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True to the modern counterpart, “Ironman 1889” appears to always be surrounded by beautiful women! But then, it certainly helps that he designed and created many of their beautiful costumes. ;)


- Amy Wilder amywilderness
- Tara Shannon
- Rebecca Goldie
- Lisa Gilchrist
- Sarah Hunter mssarahhunter
- Dani Daniels @danidaniels
- Kato official-kato-page
- Katrina Wilkinson clockworkkat
- Ashley Elwood


I seriously had the absolute time of my life at Salt City Steamfest with Ashley, Jason and Kato<3

It was really great seeing Kato again! She has always treated me with the utmost respect and is a very positive influence in my life. I am proud to be her Steam Girl model =] Thank you for all you have done. I am grateful to have a friend and boss like you!