“I am the Law and the Law is not mocked.”

This was my third year debuting steampunk!terezi at a con and it’s always so much fun every single time. I had a blast meeting a bunch of other terezis and i can’t wait for next year!

Thanks to my friend Dana for taking the picture for me <3

One of the things about Steampunk is that it borrows heavily from Victorian Wear, so even though your converse are brown and tan leather, they may not work well for the character we’re talking about here.

Jake is an adventurer, first and foremost (at least he claims to be), so what I would suggest is to go for an adventurer look. He would most likely be raiding tombs (haha) and running around a lot, so I would suggest durable-looking, comfortable shoes. Typically boots. They don’t have to be expensive, you can always find a pair that looks more expensive than it is - and be sure to look for sales in department stores and Goodwill. With Summer coming up, many stores are trying to clear out their winter selections - including boots, blazers, jackets, you name it.

As for his attire, I’d say keep his personality in mind when designing a costume. What screams “Jake English”? A great thing to do is to keep it to the color scheme he has, since it helps establish his character.

My Dave and I based his design on Dave’s Plush Suit, and my John outfit came about from his God-Tier Blue scheme (and John just screams Paperboy Hat to me for some reason).

As I said earlier, Jake prides himself on being an adventurer, so keep rips and tears in mind when designing the outfit! Or even a little dirt here and there! This is an outfit that you can have fun with. Hell, if you pull the cards right, you might even be able to incorporate his jacket in your design.

If you’d like to hear my ideas, I can see him in:

  • brown/tan hiking boots [prefereably knee-high] (although if your converse look enough like boots they may work)
  • an unkempt dress shirt (you can probably paint his skull on the breast of the shirt above the heart, or make a pin and pin it there)
  • work gloves (tan, brown, or a forest green - up to you on what works better) - can be fingerless or not
  • mining/digging goggles of a sort (not because “all steampunk needs goggles” but because as an adventurer, he would actually have use for them)
  • Black/Brown/Tan trousers or knickers - since he grew up on an island, he might prefer the latter since they go up to the knees
  • Green Jacket - probably rolled up with his shirt

After describing that I had to sketch something up, so have my 5-minute doodle with color splashed quickly in photoshop:

Also, I would advise designing some pistols that look steampunk-inspired. I wouldn’t advise just getting fake ones and gluing gears here and there. I’d suggest getting fake ones - toys, models, airsoft guns - spray-painting them bronze, and maybe using some tool to etch a neat little design. (reverse that last sentence) Jake loves his guns, so I would assume they’re cleaner than he is. XD

Yeah, this went on longer than I expected - hope it helped though!


Jane Crocker the Potionmaker has spent her lifetime making up for the evils of her ancestors, a line of witches that extorted their subjects with mind control baked goods.  Legend has it their greed led to the destruction of the planet’s surface to begin with.  With her magic spoon, she whisks together remedies for the people of Earth and hopes to one day create an elixir that will bring the planet back to life.

In this universe, steam power (much like nuclear power) was invented during war that destroyed the earth’s surface.  Thus, people created great engines to lift islands of arable land into the sky. This resulted in two classes of people: those who live on the sky islands and those who power the steam engines that keep it afloat.  Body modification with steam-powered accessories has become the norm to help people survive with their minimal resources.