steampunk time


Tord: Uh, sorry but I do not know who is this “Tom” person you’re talking about, and I don’t understand why do you associate me with him so much. But, I remember Edd occasionally mentioning he had a friend named Tom and that’s it.

Ah, and thanks for the cookies.


Sooo….. I just saw these Steampunk versions of me and my friends…

THEY ARE SO FREAKING COOL!!!!! Like Fin is adorable!!! Bubbs is nerdy like usual, but he looks more interesting and… stylish? I guess… Jake looks so freaking intimidating that it’s scary. Flame Prince is really showing his fire side… I was gonna say he looks hot, but that would be weird…. I just wanted the pun!!! Now, finally me… I LOOKS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I’m just so hot in that outfit. My little Hambo there is so freaking adorbes!!! I LOVE him!!!! <3 <3 <3 Hambo!!!

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.:Freshuary Day 10 - ERA - Fresh in an alternate time!? Victorian, steampunk, 1950’s era!? Have at ye!:.

Apenas leí la palabra STEAMPUNK fanlirguie como idiota por que AMO ese estilo de dibujo, lo ADORO de hecho es de mis estilos de dibujo preferido, deberia garrar tiempo de mi vida para practicarlo….. AFVIBVLBDJKFDKJVBVS TANTO QUE HACER Y NADA DE TIEMPO!

.:Freshuary day 11 - THE GANG’S ALL HERE - Geno, Fresh & Error just hanging out. What are they doing.:

Muero de la risa con solo imaginar que Geno es el hermano mayor, Error el del medio y Fresh el menor por que JUSTO a lo contrario me inclino de tamaños XD Fresh es el mas Alto Error tenia~ Pobre Geno… Le toca ser mediador XD

.:Freshuary day 12 - MOMMACQ - What’s a mother to do with her child? (Props to Alaina!)

Este lo hice con mucho cariño la verdad, solo que la idea de que Fresh este acurrucar con su Momma para dormir me da….  Es que…. COSITA

.:Freshuary day 13 - FRESH MEETS ONE OF HIS PARASITES - any parasite of your choice!:.

Ustedes sabían que escogería a Splat… LEL :U Esa seria la PRIMERA vez que Fresh ve a Splat y lo carga tenia muchas ideas para ese día ya que este era el que mas me emocionaba que no paraba de generar ideas, pero a la final me fui por la mas simple y significativa el primer para la situación escogi el primer….  Hola~ <3






oh god I don’t even know man but this is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to me ever in the history of my entire life ohmygod

they signed my art