steampunk time

“Our time is running out
And our time is running out
You can’t push it underground
We can’t stop it screaming out “

song here

Lance / Pidge / Keith / Hunk / Shiro / Allura

when I think about Coran I get some feeling of nostalgia…like, I think time is an important part of this charactere, always speaking about “back in his time” (not like an old man who give you a lesson but more like when you remember the good times, like when you really get nostalgic about the past).


Sooo….. I just saw these Steampunk versions of me and my friends…

THEY ARE SO FREAKING COOL!!!!! Like Fin is adorable!!! Bubbs is nerdy like usual, but he looks more interesting and… stylish? I guess… Jake looks so freaking intimidating that it’s scary. Flame Prince is really showing his fire side… I was gonna say he looks hot, but that would be weird…. I just wanted the pun!!! Now, finally me… I LOOKS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I’m just so hot in that outfit. My little Hambo there is so freaking adorbes!!! I LOVE him!!!! <3 <3 <3 Hambo!!!

(Art- )


  • The boss of the guys
  • Completely greedy
  • Thinks she deserve everything from her gang cos she is training them
  • And giving “love” a weird kind of. Opportunist of the skills of every boy of her
  • Give different jobs according to their skills
  • She has a favorite: Fell TH!Ice

1. Going always woth her pet to social gatherings, she show herself as a cute, kind and mercyful person. Being the completely opposite of it. Best on clean murders .

2.  No one go against it! But she is like a so manner person. Edgy and with a great manners to threat ppl. The worst murderers.

3.  If she want clean murders that will be like a sniper or assassination person.



The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) | Mina Harker

Is the vampiric sucking of people’s blood radical behavior?

Figure 7: The Exchange. Hand carved, inked, and pressed to wood in Salem, MA by Drew Meger.

“His fugue state returned some years later. Gone was the cold, distant man who haunted the archives. In his place was a man with the passions of a poet, a dreamer, a lunatic. He talked of returning, but to where? His body was found by the printing press, his final work drying on the racks.”

I’ve a new obsession, Stop and read this It’s Worth It.

K so there’s this wonderful show called,

The Dolls of New Albion: A Steampunk Musical

It’s absolutely beautiful, if follows generations of the McAlistair family, beginning with Annabel McAlistair as she tries to bring her dead love back in a mannaquins body.

It’s really such a wonderful show and I need somebody to talk to about it so you guys should listen to it and SPREAD THE WORD, It is SO Under-rated.
It’s four acts but only 90 minutes and man I love it so much
Seriously I just wanna listen to it with everybody I know

The kicker?
It’s so Underrated it hasn’t been on broadway as far as I know. And also the playwright, Paul Shapera (Wonderful Man) has been trying to get it to the U.S. and I for one find it to be a n amazing play that deserves more recognition.
(I also really want it to come to the US so I can potentially sEE IT)

The soundtrack to this musical is available on Youtube and Bandcamp and It is really worth a listen.

Did I mention it’s the beginning of a trilogy?? :)


Tord: Uh, sorry but I do not know who is this “Tom” person you’re talking about, and I don’t understand why do you associate me with him so much. But, I remember Edd occasionally mentioning he had a friend named Tom and that’s it.

Ah, and thanks for the cookies.


Since I saw how much people loved the Genoary challenge by the lovely @shinydiamondblog​, I wanted a Fresh one, too! And so I asked and got their lovely permission :D Thank you!!

What’s the Freshuary Challenge?

Freshuary is about Fresh, CPAU, Lucidia, & everything CQ has given us. Each day, you’ll have a different challenge to take, depending on the day. It’s up to you whether you want to take the challenge or not. This is just for fun!

How do I participate?

All you have to do is draw something for Freshuary. Let your imagination run wild. It doesn’t have to be a drawing. It could be anything else you think is good. Be sure to tag your submission as #freshuary so others can see your wonderful work! It will also make it super easy to find your posts. :3 It doesn’t matter if you’re late for a certain day. You don’t even have to do all the days. Just have fun. You can post your drawing even if it’s a week late! ^^

Below is the list of challenges you will partake.

1 - BRAND NEW DAY - Celebrate the new month of February with Fresh visiting for 28 days. How does Fresh enter your life?

2 - SWAP - Make an alternate Fresh! Underfell, Outertale, etc… 

3 - DREAM/NIGHTMARE - What does Fresh dream about? Are they good dreams, or are they nightmares? Maybe a little of both…?

4 - TRAVEL - How do you think Fresh gets from place to place?

5 - EMOTIONS - What would be the most INTERESTING emotion for Fresh to get? Go wild!

6 - TOY - What’s Fresh’s favorite toy/plush?

7 - FRESH MEETS KID!FRESH - What if he met his kid self? Let your imagination run wild…

8 - WARDROBE - Fresh’s clothes get ruined, and he has to go shopping. What would he pick out and wear? Design a new outfit for him!

9 - SHIP - Who do you ship Fresh with? No kinkshaming, please!

10 - ERA - Fresh in an alternate time!? Victorian, steampunk, 1950′s era!? Have at ye!

11 - THE GANG’S ALL HERE - Geno, Fresh & Error just hanging out. What are they doing?

12 - MOMMACQ - What’s a mother to do with her child? (Props to Alaina!)

13 - FRESH MEETS ONE OF HIS PARASITES - any parasite of your choice!

14 - VALENTINE - Does Fresh have a crush? Does he get valentines? Chocolates? ANYTHING GOES, HERE!

15 - THE FAMILY - Who would Fresh consider his family? People? His parasites? Hmmm…

16 - HUMAN FRESH - How do you see Fresh as a human? Or if you wanted to stretch this… another race!

17 - COSPLAY - Dress him up in another character’s outfit! Final Fantasy? My Little Pony? We’re not gonna judge. … much. ;p

18 - SNOW DAY - How does Fresh react to snow?

19 - CHIBI - Let’s be honest, Chibi Fresh is cute Fresh.

20 - CONVENTION - You see Fresh at a convention! Does he have swag? Is he carrying anything? Does he look out of place, or does he fit right in?

21 - MOVIE NIGHT - Time to watch everyone’s favorite movie! Which was it again?

22 - MEMORY - What would be one of Fresh’s fondest memories?

23 - LACE - Fresh dresses in normal garb most of the time, but what would he look like in an elaborate dress? 

24 - PERSPECTIVE - Try seeing things from another point of view.

25 - FRESH IN ANOTHER CQ WEBCOMIC - Gloomverse, Mortifer, CPAU… take your pick :D

26 - CPAU - Fresh hanging with the CP gang.

27 - THANK YOU - Let’s all appreciate @loverofpiggies! Draw her & Fresh together in any way you want!

28 - FAREWELL FRESH - Today’s the last day. How do you spend your last day with Fresh?

Shoutout to @shinydiamondblog for letting me use some of his prompts, @alainaprana for her massive love of Fresh, and @loverofpiggies for creating this wonderful monstrosity. :D

I hope you enjoy this challenge!! ❤