Even more sketchdoodles

Poking around with some character design for one of my newer character ideas.  This one’s a WIP of Adora from dangerkittyn and my steampunkverse.  It’s going to be a lot more than just the headshot like this, but I seriously suck at costume design and can’t figure out what I want her actual outfit to look like.  Since most of my characters don’t give a damn what they’re wearing, I actually want to use the opportunity to make someone look fashionable for once.

mygoodrabbit replied to your post: Matthew/Maddie

oh my god do you know how confused I was for a second there?

SHIPS WITH GHOSTS he’s been shipped with weirder things

…Okay maybe he hasn’t but still

Yeah I’m sure some of these OC things get confusing since there must be like 30 versions of each ship and there are so many mix n’ match ships and most of my followers are probably only familiar with my SWTOR ones.

But there is a special place in my heart for the one-armed factory-worker-turned-pirate-mechanic and the ship’s refined lady “not really a pirate” navigator that he’s fancied for years and who fancies him in return but both assume the other isn’t interested and just NOW KISS ALREADY

Uhh where did that come from nobody asked you Bethany