steampunk ninja

Some Hetalia Latest CANON Updates:
- Canada likes Lacrosse and Ice Hockey.
- America appear to live a bit more luxuriously than other nations
- Spain is actually afraid of Portugal
- Portugal likes to tease Spain about their past
- It appears America is currently fond of the Unicorn England gave him rather than Tony
- Germany thinks Prussia is “Extremely over-protective” Big Brother
- America’s glasses is actually based on Clark Kent’s “disguise” aka Superman
- Austria’s glasses are music
- Thailand’s design is based on Himaruya’s Thai friend
- Monaco is described as an old Man in a woman’s appearance
- Romania and Bulgaria have this France-England like relationship (I mean they often fight but sometimes they aren’t)
- Prussia’s an excellent flute player and Germany likes listening while he’s playing one and there is a flash back that when Germany is sick when he was young, Prussia plays flute to comfort him.
- Moldova is like a mini version Russia
- Iceland actually relates to Romano’s situation (over-protective guardians)
- Luxembourg’s design

- Fem!Poland and Fem!Lithuania design

- AND a lot about Historical Characters like Nero, Augustus, Persia, Rome emperors etc.
-Also… British Ninja, Steampunk American Presidents, Giant Hamster used as sensor, Cross-dressing, Prussia feels, Past feels, Hetaween 2013 continuation!! and alot more….

A Summary of 2014

♪ On the twelfth day of Hetalia, Himaruya gave to me,

  • Twelve frozen countries

  • Eleven Hetaween maids

  • Ten Roman rulers

  • Nine heroines

  • Eight months of hiatus

  • Seven days of Halloween

  • Six Tumblr memes

  • Five ninjas

  • Four steampunk presidents

  • Three new nations

  • Two world stars

  • And the sixth season of Hetalia! ♪


When I get crazy with crossover AUs…… goodness-

RWBY/Monochrome and Frozen/Elsanna crossed over with the Akatsuki Arrival AU of VOCALOID/Negitoro XD

Akatsuki Arrival is sung by Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka, telling stories of, well… rivals. The video/story contains sad; you have been warned.


Designing takes up lotsa brain energy bleh (especially Blake gdi)

IDK what the fashion of Negitoro is (I believe it’s baroque-inspired?), but Elsanna’s is Norwegian/Viking/Scandinavian, and Monochrome’s is Steampunk XD (tho supposedly it’s Steampunk Ninja alone but Weiss’ dress deviated from the theme haha)

//and hello bonus Elsa vs. Weiss, rapier vs rapier, ice vs ice. HAHA

BONUS: The fourth pair, the odd one out with regards to darkness, is me and my friend’s OCs – Marianne and Arenne (which spawned initially as Elsanna babies) So yeah since I love these two I included them as well. Cowboy/West-themed