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You may have already noticed that ThermaSol has been using QR codes on all of our product materials, such as the price book and lifestyle guide.  When scanned with a Smartphone, these codes act as a direct website link, giving you instant access to information on ThermaSol’s products and serve as another way to help you sell steam. 

What is a QR Code?
QR stands for Quick Response, a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be text, website URL or other data.

How Does it Work?
In order to scan a QR code with your phone, you need to have two things: a camera phone and a QR code scanner, which can easily be downloaded to your phone with an app.  There are several free QR code scanner apps available, and they are quick and easy to get. For your convenience you can visit  to download a free QR bar code scanner for your phone. 

Once you’ve downloaded the scanner, follow the instructions and simply hold your cell phone’s camera over the QR code on any of ThermaSol’s product material. That same information will appear on your phone—it’s just that easy! 

Once you’re ready, you can test it out by scanning the QR code above. Once you have arrived on the site, let us know how easy it was with a quick comment or suggestion. We invite you to download a scanner today at to have all of ThermaSol’s product information literally right at your fingertips.  

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Steam Shower for Allergy Sufferers

Steam as a means of reducing sinus discomfort is an age-old remedy that still proves to be one of the most effective ways to relieve stuffiness – a solution that’s only improved over time, now that we have better methods of steam delivery. The humidity of a steam shower helps to thin the mucus in our sinuses, clearing clogged noses, and prompting better drainage. The warm, moist air also aids in soothing inflamed or irritated nasal passages (you know, that other spectacular side effect of stuffed sinuses). Steam truly is the amazing double-whammy answer to nasal congestion. And with the advent of the steam shower, we’re no longer subjected to holding our heads over bowls of hot water…draped in a towel…inhaling warm oxygen as quickly as we can before the liquid cools…in order to reap the therapeutic benefits of steam. Steam showers have transformed our ability to use steam medicinally; their ease of operation gives us relief – literally – at the push of a button. ThermaSol’s MicroTouch controller powers your steam shower to your desired temperature within seconds, providing almost-instantaneous comfort for your red, stuffy sinuses. And MicroTouch’s infrared technology maintains consistent heat delivery for the duration of your steam, so you’re not fiddling with thermostat controls at the exact moment you’re trying to open your nasal passages. Steam showers provide another benefit to the sniffly ones: aromatherapy. As ironic as it sounds (because if you’re stuffed, how on earth are you supposed to take advantage of aromatherapy?), essential oils, when delivered via a steam shower, have wonderful soothing powers to help clear and relieve sinuses. Eucalyptus is well-regarded as a great friend to the nose, reducing nasal and sinus inflammation and facilitating smoother breathing. Peppermint, which contains both eucalyptus and clove oil (which on its own can be used to help allergy symptoms) is another winner, as are lavender (a natural antihistamine) and lemon, which has been shown to relieve respiratory issues. ThermaSol’s aromatherapy package, which allows you to customize essential oils, is the perfect add-on to your respiratory-relieving steam shower experience For more info check out

From: [A]-shower To: [Z]-spa experience (Part 1)

Part 1 

After quote – Installation

Hopefully by now you’ve read my blog on “How to Simply Specify and Sell a Steam Shower or attended one of my trainings and have quoted a few orders with ThermaSol steam showers.  Now people are coming back to you and want to learn more.   You want to sell them the best product in the category and you are doing your part by introducing ThermaSol to your potential clients.  Thanks  to Simple Sizing by ThermaSol , you introduced them to the idea of a ThermaSol Steam Shower at the very first stages of their planning.  They are coming back to you after they researched the benefits of steam and realized they want to create the spa experience in their homes.  But these same people have also researched competing units and may be confused and have more questions.  It’s up to you to explain to them  why they should be listening to you and why ThermaSol is the preferred brand vs. the competition. 

Consider Installation

I am going to use the PRO Series generator as an example since it’s our number one seller.  The PRO Series generator was designed and packaged with the installation process and plumber in mind.  The unit comes with a drain pan pre-installed, pre-plumbed pressure relief valve, water supply flex line, rough-in for steamhead, 50’ cable for the controller and the electrical cord. It’s pretty much plug-n-play device which means the cost of installation will be relatively low.  The competitor’s units require a lot more time for “final assembly”.  For example, they do not come with an electrical cord, which means the electrician will have to do the job onsite.  Their “cleaning” system is external (in some cases it requires on site assembly by plumber) and needs to be plumbed to a live drain which means higher installation costs.   Also, if you go over 675 cu. ft. in shower size you will need to “gang” two generators together (which is their  common practice) - that means double everything! 

Why ThermaSol is Different

With the PRO Series generators from ThermaSol,  you can go up to 1150 cu ft. with a single unit regardless of the building materials used in the shower.  The sizes of the physical units remain the same.  ThermaSol uses a pressurized inter tank cleaning system that allows it to perform maintenance and steam delivery through the same line that is connected to the steamhead.  By allowing ThermaSol to do its job at the facility before it gets to your jobsite, you will save on installation and minimize the chances for errors. 


Q: How is ThermaSol’s unit with 10kW heating element able to work with a larger cu. ft. shower than the competitor’s 10kW unit?  Aren’t they supposed to work the same since 10 kW heating element are being used in both?

A: We need energy measured in BTUs(British Thermal Units) to boil the water and keep it boiling while producing steam, a 10 kW heater will give you same amount energy.  Since ThermaSol uses Split Tank Technology with an exclusive water delivery system, it needs less energy than competing units to keep that water continually boiling.  ThermaSol does not “cycle” water as the competitors do.  When they replenish the lost water that has been transformed to steam, the way they deliver “fresh” water causes the water to stop boiling and they need more energy to continually re boil the water.   That is why ThermaSol’s 10kW unit is more efficient than the competitor’s unit.

Q: What maintenance is required with ThermaSol units?

A: Our system will prompt the user for a cleaning after every 1,000 minutes (approx. 16 hours) of steam use in order to activate the ThermaSol PowerFlush.  Think about it, on average steam sessions last about 20 minutes, so after 50 steam showers the system will require maintenance.  All the user needs to do is activate the PowerFlush system and leave the shower – the system does all the cleaning for you.  In addition, the PowerFlush system only uses   12 gallons of water as opposed to the competing systems that drain the tank after EACH use.  That is at least 1 gallon of water times 50 uses = 50 gallons of water drained by gravity versus 12 gallons of pressurized treatment.

Post your questions here and wait for Part 2.

Part 2 - Manny Pacquiao buys Beverly Hills mansion first owned by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs
Manny Pacquiao is going for the knockout, buying a fully decked-out Beverly Hills home with a celebrity pedigree before his May 2 welterweight face-off against Floyd Mayweather Jr.
The 7-bedroom, 8-bath mansion was first owned by Sean “Diddy” Combs, who sold it in 2001. It features a grand two-story entrance with a sweeping staircase and a master suite with his-and-her bathrooms. The “her” side boasts a steam shower, spa bathtub and two large, custom walk-in closets.

A home theater plays in high definition and surround sound, with luxurious seating for more than 20 people.

At 10,000 square feet and a listing price of $11.9 million (most recently, anyway), it carries considerably more weight than the Los Angeles home that Pacquiao has had listed at $2.7 million for the past two years.

The listing agent, Elsa Nelson of Nelson Shelton & Associates Real Estate, brokered a sale of the then-new home to Combs way back in 1998, when he was still called Puff Daddy and was dating Jennifer Lopez. He sold it about three years later.

“This is the fourth time our company has sold that particular property,” Nelson notes. “And Manny is buying the home completely furnished.”

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Sizing Your Steam Room

Select the right steam unit by following these tips.

When it comes to creating the ultimate luxury bathroom at home, steam showers have become an increasingly popular choice among homeowners, designers, architects and remodelers. For showroom representatives, the presentation of steam therapy appeals to their clients since steam is known to cleanse toxins from the body, soothe tired, achy muscles and promote better sleep. And what homeowner wouldn’t want a spa-like sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation in the privacy of their own home? 

Selecting the correct steam unit for your shower doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are three factors that will ensure you get it right:

1. Plan ahead. The best time to introduce homeowners to the idea of a steam shower is when they’re drawing their plans. “Pre-planning is crucial,” said Joe Eginton, of George’s Pipe and Plumbing Supply in Pasadena, CA. “Homeowners need to know that when they want to install a steam shower, it’s not just about purchasing a steam generator.” For example, they should talk to their architect about creating enough space for a shower bench or, at the very least, a flip seat. Eginton also advises sloping the ceiling to avoid condensation from dripping onto the bather, and making sure the room is sealed properly. But most importantly, pre-planning ensures the electrical and wiring requirements can be easily met.

2. Choosing your materials. Choosing the right building materials is key when considering a steam shower; some materials are more porous than others and therefore require a higher kilowatt (kW) generator. This should be taken into consideration since the higher the kW, the higher the electrical requirement, wire size and breaker. The therapeutic steam experience doesn’t change based on materials. However, the cost factor does since the more porous materials require a larger kW generator. For those looking for the best value, tile is a terrific choice and works exceedingly well for a steam environment.

3. Generator size matters. The kW size of the generator is important since you want the room to maintain the desired temperature. The following are two sizing methods used in the industry:

1. Some manufacturers have a formula that takes into consideration cubic footage, wall materials, exterior walls and windows. They offer a sizing calculator on their websites and one of the companies, Mr. Steam, offers a phone application to assist in sizing your generator. 

2. ThermaSol uses “Simple Sizing,” a simple L x W x H calculation, which produces a generator number that tells you how many cu. ft. it covers. For example: 5 x 5 x 8 = 200 cu. ft. In this case, the correct generator would be a Model 240. And this generator would work for any room up to 240 cu. ft.

When considering the immense value a steam shower can bring to your home and your quality of life, don’t let sizing get in the way. Plan ahead, simply size, and enjoy the benefits of having a private spa sanctuary right in your own home.

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