steampunk tattoos


The world first tattooing prosthetic Arm!


More mermaids…. testing a time-lapse + real-time video this time, hope u like it!!!
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Come to celebrate the birthday of Lucis’s very own crown heir and the prince, Noctis, and party throughout August 2017.

Noctis’s official birthday is on August 30 and to celebrate the best crown prince in whole Eos, the month will be dedicated to Noctis. Draw, write, cosplay, edit, gif, craft, headcanon, write metas, make videos, sing, bake – whatever your chosen method for a celebration is, you can join the Noctis Month!

Noctis Month is from August 1st to August 31st here in Tumblr, in a tag #noctis month


Make some Noctis related fan creations throughout August 2017. You can use 31 NOCTIS IDEAS as inspiration. Post your creation(s) in your blog with a tag #noctis month (in the first 5 tags). You can post your creations outside your Tumblr, too, as long as you link and tag them here!
Whether you do only one thing or 31+ things, it doesn’t matter. All will do!


All Noctis related fan creations are welcomed! Your imagination is your only limitation.
Remember to tag your naughty works and ships so those who aren’t not into them can avoid them easily.

Birthday, Crossover, Commercial, Animal, After Dawn, Surprise, Cute
Crossroad, Antihero, Ice, Moonlight, Book, Alternative Universe, Music,
The Best Thing in Eos, In Another Game, Just Wait, Was This Always Here
Rustling Leaves, In Your Heart, At Next Table, Phone call, Premonition, History, Fashion, Steampunk, Tattoo shop, Curse, This Is Right, This Is Wrong, Peace



  • No need to sign in anywhere. This runs in #noctis month tag freely
  • All fan creations must either contain Noctis or be related to him. Other characters are optional.
  • The 31 Noctis Ideas are suggestions only and meant to work as inspiration. You can use them or do something else. Ideas are not day related and can be used at any time during August. 
  • There’s no limit for how many fan creations you should do during August.
  • Fan creations have no restrictions; EVERYTHING is welcomed. Please do not steal other people’s works, though. That’s not nice.
  • Use tag #noctis month – please also tag your ships, nsfw, genderbends, fetishes ect. which you think might upset someone. 
  • If you have questions, ask from your fandom mama @niuniente

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