First Contact battle

I just love all the ship classes here.  Not only do you get the tasty new designs of Sovereign, Akira, Steamrunner, Saber, and Norway, but you also get some continuity from the Defiant, Miranda, and Nebula classes also there. DS9 really over-used the Excelsior, so it is kind of nice not to see it here.

I tell you, seeing this scene for the first time in theaters was more nerd-gasming than the reveal of Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber.



a'ight so I’m gonna post this 3 page snippet I’ve got written. I haven’t really gone over it meticulously so I hope there aren’t any glaring errors

the basics of the story are as follows:

it begins on the floating, steampunk city of Saterra. a bunch of Elves live here, although they’ve been there so long they no longer remember their heritage, and they just call themselves Saterrans. they worship a god called Arc. the city is like a huge mechanical airship. the technology level isn’t super advanced - they only have basic radio and cameras, no televisions or games, no computers - but they of course have some technology stronger than ours, enough to allow their city to stay afloat

however, the flight comes at a price. the government claims that they get all of their power from solar panels, wind harvesters, and the like. but, beneath the city itself is another undercity of sorts, a slum that is home to life-sentence criminals, political dissidents, disabled people, and pretty much anyone else the government deems undesirable. these people live in poverty and work gruelling shifts doing the physical labour required to power Saterra and keep it afloat. nobody knows about this, and anybody who finds out is promptly added to the ranks of people trapped beneath the city, effectively becoming another nobody.

one day, our hero, an impoverished, petty thief and parkour enthusiast named Mella Steamrunner (Saterrans have funky names), finds out about this, and makes it her goal to rescue the slaves by inciting a rebellion. she gets the evidence she needs, but she is discovered by the city’s military and they give chase. she ends up fleeing through the maze of catwalks and rusty platforms near the bottom edge of the city, which is where this little snippet begins.

you don’t have to read it, of course, but if you do, please tell me what you think!! as I mentioned in the tag of my last post I doubt I’ll ever finish a whole story about this but I think it’s a cool idea and it’s nice to write something that isn’t Homestuck every now and then.

the story segment itself is after the cut:

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