steampunk scientist


Here is a blue Tritium stick sealed in another glass vial secured in silver tone “window” setting. Tritium sticks will glow for 10 to 15 years without the need of “charging” like regular glow in the dark pigment powders.  It is currently used in high-end watches, keyrings and gun sights - anything that needs to be seen at night. I decided to go with silver tone components because it complements the blow glow.  Just as important as the Tritium is the mechanical looking part it’s hanging from.  I was attempting to evoke a geared mechanical pulley assemblage with components found in the hardware store mixed with traditional jewellery findings.

I make in the steampunk genre but I wouldn’t classified as steampunk.  To me it’s futuristic with an alien artefact feel to it.  If you are interested in buying this you can find it on ebay here.


hello yes here is my lodgersona, Aurelia Cruz

She’s a professional in the field of codicology, the study of manuscripts as physical objects, and she specifically studies the manuscripts of the rogue scientists of times past.

(The third picture is her with my OC, Callista. Idk why; it was just so satisfying.)


I have been working on this cabinet of curiosities in a letterpress tray for a while and it’s finally done! Full of handmade and collected specimens of all sorts. Editing to add, if you are in Ohio you can see this piece in the state fair art show!


Tritium Core Pendant

For some reason this reminds me of the old visible petrol pump.  This was meant to be housed under a glass dome but the design ended up being too tall for it to fit.  So here it is as a pendant.  You can see I’ve included a tiny “gauge” including a tiny watch hand.  I recently started using hand UV glue which I’ve used to seal the dial.  The core is green Tritium with a fine wire spring sealed inside a second glass vial.  Tritium glows continuously for 10 to 12 years.  Unlike conventional glow in the dark, it doesn’t require “charging” from another light source.  The core sits on a heavy solid brass bead.  It’s on a brass faceted cut chain that is 22 ½ inches long with a lobster claw clasp.  The pendant is 1 ½ inches high and ½ an inch wide.

If you would like to buy this please send my a message and I will send you a Paypal invoice.  It is US$135 with shipping included.  The package will come with tracking, receipt and delivery confirmation.  You will be covered by Paypal protection.

Metal Angels AU

Steampunk AU where Character A is an apprentice, but instead of working on clocks/trains/hats/etc. like their mentor would like, Character A has a complete fascination with flight, specifically wings.

As Character A works to build a pair of functioning, metal wings, they hire Character B to be Character A’s test subject. Character B says that they’re only doing the experiments for the small paycheck, but in reality, Character B’s dream is to be able to fly like an angel.


sooo I thought this blog was just runoff from my main account (where steamquestria started), but apparently some of you are here through tumblr blog recs and whatnot. so hey, welcome, and thanks for reading!

just to warn you, I like to mess around with stuff, do things that don’t necessarily follow canon, and go into more experimental territory sometimes, and this might not work for you if you’re not already familiar with my art/storytelling (which is also why I’ve been asking for it not to be put on promo lists and such). if you’re enjoying it, awesome, thanks! if I do something weird and you decide to stop reading, that’s cool too. this is for fun after all!

(also that’s a gigli saw, not a garrotte! no secret assassin doctors here for now)


Steam pumped

I have many hours in this piece - and I’m very happy with the finished piece. Many of the items I make have an underlying theme of duality. I wanted it to look like the crystals are being pushed like a sparkling hydraulic pump moving through the brass heart. It is a large statement piece for a steampunk costume or an intriguing inclusion on contemporary fashion.

So it’s seen I’ve put it on a short length of vintage brass woven cord at just under choker level. I can alter the length - just let me know.  US$185 + $7 shipping in my Etsy store here.


The Antidote

Straight out of a cliche horror movie I couldn’t resist combining a green Tritium tube into my version of a hypodermic syringe.  Unlike glow in the dark pigment, Tritium glows continuously without the need for “charging” from another light source.  It’s harmless to humans and used in many applications that require illumination like watches and gun sights.  I’ve been using it in designs for over a year now and I’m yet to grow another arm or mutate - damn it….

Update: Etsy in their wisdom have decided I can’t sell my Tritium designs.  I don’t agree with their decision but while I play in their sandbox I have to play by their rules.  So if you are interested in one of my Tritium pieces please contact me.  This piece is US $165 plus $7 flat rate shipping.