Steampunk Ironhead by Iain S. Wallace
Via Flickr:
Engine detail from this show winning Ironhead Sportster. Alba West Bike Show 2015

The signs as people I met or saw at the con this weekend

Aries: A man in a group of 20+ other people who locked his friend out of the hotel because he tried to smoke inside and it pissed him off

Taurus: The man who asked me if I liked yu-gi-oh in an extremely soft spoken voice because I was sitting alone and he was nearby

Gemini: The man who tried to smoke in the hotel, who was then pushed through the disabled exit and locked out

Cancer: The very confused but excited looking child running around the hotel lobby completely alone

Leo: The steampunk (?) Harley Quinn cosplayer who was completely OOC while trying to act in character

Virgo: The woman who brought our pizza to the hotel room, on leaving told us to “be safe and have fun”

Libra: The girl who sat almost uncomfortably close to our group to charge her phone but didn’t actually interact with us

Capricorn:  The very very loud person on the elevator who yelled “I’m obnoxious” immediately followed by “I want to push all of these buttons”

Aquarius: The other young child who came up to our group asking for money for her gymnastic group who looked like she might cry when we gave her a twenty

Pisces: The girl in a full fursuit in front of us in line who was talking about taxes.