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Ask the Steamworld Crew has hit 1k!

This askblog is still very new, and we haven’t progressed so far either in terms of the story, so we can hardly believe that we’ve gotten this much support so quickly! Here’s something we both did to commemorate the moment. :’)

Thank you so much to everyone who’ve sent ‘letters’, kind messages and gifts, and we hope that everyone will look forward to what we have planned for this AU!

(and on another note; to those who are wondering where Edd and Matt are, well… do stick around ;) Thank you guys for being so patient! )

- Mod Tom and Tord

Tord: I run a workshop around these parts! I mostly get paid for repairing things, such as vehicles, robotics, house appliances, or anything mechanical, you name it!

Tord: Mmm, all sorts of kinds. As of now I’ve made stuff like remote controlled toys, steam-powered robots, prosthetics….and maybe a portable sofa, once.

As for guns- I like ‘em, and I own a few but I do not make them. No further comment.

Tord: Depends. Small projects tend to take about a week, while robots with built-in AI take several weeks or months. Maybe less if I don’t sleep. 

Tord: I’ve considered working on huge projects before though, probably something cool like….a giant robot. But that would take me literally years or decades…

Just kidding. I do not have the time, nor funds to build such a thing.


Steampunk R2-D2
Modded by me.
Materials: spray paint, acrylics, craft store pieces.

So this is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever modded ever and I’m hella proud of it. It was actually a toy sold as a set for some kind of target practice for aspiring Jedi but I was only left with the R2 component. Nevertheless, I adopted him and quickly made haste to steampunk-ify him and give him a snazzy monocle to boot. All together it probably took me a day or two from start to finish and I’m so pleased with the results.

You should also check out the vine I made to see him in action.

Tom: Yep, when I said “later”, I definitely meant “today”. I still have some time left, but I suppose I’ll head out now and grab a quick meal before visiting his workshop. There’s a place that I always frequent at with the others, and it shouldn’t be that packed yet.

And “good ideas”, you think so? While I’m also as excited as you all are, I’m still rather nervous…

Tom: To build something of mine. I’ve made plans to help improve some businesses and I’ve given ideas to alter their products so they’d sell better, but I’ve never gotten someone to create from scratch, especially if it’s coming from me. 

I mean I do have one big invention in mind but I’ve got several others too. Smaller projects, maybe he needs some ideas himself to work on so I’m bringing along some other suggestions too.

Tom: … Maybe with his work, considering that he’s the only known inventor in town so far, but thanks for the concern. 

Tom: Well, I’m off.