lifetime ago.”

You bit your lip, holding your breath.

“What is it?” Peter asked, sensing you shift uneasily.

“I-” you began, but then stopped.

“Love, is there something you want to tell me?”

Your mind said yes, but you said, “No.” You didn’t tell him about Emma, you didn’t ensure his life was no longer at risk, you just didn’t say anything.

“I love you, you know that right? So just-” Peter sighed.

“I want to tell you,” you said, pulling out of his coat, “that I really want to kiss you right now.”

Peter smiled, hand cupping your cheek as he brought his lips to yours. You hung on to his collar, lips molding into his soft round ones as you bent your head to the side. You held your lips lightly to each other, pulling back after a moment of quiet.

“Get up to bed, you’re as cold as ice,” Peter said with concern.


“See you soon, lost girl. See you soon up where we belong,” he grinned with excitement.

This time you didn’t say the words back to him. You turned and ran for warmth, eyes stinging as you moved away from Peter for who knew how long.


“Peter is fine,” Henry said the next day.

You were the only two at home, and the storybook was set out open in front of you has Henry scribbled a piece of art depicting the events that had gone down at Granny’s.

“Hades tore up the contract, and then Rumple left,” Henry recited.

“Without Peter,” you noted.

“Peter is fine,” Henry repeated.

“For now,” you concluded.

“But Rumple, how do we, how can, I don’t-” you stammered.

Henry put down the quill and turned to you, his voice trying to hide his annoyance, “If you want to know what Rumple is up to at this very moment because you really don’t trust him, then you need to track him.”

Your eyebrows creased in frustration, “Fine.”

Then you bit your lower lip, facing Henry, “but you can write the story.”

Henry shook his head, “No, (Y/N), you know that’s not how things go with me. Every story has a start and finish, and I’m not the one who wants to decide that, I’m just the one who writes it.”

“Fine,” you said again, your cheeks flaring as you rose.

This was ridiculous. Why did Pan have to help Rumple when you could split hearts like he had said? You knew why. He wanted his son’s trust, and plus, a whole heart absolutely ensured he would escape.

“I’ll figure it out on my own then,” you said calmly.

Henry shook his head, “(Y/N), I’m sure I can still help you.”

“Well,” you muttered stiffly, “apparently not.”

Henry was taken aback by your tone, but calmly, he said, “I know you chose to keep us safe over Peter. That was really brave of you to do that.”

You shut your eyes, breathing in slowly, “I know.”


You had no idea how to track Rumple since you had no clue where he was, so you secretly followed Emma and the gang like a spy the whole day, but it paid off. It was easier to follow them because you knew Rumple would target one of the group members individually, and this way you could look out for them all at one time. He only needed the single heart, after all. You were sat outside the building and through the glass, you watched as Rumple emerged, and you watched as he took Robin’s heart. You opened your mouth to scream at him to stop, because Peter’s plan was never worth the life of Robin, and never, had you imagined, would Rumple actually keep his word and do this for Peter. But as your fists came to the window, Rumple  muttered something, & slammed Robin’s heart back in his chest. Too late, you had realized your mistake. Rumple turned to the glass as you ducked onto the ground, but you knew you’d been seen. Without a moment of hesitation you were sprinting, sprinting until your feet took you to the place you had to be. Rumple was never going to hurt Robin. He didn’t need to, because it was never part of his plan to give Peter a heart, or a functioning one at that. You had no idea which heart he could give, for he had to give one to fool Peter, except that it certainly wouldn’t be one that would save Peter. You had been right. Rumple was a thief, a liar, and a little boy filled with regret and with revenge set in his mind. Breath heavy, you skidded to a halt outside Gold’s shop. You could see Peter inside, waiting patiently, and you were shocked as to why Rumple wasn’t there yet. You flung your hand out to the doorknob, and the door flew open.

Peter turned, “Hello?”

“Peter!” you gasped, “I have to warn you, you can’t trust-”

“Hello?” Peter said again.

“Peter?” you said, “It’s me!”

Peter stared right where you stood, shrugging and turning away as if you were invisible.

“Peter!” you pleaded, water brimming at your eyes, “Peter, please!”

“See…you, dearie, need to learn when to stop interfering,” came a familiar voice in your head.

You tried to move but found you couldn’t. You were stuck silent and unseen.

Rumple walked straight past you, reaching for the doorknob. The door jingled as he stepped inside.

“Hello, papa,” he said calmly.

“The portal will close soon,” Peter replied flatly, “Ready, son?”

Rumple nodded and turned slightly, his eyes locking right to where you stood.

Wrong On the Internet (Kakashi & Sakura)

a FLUFF FRIDAY fic that is rated M for NO REASON
featuring HOT STEAMY TEA and absolutely NO ROMANCE

Sakura dashed through the opened window and rolled into a crouch. “What is it, Hokage-sama? What’s happened?”

“Oh, Sakura. You’re here at last. You’re good at this computer stuff, right?”

“Uh… well, I’m alright I guess. Shikamaru’s better at it–oh right, he’s in Suna. What is it? Some kind of urgent message to send to another Kage? Are you expecting a report?”

“I need your help making a Browseddit account. This slander campaign has got to be stopped.” He made a fist, and it sizzled a little with electricity as if he was unconsciously preparing a raikiri.

She blinked. “Is that really an emergency? I mean, I get that propaganda is important, but…”

“You’d understand if you read it, Sakura. Not only are they slut-shaming her, they are calling her stupid. Junko! The most brilliant heroine of any literary work I’ve ever read, and just because she enjoys–”

“Hold on just a moment here,” Sakura interrupts him. “Am I hearing this correctly, or am I in a daze caused by it being two in the freaking morning?”

“I tried to enter in my email but it won’t accept it, Sakura.” Kakashi ran his hands through his hair in dismay. “They can’t get away with this. The fandom just hasn’t been the same since the movies came out. These people call themselves fans and they haven’t even read the books! Can you believe that?”

“What I can’t believe is that I came here in my pajamas because of your urgent summons and it’s about Icha Icha!” She turned and would have left, but Kakashi was still faster than her and was between her and the window in an instant.

“But you’re already here, Sakura-chan,” he whined. “Please, please, I won’t be able to sleep if I can’t tell them they’re wrong and if I can’t sleep I won’t be able to work tomorrow and what if there is an emergency and the Hokage is delirious with fatigue, Sakura-chan? Konoha could be destroyed.”

She crossed her arms. “Destroyed by what?”

“Do you really want to take that chance, Sakura-chan?” Kakashi gave her his most glittering eye-smile. Now that he had use of both eyes, it was twice as potent. A kettle began to whistle, and he added, “And you can have any tea you want.”

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Be thankful for those quiet early mornings when you wake up before the rest of the world, when it’s just you and your thoughts and your heartbeat. Plan your day, and daydream before the day begins. Take an extra moment to pause and let warm sunlight soak into your skin on a hectic day. Read you favorite book over and over, and listen to your favorite song with the windows down. Sleep in whenever you can. Drink coffee, or tea, big steamy cups. Curl up in a big blanket during a snowstorm and watch Christmas movies. Pet dogs who come your way, and eat that extra piece of cake. Just enjoy the simple things, the little things that make you happy.
—  10/27/16

Prawn crackers, green tea and steamy bath ~
Oh yeah, and a drowning female-husband in the background, you didn’t see that. *look away people*


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