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Air Less Traveled is a steampunk podcast set in a historically revisioned, mid-1800s America. In the beginning, it follows a Byron Crawford - the son of a local mayor - as he goes about his day: and he is the typical, spoiled rich kid you would expect. However, things take a turn when an all-female pirate crew - lead by Nettie Atkins - kidnaps him for a ransom. If you are at all interested in auditioning, information to do so is under the cut.

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The goth and fantasy fashion aesthetics are fucking beautiful, but they’re coming up short. 

  1. There is a serious lack of POC in gothic attire. 
  2. There is a serious lack of POC in fantasy attire. 
  3. There is a serious lack of male POC in gothic or fantasy attire. 
  4. There is a serious lack of males in fantasy attire, period. 
  5. Why are there so few genderfluid fantasy costumes and concepts?

Come on.  Step it up, people.


And perhaps no weight would quell European arrogance, but splendor sent their minds into predictable paths. Let them think her a simple Eastern noblewoman hungry for trinkets and admiration. Let them think they could map out the movement of her gears. For now.

-The Padishah Begum’s Reflections, Steam Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories (ed. JoSelle Vanderhooft), January 2011


Steampunk webseries TINKER: Escape with us to a sci-fi world where a pair of genius inventors battle villains to bring change to a polluted & corrupt world.

Less than $3,000 away from reaching their goal, and only 9 DAYS LEFT for their Kickstarter. As the only steampunk series project out there starring two PoC and with an impressive production staff, i really want to see this project get off the ground. Please BOOST & support. 

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Tokyo Inventors Society presents: “From Story to the Street”
Part 1 shows the Meiji-period science fiction world of “Steam Garden”