steampunk mycroft

I’m new. I made a Sherlock board game. Yes?

I’m a longtime lurker of everything Sherlock, and have been for… a long time. And I suppose what it took to bust me out of my tumblr shyness is the Sherlock Holmes game I invented because … it seemed like sort of a crime that there wasn’t a decent one. 

This is my gift for everyone whose first Sherlock was Benedict, Johnny Lee Miller, or RDJ. (I guess Jeremy Brett too maybe. He’s pretty cute.) 

If a crime-solving game sounds fun to you, or you’re at all into the aesthetic of Victorian England, give this a look.


Bought some (more) braces today in Brighton for underneath my Mycroft costume for cakesandsnouts’ fancy dress party. I think Steampunk Mycroft would appreciate the Ascot rather than an umbrella tie. I also bought a wooden handled black umbrella that I sauntered through the high street with. I’m so taking it everywhere with me from now on.

Mutton chops are impossible to find in dressing up shops.