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Electrified blown glass squid.

secretlytodream  asked:

Could you take more pictures of your sketchbooks/moleskines? :) You have quite a lot of them, would love to have a look behind the scenes, so to say ^__^'

HI ^^

I draw a lot but it doesn’t mean that everything is interesting. Most of the stuff I have is silly practice and sketches of soda cans and sneaker shoes. xD

I’m planning to post this watercolor of Dean I drew in a small sketchbook tonight (my last art of the year), I haven’t drawn watercolor + Prismacolor artworks in ages, so…

Here is what I posted recently in a LJ thread. It’s the kind of stuff I enjoy drawing.

External image

I drew this page back in October while working for the Spn_j2_xmas Exchange on a J2 AU comic called The Ink Chronicles where Jensen is a tattoo artist. In this sketch, Jared was dead and Jensen had a tribute tattoo on his ribs. I wasn’t going to draw something like that for the final version, I mean, who wants a J2 death!fic as a Xmas present? ^^;; It was just to have fun.

The red stain near Jensen’s ribs is raspberry juice. I was SO pissed when it happened! It’s a big drop that dropped from my glass when I was standing above my sketch book. I wrote “non, non, non” (“no” in French) everywhere around the stain because, well…NON! The stain is still here in spite of my efforts to mop it up. (Copic markers, Japanese calligraphy pencil, HB, 2B and 9B pencil, 0.7 mechanical pencil)

External image

A portrait of Danneel done a couple of weeks ago for In Small Packages. Someone wanted Danneel with red hair. (Copic markers, Prismacolor pencils and ballpoint pen)

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Various sketches of Jensen done after some photos I saw on Tumblr at the time of the JIB con. (HB pencil + calligraphy pencil) + some ugly sneakers.

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Character study + a full body sketch of Kayla (The Dainty Squid) + a steampunk device. I drew it for the RBB because one of my ideas included a Steampunk!AU.

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Illustrated song: Jean-Jacques Goldman, La Vie Par Procuration (Copic markers, Prismacolor pencils, Calligraphy pencil and gold paint)

I hope I answered your question ^^