steampunk ninjas

Some Hetalia Latest CANON Updates:
- Canada likes Lacrosse and Ice Hockey.
- America appear to live a bit more luxuriously than other nations
- Spain is actually afraid of Portugal
- Portugal likes to tease Spain about their past
- It appears America is currently fond of the Unicorn England gave him rather than Tony
- Germany thinks Prussia is “Extremely over-protective” Big Brother
- America’s glasses is actually based on Clark Kent’s “disguise” aka Superman
- Austria’s glasses are music
- Thailand’s design is based on Himaruya’s Thai friend
- Monaco is described as an old Man in a woman’s appearance
- Romania and Bulgaria have this France-England like relationship (I mean they often fight but sometimes they aren’t)
- Prussia’s an excellent flute player and Germany likes listening while he’s playing one and there is a flash back that when Germany is sick when he was young, Prussia plays flute to comfort him.
- Moldova is like a mini version Russia
- Iceland actually relates to Romano’s situation (over-protective guardians)
- Luxembourg’s design

- Fem!Poland and Fem!Lithuania design

- AND a lot about Historical Characters like Nero, Augustus, Persia, Rome emperors etc.
-Also… British Ninja, Steampunk American Presidents, Giant Hamster used as sensor, Cross-dressing, Prussia feels, Past feels, Hetaween 2013 continuation!! and alot more….

A Summary of 2014

♪ On the twelfth day of Hetalia, Himaruya gave to me,

  • Twelve frozen countries

  • Eleven Hetaween maids

  • Ten Roman rulers

  • Nine heroines

  • Eight months of hiatus

  • Seven days of Halloween

  • Six Tumblr memes

  • Five ninjas

  • Four steampunk presidents

  • Three new nations

  • Two world stars

  • And the sixth season of Hetalia! ♪


When I get crazy with crossover AUs…… goodness-

RWBY/Monochrome and Frozen/Elsanna crossed over with the Akatsuki Arrival AU of VOCALOID/Negitoro XD

Akatsuki Arrival is sung by Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka, telling stories of, well… rivals. The video/story contains sad; you have been warned.


Designing takes up lotsa brain energy bleh (especially Blake gdi)

IDK what the fashion of Negitoro is (I believe it’s baroque-inspired?), but Elsanna’s is Norwegian/Viking/Scandinavian, and Monochrome’s is Steampunk XD (tho supposedly it’s Steampunk Ninja alone but Weiss’ dress deviated from the theme haha)

//and hello bonus Elsa vs. Weiss, rapier vs rapier, ice vs ice. HAHA

BONUS: The fourth pair, the odd one out with regards to darkness, is me and my friend’s OCs – Marianne and Arenne (which spawned initially as Elsanna babies) So yeah since I love these two I included them as well. Cowboy/West-themed



I will not get tired of saying how awesome this shoot was! All the crazy stress, and all the love and support from the peeps in our room helping us at the last moments getting everything together. Special love to Nina for letting me trash the hotel room every time i was working on cosplay.

Fellow Equalists: Me, EmilyCrossing, Shufflebuff
Korra: Courtoonxiii
Amon: Amon
Photog: Elemental