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I’ve haven’t been posting for a few days cuz i just got a new job and i’ve been helping my boyfriend take care of his grandparents and i haven’t been able to get to my computer to make the pictures. Give me a couple of days and i’ll be back to posting yall’s steamy confession. In the meantime, y’all should go send in requests to my other SLBP blog @slbp-nsfw-fics . i really wanna write for this fandom so please head on over and send in stuff and i’ll write when my workload lessens a bit. Love ya’ll~ <3 

I am Not a Possession!

Anonymous asked: can you write a legolas/elf reader where he likes the reader, and is incredibly jealous and possessive, and one day a guard is flirting with her and legolas is really mad and it ends in steamy confessions? i love the idea of possessive legolas tbh

I’m sorry for taking so long, lovely! I do not own Legolas or Thranduil. They belong to J.R.R.Tolkien. 

Warnings: jealous Legolas, slightly steamy also this is my first time writing Legolas (and a possessive one at that.)

Pairings: Legolas x fem!elf reader; brief appearance of Thranduil.

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Legolas normally wasn’t one to let his emotions cloud his judgment. Except when it came to you. The young elf prince had fallen for you more than a century before, not that he said anything of course. Now, seeing you standing there with one of his father’s guards, Legolas felt it was a mistake not telling you. He felt the anger and jealousy rising in his chest. He watched as you pressed your hand to mouth to stifle a giggle. Legolas was not one to eavesdrop, but he could clearly hear the guard flirting with you.

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Dirty Talk Masterlist

Links last checked 14 April, 2017

Beg For It - heureux-a-nouveau

Summary: Teasing Phil with a begging Dan.

Big Mistake - analester

Summary: Phil gets Viagra for his birthday as a joke but accidentally takes it as vitamins.

Countless Static Lullabies - theaterkidlester

Summary: Dan was just a fan of a YouTuber when he got off to Phil’s Toxic music video. A few months later, he goes to Phil’s parents house for the first time as a friend, and things get a little steamy as he confesses just how he felt about Phil’s Toxic music video.

Drugs Not Pugs -  indiestripper

Summary: Dan and Phil getting high while phil is wearing his pugs not drugs sweater.

Goodbye Vanilla -  heureux-a-nouveau

Summary: Dan is trying to guess Phil’s kink. Once he reveals his kink, Dan teases Phil about it and Phil gets fed up with it. Smut ensues.

Home -  fromsidney

Summary: Dan gets really turned while they are shopping, not being able to go home yet, they whisper dirty things to each other until they  go home and then… you know.

My Hot New Neighbor - duckmcduckpants

Summary: Phil just moved into a flat in a nice quiet area of London and has finally gotten settled. But then he starts to notice that many days, his hot neighbor, who looks to be around 18, likes to dance around in his underwear.

Oh Trespass Sweetly Urged - hearteyeshowell

Summary: Dan tries a new kind of dirty talk.

Operator - versacephan

Summary: Phil is a gay sex phone operator and curious teen Dan becomes one of his regulars.

Sex For Homework - uglylester

Summary: Dan is failing English Language. His teacher gives him an extra credit opportunity.

Shorts - analester

Summary: Dan has seen Phil in shorts countless amount of times. Really, he has. And for the most part, it didn’t really affect him in any way. He’s seen Phil in boxers, hell, he’s seen Phil naked and hard, so why the hell is it starting to get to him now?

Shower Adventures - goddesshowell

Summary: Inspired by their Sims4 video (#6 Dil Gets Steamy) where Dan makes a comment about Phil liking watching himself in the mirror.

Talk to Me - mermaidstailonmyface

Summary: Phone sex with a lot of dirty talk.

Tattoos And Flowers - steampunkhowell

Summary: Pastel!Dan works at a flower shop, punk!Phil in a tattoo shop next door. They like each other, blah blah, they end up fucking.

Temptations (ao3) - ramonaspeaks

Summary: Dan and Phil make a baking video and start discussing what they’re like in bed.

The Slap - congratullamas

Summary: It takes a lot of trust to allow your boyfriend to hit you round the face, but even more trust for him to not out your relationship. It’s not Dan’s fault that Phil’s a kinky bastard.

Zenith and Nadir -  indiestripper

Summary: Cute Short 5'3 Dan doesn’t wear anything but a big knee length t shirt to bed. His uni roommate Phil is 6'3 and Dan things he is a jerk because he refuses to help him get stuff off their high shelves, little does he know it’s because Phil knows the higher he reaches up the more his shirt raises at the back which means more of his cute bare butt he gets to see