Steampunk Harley Cosplay

I’m so happy how these turned out! These are my favorite photos out of the entire shoot. I went with a black wig because I wasn’t comfortable wearing a blonde wig cause I don’t really look good with that hair color, but I think it looks good with the black hair. Next time I wear this cosplay(which will be at Dragon*Con) I’ll make the hammer and will also have my friend Alex cosplay with me as Steampunk Poison Ivy!

Megacon 2013

Photographer:Waffles Inc. Photography [link]


Ivy and Harley receive kisses and give kisses in return
Poison Ivy (phantomcat94​) and Harley Quinn (4evaafangirl​)
Steampunk World’s Fair
Friday, May 15, 2015
Thank you Bunny Bennet (bunnybennett) and David Michael Bennett (davidmichaelbennett) for the kisses, and thank you Sam Luke (samhears) for letting us give you kisses.
Thank you Beth Riley (trekkiebeth) and James Riley (danregal) for the awesome photo ops! They came out great!