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After a long wait, the moment has finally come for fans of action/adventure fantasy animation to help make a unique opportunity become a reality.

Hot off the heels of Seoul Sessions, TV Animation Director LeSean Thomas (The Boondocks, Black Dynamite: The Animated Series) has decided to bring his 2D animated passion-project to the people via crowdfunding and brought along some of the industry’s top talents from across the globe to help him:Among them are Joe Madureira (contributing character design concepts), Thomas Romain (Space Dandy Mecha Designer/Oban Star Racers/Basquash! co-creator), Producer Tim Yoon (The Legend of Korra), animator Bahi JD( Space Dandy, Ping Pong, Ghost In The Shell: Arise), Satelight Inc animation studios( Macross Frontier, Basquash!) & Retailer!

ONLY YOU can help make a new, 2D animated action-adventure dramedy of epic proportions happen with your support!

Please support! And if you cannot, SIGNAL BOOOST! Any help goes a long way, be it your generous pledges or help spreading awareness! Let’s make stuff!!!!!

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Random Black History Month note:

Mike Pondsmith, creator of the Cyberpunk RPG, Mekton, Teenagers from Outer Space, and Castle Falkenstein (The ‘Steampunk RPG’ that existed before Steampunk was even really a thing), among many others, looks like this: 

He's  had people claim to know him personally and say “Nah, Mike Pondsmith is white” to his face, and on at least one occasion, a white dude showed up at a game convention claiming to -be- him, until called out by someone who actually knew Mike.

He makes jokes about it now, which shows he is a better person than I am.


$50k and climbing in less than 3 days! Wow! Thank you DAY-3 Backers!!! Let’s keep pushing! Let’s get to 50% of our minimum goal by the Weekend! Thanks again to those spreading the word. It’s working.  SIGNAL BOOST!  

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Turnabout Steampunk v1.0 released!

Turnabout Steampunk is an Ace Attorney fan game in a steampunk AU, by @sophiasw​ and RabbitonBooks.
It is a story-driven RPG, made with RPG Maker VX Ace.

OS: Windows. Requires RTP.

Trailer | Website |

+ Features +

A story-driven RPG.
A steampunky adventure with many AA (and PL) characters and items.
3-4 hours gameplay.
6 playable characters and one hidden character.
4 endings (2 bad ends, a normal end and a true end).

Caution: It contains KEY SPOILERS of Apollo Justice and Dual Destinies.

OK…No objection? Here it is!

Download and Instructions:

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I don’t know if anyone has heard of this (I mean a few of you probably have), but some one made a sTEAMPUNK ACE ATTORNEY RPG



I went ahead and played through it (It’s pretty short, at around five hours), and ohmg it’s fantastic! There are soooo many references to all of the games, and even a few Professor Layton references as well.

The story is an interesting little thing (That contains spoilers for AJ:AA and AA:DD- beware!), and the creators fit in the steampunk theme really well.

I won’t say anything else (because spoilers are stupid), but I’ll give you the link to both the website where you can get it as a free download, and the trailer.

Oh, and you’ll need to download the launcher thing (it really isn’t a launcher but I’m going to call it that) first. I didn’t, and boy was I confused!

And one other thing: the game works only on Windows, so, uh, sorry to you other guys!

Trailer <> Launcher thing idk <> Website/Game
Steampunk alternate Mormon history fiction

I’m running a d20 Modern campaign. For those not well versed in geek lingo, it’s basically like Dungeons and Dragons except with a rule set for modern times. So every week, a group of us get together, sit around, eat snacks, roll dice, and make up stories based on set dice. It’s loads of fun.

I weaved a world based on my religion.

Well, sort of. The world that my friends delve into every week is steampunk alternative Mormon history. Basically, I ran with the idea of “What if Joseph Smith had successfully fled to the West instead of being martyred in Carthage Jail?” Suddenly, it’s the year 1899, and the Northern American continent has split into three basic political entities — the Federal Union, the Confederacy, and the Mormon Territories (during the Second War of Independence). Joseph Smith is still the prophet, operating out of Deseret, the capital established next to the Great Salt Lake, while Brigham Young is the governor of New Nauvoo, west of the Mississippi (the ruins of old Nauvoo lie just across the river). The two major Mormon cities are connected by a network of dirigibles, called the Mormon Line. Also, there’s magic, swashbuckling adventure, and sweet steampunk goggles and gears and stuff.

I’m planning on running strong themes of order versus nature, freedom versus security, justice versus mercy, the law versus the Spirit. In the background are the two gleaming diamonds of Mormondom — the alabaster, orderly, cosmopolitan city of Nauvoo and the dusty, rough-and-tumble, frontier city of Deseret. Two political leaders, the charismatic Joseph and the managerial Brigham, will butt heads as they both grapple with problems both mundane and fantastical and wonder what to do. In the midst, our plucky hero-adventurers will make decisions that will alter the course of alternate Mormon history forever.

30 day rpg challenge: “mythical creature” ! And I chose to draw a phoenix !

Wanna vote for what I draw next? Check out the list here :


ARGO Online is a steampunk-influenced MMORPG with fast, fluid, dynamic combat that pits steampunk against nature in epic battles and sieges.

It features a unique optional third-person shooter mode, allowing for fast, fluid, dynamic combat with smart-casting skills.  It’s got 16 unique classes, steampunk-influenced armour, weapons and mounts, huge guild housing and a Castle Wars siege system.

It’s a good looking game with a cool steampunk aesthetic, full of fast paced combat and large scale battles.

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