As I wrote not so long time ago I finally decided to start making sketch commissions~

Soon I’ll be moving out and it’s time for start living on my own so I really need to earn some money for my future studies, rent & new laptop.


About commissions:

❀ Choose the type of commission you want and then send me your request to Please write your name/nickname/tumblr name + commission in the title.

❀ I accept payments only via PayPal, please send the payment to

❀ Wait for the reply before you pay. I must accept the request first and check if it fits to the price.

❀ Please remember that I won’t start making your commission without payment.

❀ Be patient, I will e-mail you when your request will be done. (and send it to you of course)



❂ All prices are presented above, the price also depends on character difficulty.

❂ Backgrounds are free but they won’t be detailed.

❂ Remember to send me reference picture if you have one. Detailed description will be good too (I don’t want any misunderstandings) + write me if you want colorful lineart.

❂ Feel free to use your commissioned art as you like.


What I WON’T draw:


✽ ships & characters that I really don’t like (if Homestuck request)

✽ canon x OC (if Homestuck request)

✽ gore/fetishes


If you have any questions please ask!

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10 songs I listened to on repeat this year

1. Mystery Skulls~ You

2. Marina and the Diamonds~ Froot

3. (Bioshock) Marion Harris~ After You’ve Gone 

4. Mother Mother~ Problems 

5. Last Dinosaurs~ Weekend

6. Purity Ring~ Push Pull

7.Mystery Skulls~ Hellbent

8.Cage the Elephant~ Cigarette Dream

9.Alex Turner~ Stuck on the Puzzle

10. Jessica Lang Cover~ Life On Mars

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anonymous asked:

Yoo steamshade where can one read this 'Fat Story(?)'?

I write it with PinkCuttlefish, but only in polish language. It’s too long to translate to english, sorry ;n;